File Title
1 By the dozen: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope mirrors
2 Your symptoms? Evolution's way of telling you to stay home
3 Tiny 'flasks' speed up chemical reactions
4 Dam projects on world's largest rivers threaten fish species, rural livelihoods
5 Researchers ride new sound wave to health discovery
6 UTSA-led team finds black hole affecting galactic climate
7 In rainforests, battle for sunlight shapes forest structure
8 Tweak in gene expression may have helped humans walk upright, Stanford researchers say
9 Globular clusters could host interstellar civilizations
10 Increased legal liabilities limit prescribed fire use for brush control
11 New touchless device makes earlier detection of heart problems possible
12 A nanoscale look at why a new alloy is amazingly tough
13 Team identifies ancient mutation that contributed to evolution of multicellular animals
14 Most distant massive galaxy cluster identified
15 Neanderthal genes gave modern humans an immunity boost, allergies
16 Bug eyes: Tiny 3-D glasses confirm insect 3-D vision
17 The Anthropocene: Hard evidence for a human-driven Earth
18 Discovery shows dinosaurs may have been the original lovebirds
19 Novel metasurface revolutionizes ubiquitous scientific tool
20 NASA investigates Tropical Storm Pali's temperatures, winds
21 Roman toilets gave no clear health benefit, and Romanization actually spread parasites
22 Small males have more sex appeal, new research shows
23 Shingles Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke
24 New X Prize Challenge: Map Ocean Floor
25 Marijuana's THC May Increase 'Noise' in Your Brain
26 Got Calcium? Wild Parrots Use Tools During Snack Time
27 Ancient Mouse-Size Creature Uproots Mammal Family Tree
28 Arctic Temperatures Rising at Breakneck Speed
29 N/A
30 The World Needs a Carbon Tax, Elon Musk Says
31 7 Animals with 'Star Wars'-Inspired Names
32 'Star Wars' Tech: 8 Sci-Fi Inventions and Their Real-Life Counterparts
33 Is a Real Lightsaber Possible? Science Offers a New Hope
34 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'--Review
35 N/A
36 Fad Diet? Experts Take New View on Intermittent Fasting
37 Zombie Alert! Medical Journal 'Warns' of Walking Dead
38 Dinosaur's Curious Back Sail May Have Aided Migration
39 Penguin Candid Camera: Little Birds Reveal Hunting Secrets
40 Beware 'Star Wars' Spoilers: Enjoyment Suffers When Plot Revealed
41 US Ebola Survivors Suffering Health Problems, Report Finds
42 Hairy Situation: More Mustaches, Fewer Women in Top Medical Spots
43 The Art of Science: Why Researchers Should Think like Designers (Op-Ed)
44 'Heavy Metal' Bee Is a Headbanging Pollinator [Video]
45 Bigger Earthquakes May Be Coming to Nepal
46 Glimpse of Possible New Particle Intrigues Physicists
47 Should We Create Superhumans? Q&A with Author James Rollins
48 Using the Force? Lightsaber Fitness Classes Arrive
49 Paris Climate Deal Could Stave Off Disaster, Al Gore Says
50 Elephant Daughters Step into Murdered Matriarchs' Roles
51 'Hoverboard' Scooter Fires: Faulty Batteries May Be to Blame
52 Adorable 'Star Wars' BB-8 Droid Brought to Life with 3D Printing
53 Targeting Gut Microbes Could Lower Risk of Heart Disease
54 Move Over, R2-D2! NASA Already Has Plenty of Robots in Space
55 Cosmic Lightsaber Slices Through Clouds in Awesome New Image
56 MERS Vaccine Protects Camels, Which Is Good for People
57 November Burns Through Temperature Records
58 Cocoa Helps Kidney Patients Stave Off Heart Failure
59 Reference: Winter: The Coldest Season
60 Reference: What Is Electric Charge?
61 Reference: What Is Dietary Fat?
62 Sickle-Wearing Skeletons Reveal Ancient Fear of Demons
63 12 Flavors of Rainbows Identified
64 N/A
65 Ancient Marine Reptiles Flew Through the Water
66 Huh? Could Cleaner Air Be Worsening Global Warming?
67 Here's How to Extend Your iPhone's Battery Life
68 Microwavable Mantle: Physicists Nuke Mock Earth Layer, for Science
69 Living to 100: New Genes for Longevity Found
70 The Key to Making Baby Pandas? Love
71 Fighting Skin Cancer: FDA Acts to Ban Tanning Beds for Minors
72 The Beard Is Back: Beeswax Fixes King Tut's Broken Goatee
73 Futuristic Kicks: 3D-Printed Sneakers Are Tailor-Made to Your Feet
74 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
75 Sacred Datura: Photos of a Beautiful (But Poisonous) Plant
76 Animal Sex: How Manatees Do It
77 San Andreas May Be a 'Zipper' Fault
78 Lead Poisoning Threatens Michigan Kids: What Are the Risks?
79 Take a Gander: Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count Begins
80 Evil-Thwarting 'Rattles' Found in Prehistoric Infant's Grave
81 Two New TV Breakthroughs that Will Blow Your Mind (Op-Ed)
82 Ancient Mom: Oldest Brood of Preserved Embryos Found
83 King Tut's Half Sister May Have Nursed Him, Carving Suggests
84 Lions Gain New Endangered Species Protections
85 Flu Season Will Likely Peak in February, Model Suggests
86 Toddler Tech Pros? 2-Year-Olds Adept at Touch Screens
87 Register Your Drones Online: FAA Site Launches Today
88 'Forgotten' 19th-Century Images of Eclipses, Stars & Planets Found
89 Hail the Hydra, an Animal that May Be Immortal
90 Where Is the World's Deepest Cave?
91 'Red Tide' Turns Gulf of Mexico Rust-Colored
92 Venomous Sea Snake Washes Up on California Beach, Surprising Scientists
93 This Self-Drying Jacket Is Straight Out of 'Back to the Future'
94 Flower Aroma Is a Honeybee's Chill Pill
95 2 'Extinct' Sea Snakes Discovered Off Australian Coast
96 Skin-to-Skin 'Kangaroo-Style' Care May Benefit Newborns' Health
97 Oh, Rats: Pet Rodent's Bite Gives Teen Rare Fever
98 Do Girls Have 'Protection' from Autism? (Op-Ed)
99 Dogs Mimic Their Pals' Playful Behaviors
100 Stem Cells May Save Northern White Rhinos
101 US Twin Birthrate Hits All-Time High
102 Hop to It! Cocooned Wasp Larvae Jump to Survive
103 'Writable' Circuits Could Let Scientists Draw Electronics into Existence
104 Holiday Horrors Unwrapped: 5 Weird Gifts in the Animal Kingdom
105 Nicolas Cage to Return Dino Skull to Mongolia
106 Will an Asteroid Threaten Earth on Christmas Eve? Not a Chance, NASA Says
107 Curbing Premature Birth May Hinge on a Single Molecule
108 Big 'Schrodinger's Cats' Created
109 Reference: What Is Gluten?
110 The 10 Strangest Animal Discoveries of 2015