File Title
1 ALS protein dynamics highlight delicate balance between self-association and aggregation
2 Is your toddler ready for reading lessons?
3 NUS study shows the causes of mangrove deforestation in Southeast Asia
4 October may speed detection of pneumonia-related bacteria in ICU patients
5 Miriam Hospital, R.I. Community Food Bank study dispels belief healthy diets are costly
6 Asian carp could cause some Lake Erie fish species to decline, others to increase
7 Mind of blue: Conveying emotion affects brain's creativity network
8 Medical research influenced by training 'genealogy'
9 Use of anticholinergic drugs does not increase risk for dementia in Parkinson's disease patients
10 Experts question automatic osteoporosis drug holidays
11 Beam-beam compensation scheme doubles proton-proton collision rates at RHIC
12 Critical clues on cartilage
13 Improving access to clinical trials when biopsies are required
14 Checklist completed for cultivars of Salix L. (willow)
15 Manure applications elevate nitrogen accumulation and loss
16 New research could help build better fighter planes and space shuttles
17 Study identifies medical specialties receiving highest payments from manufacturers
18 New Year's resolutions for 2016: Fight your obesity genes with exercise
19 Infectious diseases bring millions of elderly to emergency departments each year
20 UT study: 'Born this way' beliefs may not be the key to reducing homophobia
21 US emergency departments face serious drug shortages
22 Prostate surgery patients may have unrealistic expectations concerning their recovery
23 Pediatric sickle cell study stopped early due to positive results
24 Virgin births may be common among snakes
25 Solving the mystery of defective embryos
26 How to train your bacterium
27 Challenges to conserving freshwater mussels in Europe
28 Stellar revelations
29 Prostate cancer surveillance criteria may not be accurate for African American men
30 Peering into the Amazon's future
31 IU scientists create 'nano-reactor' for the production of hydrogen biofuel
32 New national perioperative guideline for geriatric surgical quality care released
33 Is your child's achy back more than just growing pains?
34 Climate change altering Greenland ice sheet and accelerating sea level rise, says York University professor
35 BU study: Effects of obesity on death rates understated in prior research
36 Mayo Clinic researchers reduce stem cell dysfunction and metabolic disease in aged mice
37 Gene thought to suppress cancer may actually promote spread of colorectal cancer
38 Social networks as important as exercise and diet across the span of our lives
39 A botanical survey to help understand change in our wild flora
40 Recurrent acute and chronic pancreatitis in children has high disease burden, health care costs
41 Ames Laboratory scientist's calculation featured on cover of Physical Review Letters
42 Pioneering artificial pancreas to undergo final tests
43 The brain-computer duel: Do we have free will?
44 Students with influence over peers reduce school bullying by 30 percent
45 How to improve cardiac arrest survival in 3 easy steps
46 The first European farmers are traced back to Anatolia
47 Self-esteem gender gap more pronounced in western nations
48 New paste prevents scarring caused by radiation therapy for cancer
49 Asian carp could cause some Lake Erie fish to decline, others to increase
50 Map shows hotspots for bat-human virus transmission risk
51 A far from perfect host
52 Study finds 'frictional heat' as a new trigger for explosive volcanic eruptions
53 Adjustable adhesion power: What fakirs can learn from geckos
54 Large and increasing methane emissions from northern lakes
55 Melting of massive ice 'lid' resulted in huge release of CO2 at the end of the ice age
56 Enough oxygen long before animals rose
57 Worldwide electricity production vulnerable to climate and water resource change
58 Traces of islandic volcanoes in a northeastern German lake
59 Clarified mechanism of rotation of node cilia-principal for asymmetry of the body
60 Strong magnetic fields discovered in majority of stars
61 Aging stars stop slowing down, scientists discover
62 The ugly consumer: Ridiculing those who shop ethically
63 Racial bias may be conveyed by doctors' body language
64 Rotational clock for stars needs recalibration
65 The origins of abiotic species
66 Discovery of a new drug target could lead to novel treatment for severe autism
67 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act linked to more nutritious meals
68 Higher monthly doses of vitamin D associated with increased risk of falls
69 Using genes to understand the brain's building blocks
70 Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in 25-year-old former football player
71 Cardiovascular disease in adult survivors of childhood cancer
72 Boosting farm yields to restore habitats could create greenhouse gas 'sink'
73 Scientists find minor flu strains pack bigger punch
74 Mind of blue: Emotional expression affects the brain's creativity network
75 Infertility treatments do not appear to contribute to developmental delays in children
76 Meltwater from the Greenland ice sheet releasing faster
77 Poor transparency and reporting jeopardize the reproducibility of science
78 Tackling the 'credibility crisis' in science--new PLOS Biology meta-research section
79 Tiniest chameleons deliver most powerful tongue-lashings
80 It's official! Element 113 was discovered at RIKEN
81 Coulomb blockade in organic conductors found, a world first
82 Biggest database for cancer drug discovery goes 3-D
83 Prions made in SISSA
84 Sugar in western diets increases risk for breast cancer tumors and metastasis
85 Three hits to fight lung cancer
86 Advanced Alien Civilizations Could Live in Globular Star Clusters
87 Globular clusters could host interstellar civilizations
88 NASA Says a Black Hole Is Burping
89 Spitzer, Hubble find 'twins' of superstar Eta Carinae in other galaxies
90 Sharks may use their noses to navigate the world's oceans
91 Sharks Navigate by Nose
92 A rare sand tiger shark nursery has been discovered off Long Island
93 Sand Tiger Shark Nursery Found in Busy NY Bay
94 More fascinating findings on Pluto still lie ahead
95 Our Ephemeral Periodic Table
96 EPA says pesticide harms bees in some cases
97 British Government Unveils Plan to Develop Marine Reserve Almost the Same Size of UK
98 A 'Crash' Diet: Merger May Have Slimmed Down Monster Black Hole
99 Visible Light from a Black Hole Spotted by Telescope, a First
100 Scientists Figured Out a Way to 'See' a Black Hole with Just a Backyard Telescope
101 The Real Climate Change Hoax
102 Washington to limit carbon pollution from largest facilities
103 Our Ephemeral Periodic Table
104 Harnessing the energy of small bending motions
105 Scientists use battery tech to harvest energy from movement
106 SpaceX's Reusable Rocket: The 'Holy Grail' of Space Flight?
107 NASA's Kepler Comes Roaring Back with 100 New Exoplanet Finds
108 Gilead Sciences Revenues to Grow on Insurance Changes: RBC, MS
109 NASA: Andromeda Galaxy Shown in X-Ray Vision with New Image (PHOTO)
110 Andromeda Galaxy Is Peppered with 'X-Ray Heaters'
111 Andromeda galaxy scanned with high-energy X-ray vision
112 The Best Ever View of Our Closest Neighboring Galaxy Has Something Very Strange in It