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1 Face time: Tech reads facial expressions for autism symptoms
2 3-D footage of nematode brains links neurons with motion and behavior
3 Long-term cocaine addiction therapy developed
4 New embryo analysis technique helps screen out genetic problems prior to IVF
5 Eating when we are not hungry is bad for our health
6 New breast cancer drug may be effective against other types of cancer
7 Early-life exercise alters gut microbes, promotes healthy brain and metabolism
8 ADHD meds may raise risk for psychotic side effects in some kids: study
9 Researchers develop powerful interactive tool to mine data from cancer genome
10 Scientists detect inherited traits tied to sleep, wake, and activity cycles
11 What are the risks of giving birth inside and outside a hospital setting?
12 Being anxious could be good for you--in a crisis
13 Reducing salt intake might harm heart failure patients, study claims
14 T cells that recognize HER2 teceptor [sic] may prevent HER2+ breast cancer recurrence
15 New study opens new door for ALS drug discovery
16 Scientists prevent, reverse diabetes-related kidney destruction in animal model
17 Reptile fossils offer clues about elevation history of Andes Mountains
18 Impacts of Deepwater Horizon oil spill on sea turtles
19 Midnight munchies mangle memory
20 Helmetless-tackling drills significantly reduce head impact
21 Early-life exercise alters gut microbes, promotes healthy brain and metabolism
22 Social, telepresence robots revealed by scientists
23 Being anxious could be good for you in a crisis
24 Mathematical model for animal stripes
25 Exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal
26 Arms race between Ebola virus and bats, waged for millions of years
27 Mental disorders associated with subsequent chronic physical conditions
28 Comparing chemical, surgical castration for prostate cancer
29 Articles examine relationship between skin, endocrine disorders
30 Vitamin D deficiency does not increase risk and severity of obstructive sleep apnea
31 Researchers examine cases in California of neurological illness affecting limbs
32 Low rate of job retention following colorectal cancer diagnosis
33 Harmful bacteria can survive in sandwich crackers, cookies for months, study finds
34 Heart attack patients not always receiving lowest-risk care, research shows
35 Sudden cardiac arrest may not be so sudden
36 Travel distance is still a barrier to breast reconstruction after mastectomy
37 3-D footage of nematode brains links neurons with motion and behavior
38 Let hunger be your guide
39 In race stereotypes, issues are not so black and white
40 Most patients still prescribed opioids after nonfatal overdose, study finds
41 Opioid prescribing guideline significantly decreases prescription rates
42 No easy answers in study of legal marijuana's impact on alcohol use
43 Scientists detect inherited traits tied to sleep, wake, and activity cycles
44 New method for analyzing synaptic density
45 Hypnosis may provide new option for 'awake surgery' for brain cancer
46 Study opens new door for ALS drug discovery
47 Parents can play a role in preventing teen fighting, research finds
48 To bolster a new year's resolution, ask, don't tell
49 Eating healthy or feeling empty?
50 Women can take blood thinners, hormones without higher blood clot, bleeding risk, study shows
51 How does type of toy affect quantity, quality of language in infant playtime?
52 The link between imagery and performance
53 For low-risk pregnancies home births do not increase risk of complications, study shows
54 Activity trackers are better at counting steps than measuring sleep
55 Drawing the line on tanning bed use by teens
56 Parent touch, play and support in childhood vital to well-being as an adult
57 Optoelectronic microprocessors built using existing chip manufacturing
58 Thermal microscopy of single cells
59 Creativity leads to measuring ultrafast, thin photodetector
60 New hybrid electrolyte for solid-state lithium batteries
61 New acoustic technique reveals structural information in nanoscale materials
62 Nanoworld 'snow blowers' carve straight channels in semiconductor surfaces
63 A quantum of light for material science
64 Improving electric motor efficiency via shape optimization
65 Success in observing a two-phonon quantum interference: A world first
66 Surface physics: How water learns to dance
67 Serpentinization: Nutrients of biological organisms in hydrothermal fields
68 Gullies on Mars sculpted by dry ice rather than liquid water
69 U.S. demonstrates production of fuel for missions to the solar system and beyond
70 NASA suspends 2016 launch of InSight mission to Mars
71 Giant comets could pose danger to life on Earth
72 Lowdown on Ceres: Images from Dawn's closest orbit
73 Twisted magnetic fields give new insights on star formation
74 Einstein's Cross under the gravitational microlens
75 New Mars rover findings revealed
76 Auroral mystery solved: Sudden bursts caused by swirling charged particles
77 Images, codes could provide secure alternative to multiple device password systems
78 Researchers develop powerful interactive tool to mine data from cancer genome
79 New metamateria will speed up computers
80 New SIR-Network Model helps predict dengue fever epidemic in urban areas
81 Brain's mysteries unraveled through computational neuropsychiatry
82 Are you Facebook dependent?
83 'Robot locust' can traverse rocky terrain, assist in search and rescue
84 Snake bellies help scientists get a grip
85 Email between patients, physicians improves health, survey shows
86 Oceanographers use super-computers to help farmers in Bangladesh
87 Researchers link climate-induced disasters, food security across time, place
88 Preferences for changing landscape color, complexity determined
89 Lifestyle switching: Bacillus cereus is able to resist certain antibiotic therapies
90 Marijuana derivative reduces seizures in people with treatment-resistant epilepsy
91 Philippine coastal zone research reveals tropical cyclone disruption of nutrient cycling
92 Scientists discover how arsenic builds up in plant seeds
93 Seaweed: Increased Toxicity Due to Migration?
94 N/A
95 Researchers identify areas of plague risk in western United States
96 N/A
97 Innovation sheds light on how genetic information travels from cell's nucleus
98 Geologic formation could hold clues to melting glacier floodwaters
99 Melting sea ice increases Arctic precipitation, complicates climate predictions
100 Examination of Earth's recent history key to predicting global temperatures
101 Dating historic activity at Oso site shows recurring major landslides
102 Same growth rate shown for farming, non-farming prehistoric people
103 Wild bee decline threatens US crop production
104 Rivers, lakes impact ability of forests to store carbon
105 Salty sea spray affects lifetimes of clouds, researchers find
106 Normal weather drives salt marsh erosion
107 Metabolic pathway in cyanobacteria could yield better biofuels, bioproducts from photosynthesis
108 Mammal diversity exploded immediately after dinosaur extinction
109 Life exploded on Earth after slow rise of oxygen
110 Religion and politics led to social tension and conflict, then and now