File Title
1 $4 Million laser marks ground zero for adaptive optics science
2 CTA Prototype Telescope Achieves "First Light"
3 Webb "Pathfinder Telescope" completes second super-cold optical test
4 Webb Space Telescope receives first mirror installation
5 Next-generation infrared detectors win NSF funding
6 Construction of China's mega radio telescope enters final stage
7 ALMA links with other observatories to create Earth-sized virtual telescope
8 James Webb Space Telescope 'Wings' Successfully Deployed
9 The Giant Magellan Telescope Organization Breaks Ground in Chile
10 Whopping Galaxy Cluster Spotted with Help of NASA Telescopes
11 Upgraded Hobby-Eberly Telescope Sees First Light
12 Astrosat's Soft X-ray Telescope Sees First Light
13 Astrosat First Light: CZT Imager Looks at Crab Nebula
14 Robotic Laser Astronomy on the Rise
15 NGC completes optical class spacecraft structure for Webb Telescope
16 Kick-off for a new era of precision astronomy
17 Launch of Astrosat: First Indian Astronomy Satellite
18 India launches first space observatory
19 Tern moves closer to full-scale demonstration of VTOL UAVs for small ships
20 DARPA awards Northrop Grumman Phase III TERN contract
21 Drone helps icebreaker navigate treacherous Antarctic
22 Turkey tests its first armed unmanned aerial vehicle
23 Soaring aspirations of Myanmar's drone enthusiasts
24 Using drones to study high-altitude glaciers
25 Drone laws tightened in Japan as police deploy air-to-air take down unit
26 Unmanned K-MAX, Stalker aircraft collaborate to fight fire in demo
27 Army's Gray Eagle needs high throughput and flexibility to support Army ISR
28 Amazon gives glimpse at new delivery drone design
29 US approves drone sale to Japan
30 Elbit to supply Hermes 900 HFE UAVs to Switzerland
31 CACI launches SkyTracker UAV detection system
32 Navy starts pre-Milestone C tests on MQ-4C Triton UAS
33 Former operators speak out about US drone killings
34 Thales Group unveils Spy'Ranger mini-drone
35 Global Hawk 'workhorse' reaches service milestone
36 Drone Sales to Reach Almost 4m this Year, Rising to 16m Annually by 2020
37 MIT students build a drone that doesn't crash into things so easy
38 Deal on using satellites for global flight-tracking in sight: US
39 Wal-Mart eyes drone home deliveries
40 New Israeli anti-drone counter-measure makes debut
41 First Northrop Grumman UAV parts made in South Korea
42 Avio Aero to develop hybrid propulsion system for UAVs
43 Israel prepares to unveil latest anti-drone system
44 Patroller UAV tested in homeland security scenarios
45 Report: Leaked documents reveal expensive drone program
46 U.S. allies order Raven unmanned aerial vehicles
47 Vanishing Acts: A Call for Disappearing Delivery Vehicles
48 U.S. Air Force expands drone training at Holloman
49 U.S. State Dept. approves sale of MQ-9 Reapers to Spain
50 Britain to increase UAV fleet, modernize Special Forces gear
51 Russian firm creating new UAV sensor technologies
52 Drone market to hit $10 billion by 2024: experts
53 Israeli-made Dominator UAV tested in Mexico
54 Patching up X-37B
55 The last and first day for Roscosmos
56 Putin signs decree on dissolving Federal Space Agency
57 First launch from Vostochny Cosmodrome to be set after testing
58 Russian, US Space Companies Seal Satellite Deal for First Time
59 US Congress Set to Lift Ban on Russian RD-180 Rocket Engine
60 UAE, Russia agree to cooperate in space industry
61 Russia, Kazakhstan sign 5 deals on Baikonur Space Center in 2015
62 Moscow extends Russian Cosmodrome program for one year
63 Putin on Space Industry: Russian Rockets Must Be Reliable and Competitive
64 Russian manufacturer to make 16 satellites to fulfil 2015 contracts
65 Digital payloads and higher throughput changing the satellite market
66 Engineers demo first processor that uses light for ultrafast communications
67 Ringing in a new way to measure and modulate trapped light
68 Scientists conduct most precise test of light speed
69 ASA Awards Letter Contract for Landsat 9 Imager-2
70 NASA analyzes Paraguay's heavy rainfall
71 Raytheon to produce, test Navy Multiband Terminals
72 ADS to build one of two satellites for future COMSAT NG system
73 Thales and Airbus to supply French military satellite communications
74 Elbit upgrades tactical intelligence capabilities for Asian country
75 El Nino set to bear down on US in early 2016
76 Record El Nino, climate change drive extreme weather
77 Philippine coastal zone research reveals tropical cyclone disruption of nutrient cycling
78 Ship tracks form letter A above Pacific
79 Kiribati envisages floating islands in 'crazy' climate plan
80 Low-oxygen 'dead zones' in North Pacific linked to past ocean-warming events
81 Green campaigner readies to swim the Pacific
82 La Nina is not helping Hawai'i's rainfall and groundwater
83 Study of cloud cover in tropical Pacific reveals future climate changes
84 Fiji leader says Pacific 'doomed' if climate talks fail
85 Extreme Pacific sea level events to double in future
86 New Zealand deports would-be 'climate change refugee'
87 Pacific president criticises Australian minister's 'lapping waves' quip
88 Pacific leader warns Australia on climate stance
89 Russia's Uran-9 robotic combat system hits international market
90 Turkey contracts Otokar for Cobra II armored vehicles
91 Kongsberg Protector selected for General Dynamics Stryker
92 German Army orders more Boxer armored vehicles
93 Oshkosh resumes JLTV work after Lockheed protest dismissed
94 Squad X takes steps toward assisting dismounted soldiers and marines
95 U.S. Marine Corps to purchase Raytheon PERM munitions
96 NTU scientists unveil social and telepresence robots
97 Teaching machines to see
98 Magnetic nanoparticle chains offer new technique for controlling soft robots
99 SSL selected for NASA project to develop robotic on-orbit satellite assembly
100 Scientists teach machines to learn like humans
101 N/A
102 Tech titans pledge $1 billion for artificial intelligence research
103 Robot adds new twist to NIST antenna measurements and calibrations
104 Japan shows off disaster-response robots at android fair
105 A row-bot that loves dirty water
106 High-tech Barbie stokes privacy fears
107 China dreams of electric sheep at robot conference
108 NASA selects Northeastern for humanoid robot research
109 New detector perfect for asteroid mining, planetary research
110 Human reflexes may keep legged robots from tripping