File Title
1 Hypoallergenic parks: Coming soon?
2 Cells cling and spiral 'like vines' in first 3-D tissue scaffold for plants
3 DNA sequencing used to identify thousands of fish eggs
4 Wide-ranging networking boosts employee creativity
5 Immunotherapy agent benefits patients with drug-resistant multiple myeloma
6 Cell transplantation procedure may one day replace liver transplants
7 Lab experiments question popular measure of ancient ocean temperatures
8 Proportion of patients with diabetes undergoing CABG spikes 5-fold over 4 decades
9 Clinical trials of dogs with cancer could lead to better treatments for humans
10 Waste paper could make summer grilling more environmentally friendly
11 Trash or treasure? Repurposing would-be wasted food to feed the hungry and create jobs
12 Low-level arsenic exposure before birth associated with early puberty and obesity
13 Sir Elton John is the inspiration behind the name of a new coral reef crustacean species
14 Making the air fair
15 Tackling the root cause of cystic fibrosis
16 Self-healing material could plug life-threatening holes in spacecraft (video)
17 LSU researchers conduct post-hurricane recovery analysis
18 Observation stays over hospital admissions drives up costs for some Medicare patients
19 Earth's mineralogy unique in the cosmos
20 Fertilization discovery: Do sperm wield tiny harpoons?
21 Routine surgery
22 Rehabilitation improves the prognosis of serious heart disease
23 Neurobiology--tuning of timing in auditory axons
24 Education positively impacts safe opioid prescribing among clinicians
25 High use of alternative medicine in senior oncology patients
26 The wings of the butterfly
27 The fear of trying new foods may have negative dietary implications
28 Research demonstrates millions of plastic particles exist in cosmetic products
29 Even cockatoos conclude
30 The great escape: Why awareness of mortality can be bad for health
31 Supercomputers enlisted to shed light on photosynthesis
32 Dying star suffers 'irregular heartbeats'
33 Methanotrophs: Could bacteria help protect our environment?
34 New approach to tackling uncontrolled high blood pressure shows significant results
35 A bottle of water before each meal could help in weight reduction, researchers say
36 New fungi behind emerging wheat disease
37 Earth's extremes point the way to extraterrestrial life
38 Survivors of childhood cancer have high-risk of recurrent stroke
39 Where bread began: Ancient tools used to reconstruct--and taste--prehistoric cuisine
40 Life expectancy climbs globally but more time spent living with illness and disability
41 Researchers publish sobering statistics on physical inactivity in the US
42 Home sweet microbe: Dust in your house can predict geographic region, gender of occupants
43 Researchers reveal how a common mutation causes neurodegenerative disease
44 Obesity-related causes of stillbirth detailed in Pitt analysis
45 These microscopic fish are 3-D-printed to do more than swim
46 Bright screens at night imperil sleep of young teens
47 Botanists conduct first large-scale genetic study of marijuana, hemp
48 The missing link
49 Can't count sheep? You could have aphantasia
50 Capturing cancer
51 3-D cancer models give fresh perspective on progress of disease
52 Police professionals are better observers than ordinary civilians
53 Antimatter catches a wave at SLAC
54 Neurodegenerative disease clogs nuclear pores
55 Cannabis use may influence cortical maturation in adolescent males
56 Jammed up cellular highways may initiate dementia and ALS
57 Cannabis and the brain, 2 studies, 1 editorial examine associations
58 Firstborn women more likely to be overweight/obese as adults than second-born sisters
59 Shift focus from calorie counting to nutritional value for heart health, say experts
60 New 'mutation-tracking' blood test could predict breast cancer relapse months in advance
61 Who will develop psychosis? Automated speech analysis may have the answer
62 Paralysis: Primates recover better than rodents
63 UCSF researchers control embryonic stem cells with light
64 Few gay teenage boys get tested for HIV
65 Awareness of memory loss may decline 2-3 years before dementia onset
66 New optical method promises faster, more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer
67 Study of 'fountain of youth' protein points to possible human health benefit
68 IRIS and Hinode: A stellar research team
69 NASA finds vegetation essential for limiting city warming effects
70 Study finds major lack of resources for rehab patients in Malawi
71 Batting practice in the genome
72 Developing a new tool to detect a frequently missed sex chromosome disorder in boys
73 Comprehensive study of genetic risks for inflammatory bowel disease in African-Americans
74 Many parents unaware of e-cigarette dangers to children?
75 Something to crow about
76 Algorithm helps identify elusive genes that express like clockwork
77 Study finds paramedic care delivered on-scene for 10-35 minutes leads to better outcomes
78 Friends' online influence increases ecommerce purchases 60 percent--INFORMS' Management Science
79 Longer colonoscopies linked to lower cancer rate
80 Adverse effects of common prostate enlargement and hair growth drugs: A review
81 Optimal breastfeeding practices may help save infants' lives
82 Study in bats and rodents offers insights on how viruses spread across species
83 Opioid receptor gene variations associated with neonatal abstinence syndrome severity
84 Allina Health study shows how palliative care can improve life for heart failure patients
85 Sequencing of barley genome achieves new milestone
86 Rare nautilus sighted for the first time in 3 decades
87 Promising target for new drugs found in pancreatic cancer cells
88 Debut of the global mix-master
89 Predicting who will murder his wife or his family
90 Mental visual imaging training improves multiple sclerosis patients' well-being
91 The catch of the day: Fishing for research data at the Museum of Science
92 Researchers study tall larkspur toxicity in cattle
93 Mimic woodpecker fools competing birds, but genetics expose its true identity
94 Molten glass 3-D printer produces optically transparent glass
95 Pitt, Drexel, and NIH team up to study persistence of Ebola virus in wastewater
96 Technology won't replace the back-to-school ritual
97 Pregnancy is a missed opportunity for HIV-infected women to gain control over condition
98 'Lazy eye' may bully the brain into altering its wiring
99 Smart phone not a smart choice when facing depression
100 Biophysicists take small step in quest for 'robot scientist'
101 How TV's subliminal influence can affect women's perception of pregnancy, birth
102 Is incense bad for your health?
103 Glitter from silver lights up Alzheimer's dark secrets
104 Quantum diffraction at a breath of nothing
105 Southampton scientists find new way to detect ortho-para conversion in water
106 Flu remedies help combat E. coli bacteria
107 Lemon juice and human norovirus
108 Gut feeling restored by growth outside the body
109 A community of soil bacteria saves plants from root rot
110 Patients with abnormally fast heart rhythms to benefit from modification of treatment