File Title
1 Revolutionising a city's fleet of motorcycle taxis
2 Ashley Madison: Leaked accounts fallout deepens
3 How firms are fighting off spies and hackers
4 The bad things that happen when algorithms run online shops
5 Why has Apple broken its vow of silence?
6 ICYMI: Valley stocks take a beating
7 Pregnant women's diet linked to baby heart risk
8 Sierra Leone discharges last Ebola patient
9 Turning cancer back into healthy tissue
10 Elderly people warned over alcohol consumption
11 Ghana doctors suspend three-week strike
12 Sierra Leone records zero new Ebola infections
13 Vaccine for MERS coronavirus 'looks promising'
14 MRI scans can deliver cancer therapy
15 Dementia levels 'are stabilising'
16 Diabetes cases soar by 60% in past decade
17 New probe 'lights up' blood clots in single scan
18 Sharing childcare 'improves sex lives' of couples
19 Student Luke Bennett's colostomy bag selfie goes viral
20 'Female Viagra'--a closer look at flibanserin
21 My Lariam dreams
22 Lifeblood for children who need it most
23 Better diagnosis call for adults with ADHD
24 Australia refugees: Detention centre 'gag' angers medics
25 Interstellar seeds could create oases of life
26 Astronomers unravel the history of galaxies for the first time
27 Life expectancy climbs worldwide but people spend more years living with illness and disability
28 Something to crow about: New Caledonian crows show strong evidence of social learning
29 High protein foods boost cardiovascular health, as much as quitting smoking or getting exercise
30 Firstborn women more likely to be overweight/obese as adults than second-born sisters
31 Capturing cancer: 3-D model of solid tumors explains cancer evolution
32 Embryonic stem cells controlled with light
33 Discovering dust-obscured active galaxies as they grow
34 Antimatter catches a wave
35 Earth's extremes point the way to extraterrestrial life
36 Microscopic fish are 3-D-printed to do more than swim
37 New fossil skulls reveal insights about penguin brain evolution
38 Pigments, organelles persist in fossil feathers: Shed light on original coloration of long-lost animals
39 Methanotrophs: Could bacteria help protect our environment?
40 Mechanism behind 'strange' earthquakes discovered
41 Who will develop psychosis? Automated speech analysis may have the answer
42 Can't count sheep? You could have aphantasia
43 'Fountain of youth' protein points to possible human health benefit
44 The DNA damage response goes viral: A way in for new cancer treatments
45 CanDL database shines light on clinically important cancer gene mutations
46 Is lack of guidance on the Sunshine Act hampering publication of clinical trial results?
47 Dry eyes: Progress in diagnosis and treatment
48 Political polarization on Twitter depends on the issue
49 Nasal spray device for mental illness
50 Suicide: Difficulty making good choices is one of the factors that make certain people vulnerable to suicide
51 At the origin of language structure
52 How the mind sharpens the senses
53 Dominance in a group of dogs expressed in hard figures
54 Can't put your phone down? Are You a Nomophobe?
55 Waste paper could make summer grilling more environmentally friendly
56 Charging a lithium-ion battery efficiently with a solar cell
57 Taking a cue from nature: Turning alcohols into alkylating agents
58 New theory leads to 'radiationless revolution'
59 Successful boron-doping of graphene nanoribbon
60 Self-healing material could plug life-threatening holes in spacecraft
61 Earth's mineralogy unique in the cosmos
62 Twin Jet Nebula: The wings of the butterfly
63 Dying star suffers 'irregular heartbeats'
64 Supercomputers enlisted to shed light on photosynthesis
65 Searching big data faster
66 Fair sharing of flight delays among airlines
67 N/A
68 The bane of your existence: Smartphones and 'technostress'
69 Mating with the wrong insect may cut yellow fever mosquito populations
70 Humus depletion induced by climate change?
71 How dynamin mediates membrane constriction and scission
72 Mystery of polar bear Knut's disease finally solved
73 What would a tsunami in the Mediterranean look like?
74 Plant species' genetic responses to climate change
75 New affordable tool to test Tropical Forest carbon stocks
76 Cellular contamination pathway for plutonium, other heavy elements, identified
77 Unusual use of blue pigment found in ancient mummy portraits
78 Lab experiments question popular measure of ancient ocean temperatures
79 Where bread began: Ancient tools used to reconstruct--and taste--prehistoric cuisine
80 Ocean currents: Debut of the global mix-master
81 Wide-ranging networking boosts employee creativity
82 Post-hurricane recovery analysis
83 Imaging techniques set new standard for super-resolution in live cells
84 Evidence suggests subatomic particles could defy the standard model
85 Songbird habitat affects reproduction, survival
86 A barcode for shredding junk RNA
87 Retinoids may increase effectiveness of targeted therapies against high-risk leukemia
88 Brazil's national oral health policy: An example for other nations
89 Scientists identify possible key in virus, cancer research
90 Neurobiology: Light-activated learning
91 Air pollution linked to children's low academic achievement
92 Degenerating neurons respond to gene therapy treatment for Alzheimer's disease
93 Glial cells use lipids to direct neuron organization in the spinal cord
94 Four-day school week can improve academic performance, study finds
95 Interrupting sitting with walking breaks improves children's blood sugar
96 Way for eagles and wind turbines to coexist
97 A new technique to make drugs more soluble
98 Historic 2013 Colorado Front Range storm accomplished up to 1,000 years of erosion
99 Chemistry professor discovers color sensor compound for anions
100 To get girls more interested in computer science, make classrooms less 'geeky'
101 Fishermen discards could increase prevalence of turtle disease in Turks and Caicos
102 Getting a picture of the molecules in a cell in just minutes
103 HIV particles do not cause AIDS, our own immune cells do
104 Research identifies a protein that helps determine the fate of RNA
105 Humans may be harmed by endocrine disrupting chemicals released during natural gas mining
106 Scientists warn leaders of dangers of thawing permafrost
107 Data backs limits on deep-sea fishing by depth
108 Intensity of desert storms may affect ocean phytoplankton
109 Fossil remains of Old World lizard discovered in the New World overturn long-held hypothesis of lizard evolution
110 Framework for value-based pricing of cancer drugs