File Title
1 MP fears Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough hospital takeover deal
2 E-cigarette may become available on NHS
3 Dental care in England 'Third World'
4 Put calorie counts on alcoholic drinks, LGA says
5 'High level of pressure' across NI emergency departments
6 Dementia loved ones 'benefit from visits'
7 Gene editing treats disease in mice
8 Drinking limits guidance set to be changed after review
9 Elderly 'reluctant to complain' over health care
10 Cartilage growing to rebuild body parts 'within three years'
11 Diet debate: Low-fat or high-fat--does it matter?
12 The bionic eye changing a woman's life
13 My 'smart drugs' nightmare
14 Diet debate: Is breakfast a waste of time?
15 Victoria Derbyshire breast cancer diary part three: Hair loss
16 Junior doctors--the temperature rises again
17 Why the NHS needs better-behaved patients
18 Why do tigers have vertical stripes? Check the math, say researchers.
19 Strong Oklahoma earthquake knocks out power to 4,400 homes
20 The Kraken appeareth: Giant squid filmed on Christmas Eve
21 Number of species awaiting endangered protection drops to all-time low
22 The baffling mystery of Hawaii's disappearing humpback whales
23 Polar Bear Club plunge: The science of an icy dip
24 How calculating the gravity on distant stars could tell of habitable planets
25 SpaceX plans to preserve famed Falcon 9 rocket stage. But where?
26 Why are there so many big quakes in India and Nepal?
27 Tensions remain high over New Jersey bear hunt (+video)
28 Five takeaways from the Paris climate deal
29 Can humans and machines work together to tackle 'wicked' challenges?
30 Name game: What to call the periodic table's four newest elements? (+video)
31 The smallest chameleons have the quickest tongues, say scientists
32 What's next for that recovered SpaceX rocket booster?
33 Beijing's air quality actually improved in 2015, say officials
34 Is that star older than we thought? Time to recalibrate, scientists say
35 What drove the real King Kong to extinction? Check the teeth.
36 With landed rocket safely back in its hangar, what's next for SpaceX?
37 What happened to Hawaii's missing whales?
38 Scientists move one step closer to turning water into hydrogen fuel, affordably
39 As storms pound drought-stricken California, what is El Nino anyway?
40 Out of this world British invasion: Tim Peake prepares for spacewalk
41 Is oxygen really responsible for the rise of animals on Earth?
42 Could a burping black hole solve a galactic mystery?
43 You won't find babies in this New York nursery. Just sharks.
44 Magnitude 4.5 earthquake shakes southern Californians awake
45 North Korea claims H-bomb test: Is that worse than an atomic bomb?
46 DNA research offers clues on cell mutation
47 Measuring Africa's unsustainable hunting on land--by sea
48 New FAU study suggests benefits of regular mammography extend to the elderly
49 Statins may lower risk of heart disease in people with sleep apnea
50 Science-driven strategies for more effective endangered species recovery
51 Study: Bacteria attack lignin with enzymatic tag team
52 UC San Diego researchers link higher risk of leukemia to low sunlight and vitamin D
53 Transgender veterans diagnosed with significantly more mental and medical health disorders
54 Using nanoparticles to combat arteriosclerosis
55 One crop, two ways, multiple benefits
56 Antibiotics pave way for C. diff infections by killing bile acid-altering bacteria
57 Researchers uncover new details linking stress, fat metabolism
58 Generous mothers are nagged less
59 Proposed link between liver cancer and adeno-associated virus challenged in human gene therapy
60 Redirected flood waters lead to unintended consequences
61 N/A
62 Less prostate cancer screening may delay treatment for earlier onset cancers
63 Wrapping up a year of landmark chemistry news
64 Scientists call for new tools to explore the world's microbiomes
65 Human activities trigger hypoxia in freshwaters around the globe
66 Leaf-mimicking device harnesses light to purify water
67 Fish-flavored cat food could contribute to feline hyperthyroidism
68 Aluminum nanoparticles could improve electronic displays
69 Why low oxygen levels soon after birth may raise risk for learning & behavioral disorders
70 Buprenorphine found superior to Methadone in treating infants born in drug withdrawal
71 Is there a bubble in the art market?
72 Biological 'clock' discovered in sea turtle shells
73 Archaeological discovery yields surprising revelations about Europe's oldest city
74 Is there a bubble in the art market?
75 Biological 'clock' discovered in sea turtle shells
76 Archaeological discovery yields surprising revelations about Europe's oldest city
77 New open access journal highlights methods and clinical trial results
78 Lab discovery gives glimpse of conditions found on other planets
79 Flu virus hijacking tactics revealed by scientists, paving way for new treatments
80 Last meal reflects spiral-shaped intestine
81 Deep-water ocean circulation may have awakened marine biodiversity climate change
82 Is it all just a myth--does working too much actually affect your relationship?
83 Nanowalls for smartphones
84 Cancer drug shows promise for treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy
85 Scientists root out the 'bad seeds' of liver cancer
86 Toenail trim saves lab mice from common, life-threatening skin condition
87 How you manage your emails may be bad for your health
88 Male workers in typically female jobs are not motivated by money
89 Ambitious women must use their social capital to reach top jobs
90 Drought, heat take toll on global crops
91 Globular clusters could host interstellar civilizations
92 How two-tone cats get their patches comes to light in cell study
93 Droughts hit cereal crops harder since 1980s
94 Skin bacteria help cancer cells grow
95 New strategy aims to enhance efficacy and safety of bone repair treatment
96 Insulin-producing pancreatic cells created from human skin cells
97 The waiter's weight
98 Researchers discover link between stress and unhealthy microbiomes
99 New methods help advance infectious disease forecasting
100 High rate of symptoms, hospitalization following gastric bypass surgery for obesity
101 Is there a connection between your age at menopause and later depression?
102 Men over 60 who pay for sex use less protection and purchase more sex as they age
103 Tracing a cellular family tree
104 Loss of cells in brain's memory center linked to schizophrenia
105 High-fidelity CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases have no detectable off-target mutations
106 NYU study links life's milestones to a non-circadian biological rhythm in teeth
107 Leopard sharks navigate with their nose
108 Killer whales feast on salmon in summer
109 'Seeing' black holes with the naked eye
110 Early trial shows injectable agent illuminates cancer during surgery