File Title
1 Making a mistake can be rewarding, study finds
2 Systematic review shows 'smart drug' modafinil does enhance cognition
3 Association between transient newborn hypoglycemia, 4th grade achievement
4 Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke
5 Passion for your job? If not, it's attainable
6 Why collaboration may encourage corporate corruption
7 Return on investment slipping in biomedical research
8 China's carbon emissions overestimated
9 Small rocks build big planets
10 Conference tweeting rule frustrates ecologists
11 North Pacific 'blob' stirs up fisheries management
12 Nanotube implants show diagnostic potential
13 Hurricane Katrina's psychological scars revealed
14 Carbon-credit scheme linked to increased greenhouse-gas production
15 Ecologists embrace their urban side
16 The growing global battle against blood-sucking ticks
17 Minnesota bog study turns up the heat on peat
18 Papers with shorter titles get more citations
19 Biohackers gear up for genome editing
20 How cities can beat the heat
21 Quantum 'spookiness' passes toughest test yet
22 Next-generation X-ray source fires up
23 Evidence supports trawling depth limit
24 Lifetime collaborators reap the benefits
25 Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test
26 N/A
27 Portfolio boost
28 Heroism in Syria
29 FDA vulnerability revealed
30 We must build resilience into our communities
31 Policy: Hurricane Katrina's lessons for the world
32 Water and climate: Recognize anthropogenic drought
33 Amazing 'Red Lightning' Photographed from Space
34 Will Future Generations Preserve the National Parks? (Op-Ed)
35 Women's Sexuality May Depend on Romantic Options
36 What Women Don't Know About Stroke Could Kill Them (Op-Ed)
37 Nearly 1 in 5 Children and Teens Are Obese
38 Plague Cases in US Are Unusually High this Year
39 Reference: Vitamin A: Sources & Benefits
40 Reference: What Are Carbohydrates?
41 Sea Ice: Ancient Oceans Birthed Diamonds
42 Does Marijuana Change the Brain?
43 Placenta 'Switch' that Kickstarts Labor May Solve Long-Standing Mystery
44 Lost Palace of Sparta Possibly Uncovered
45 What Household Dust Says About You
46 What's Blue with Legs All Over? New 3D Avatar Millipede
47 NASA: Rising Sea Levels More Dangerous than Thought
48 Why America Is Prone to Mass Shootings
49 'McWhopper' Mega-Burger Would Have Mega-Calories
50 Baby Panda Twin Dies at National Zoo
51 Birth Order Peril: Firstborn Women More Likely to Be Obese
52 Reference: What Is Fiber?
53 What if Doctors Could Heal Broken Genes? (Op-Ed)
54 Mars Hoaxes! 6 Stubborn Red Planet Conspiracy Theories
55 Pointing the Way: 3D Computer Cursors Could Navigate Virtual Worlds
56 Creepy Kangaroos: Why They Stand So Still
57 Why Knut the Polar Bear Died So Suddenly
58 Mars Hoaxes: Why We Believe
59 New Math Could Reveal Hidden Sources of Chaos
60 Reference: Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath
61 Man Has Polio Virus Living in Gut for 30 Years
62 Still Breaking Bad: Meth Lab Injuries on the Rise, CDC Reports
63 Pockets of Lower Vaccination Rates Remain Across the US
64 HIV-Related Virus Has Existed in Primates for Millions of Years
65 Should You Stop Counting Calories?
66 The FDA's New Serving Sizes May Backfire--Here's Why
67 Unforgettable Images Capture Volcano Rumbling to Life
68 Psychedelic Swirls Show Algae Bloom from Space
69 'Science of Mom': Author Sifts Through Childrearing Facts & Fictions
70 Sexual Harassment in the Animal Kingdom? How Female Guppies Escape
71 Marijuana Use May Lower Sperm Counts 'Quite a Lot'
72 Earth's Moving Mantle Leads to Earthquakes in Unusual Places
73 Serving Size Stumper: What's a Reasonable Amount to Eat?
74 Confidence in parenting could help break cycle of abuse
75 UGA research links borderline personality traits with lowered empathy
76 Increasingly severe disturbances weaken world's temperate forests
77 Seeing quantum motion
78 Artificial leaf harnesses sunlight for efficient fuel production
79 New 'Tissue Velcro' could help repair damaged hearts
80 CPR: It's not always a lifesaver, but it plays one on TV
81 Philistines introduced sycamore, cumin and opium poppy into Israel during the Iron Age
82 Fish oil-diet benefits may be mediated by gut microbes
83 Staying safe in sandy beaches
84 Researchers use DNA 'clews' to shuttle CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool into cells
85 Oysters harbor, transmit human norovirus: Avoid raw ones
86 KAIST's mathematician reveals the mechanism for sustaining biological rhythms
87 Lack of folic acid enrichment in Europe causes mortality among fetuses
88 Neurobiology: Light-activated learning
89 Tumor suppressor genes curb growth in neighboring cells
90 Future climate models greatly affected by fungi and bacteria
91 Researchers discover new mechanism in adrenal gland tumors
92 Draw out of the predicted interatomic force
93 Researchers use brain scans to predict response to antipsychotic medications
94 Moffitt makes important steps toward developing a blood test to catch pancreatic cancer early
95 Study: Better signs could help reduce friction between motorists, bicyclists
96 New technique could enable design of hybrid glasses and revolutionize gas storage
97 The alien within: Fetal cells influence maternal health during pregnancy (and long after)
98 Can you avoid hangovers after heavy drinking?
99 Physics meets biology to defeat aging
100 Beyond royal jelly: Study identifies plant chemical that determines a honey bee's caste
101 New embryo image processing technology could assist in IVF implantation success rates
102 Chapman University research suggests older adults possess important forms of expertise
103 Impact origin of archean cratons: Learning from Venus
104 An ounce of prevention: Research advances on 'scourge' of transplant wards
105 Caltech chemists solve major piece of cellular mystery
106 Researcher develops cheaper, better LED technology
107 Study links air pollution to children's low GPAs
108 Queen's researcher playing an important role improving psychology research
109 Brazil's national oral health policy--an example for other nations
110 OU astrophysicist and collaborators find supermassive black holes in quasar nearest Earth