File Title
1 Drones Save Lives in Disasters, When They're Allowed to Fly (Op-Ed)
2 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
3 3D Computer Chips Could Be 1,000 Times Faster than Existing Ones
4 Sainthood for Missionary Priest Is Disputed by Native Tribes
5 Apples Take the Prize as Kids' Favorite
6 By the Numbers: Who Are Catholics in America?
7 Politics of Refugee Crisis: Why There's No Science to Resettlement
8 What Is Cyberbullying? Parents Disagree
9 Psychology of Immigration: Why Responses to Migrant Crisis Vary
10 How Do Fossils Form?
11 Doctors to FDA: Don't Call Them 'Breakthrough' Drugs
12 This snake gave birth without a male: How common is parthenogenesis?
13 Future Mars habitats could build themselves
14 Scientists in Alaska unearth new kind of dinosaur
15 Ice age Alaskans had salmon on their plates, say researchers
16 How digital 'tree of life' embodies the potential of open science
17 Why are there whale fossils in California mountains?
18 WATCH 'sheer beauty and power' of Pluto unfold in NASA flyover animation (+video)
19 How soon will we get to Mars? (+video)
20 Sneak peek: 'The Martian' premieres on space station (+video)
21 UN: Paris climate pledges won't stop dangerous warming. But what will?
22 We are closer than ever to crewed Mars mission, NASA chief says
23 Is your face wash damaging the oceans?
24 Scientists create the first digital 'tree of life' for 2.3 million species
25 Climate change: Biggest threat to plants may be competition, not heat
26 Prehistoric 'cow' may have been the first to walk on all fours
27 Can a nonhuman ape be a film buff?
28 Weird Costa Rica cloud formation: Mystery explained.
29 Spectacular supermoon eclipse: The science of the celestial phenomenon
30 One step closer to 'Harry Potter': Tiny invisibility cloak developed
31 Ancient pyramids and tombs hold clues to former Sudanese kingdom
32 Ancient pyramids and tombs hold clues to former Sudanese kingdom
33 Possible new dinosaur species discovered in Montana
34 Whose research is the silliest of all? Ig Nobels honor science's most strange
35 How you and your dog can contribute to cognitive science
36 The Arctic mosquito problem: why there is no quick fix
37 Stunning new Pluto photos: See mountains, sunset, wispy atmosphere (+video)
38 New Pluto images suggest the dwarf planet is still evolving
39 Scientists link millions of deaths to air pollution: What can be done?
40 Is global warming's 'hiatus' really just a statistical error? (+video)
41 Rare supermoon eclipse coming: How does it work?
42 What's it like to spend 6 months in space? Scott Kelly just misses home.
43 What happens when two supermassive black holes smash together?
44 Why NASA is pushing back Orion first manned spaceflight (+video)
45 Proposed NASA mission to Saturn moon: If there's life, we'll find it
46 Why climate change means more huge mosquito swarms in the Arctic
47 'That was heavy': Breaching whale lands on kayakers.
48 Saturn moon has a global ocean, say NASA scientists. Could it harbor life?
49 World's longest volcano chain found in Australia: How did we miss it?
50 Lungs found in mysterious deep-sea fish
51 Why are some flowers so pretty? Scientists explain.
52 Sage grouse habitat: Burned and cheated?
53 Jeff Bezos to launch into space race: Can he compete with SpaceX?
54 Are American eels endangered? Should we care?
55 Federal judge to Navy: Save the whales (at least in the Pacific)
56 How NASA's astronaut twins are preparing us for Mars
57 Could this double crater hold secrets of mass extinction?
58 The coming supermoon eclipse: How rare is the celestial treat?
59 Why do we fall in love? Speed-dating zebra finches offer clues.
60 California's Sierra Nevada snowpack shrinks to a 500-year low
61 Why British forecasters say the global warming 'pause' is over (+video)
62 Spectacular new Pluto photos reveal dwarf planet's history
63 Why global warming bleaches coral in Hawaii
64 Could a 'killer bee' expansion be good news for farmers? (+video)
65 Dwindling North American monarchs begin 3,000-mile journey (+video)
66 Should you buy an Allosaurus skeleton?
67 What does a future bridge near Seattle say about humanity's past?
68 Eating bugs could save the planet. But can we stomach it?
69 Can New England prevent an invasion of Chinese turtles?
70 Space records shatter as astronaut returns home
71 Combo Rx Quelled Alzheimer's Agitation
72 The Role of Sugary Drinks in Diabetes Risk
73 The Pill that Could Stop Asthma Attacks
74 Tramadol Investigated for Rare Side Effect in Kids
75 The Burden of Alcohol Use
76 Lighting Up Might Up Your Diabetes Risk
77 Sleep, Naps and Diabetes Risk
78 For Teens, Paroxetine Might Pose Problems
79 How Ethnicity Affects Cancer Risk
80 How a Diabetes Rx Saved Lives
81 To Keep Your Kids from Smoking, Kick the Habit Yourself
82 A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Mind
83 Mental Health Rx Gets Go-Ahead
84 How Weight May Affect Brain Tumors
85 Hip Fracture Surgery vs. Total Hip Replacement: The Risks
86 Seeing Clearly: Kids and the Great Outdoors
87 Vitamin D and Your Brain
88 How Diet Could Affect Breast Cancer Risk
89 How Your Flu Vaccine May Protect Those Around You
90 Success Story: Surgery for Urinary Incontinence
91 Preventing HIV with a Pill
92 Global Health Affected by Unhealthy Habits
93 Salmonella Cucumber Outbreak Hits 30 States
94 Making Life Better for Chronic Sinus Infection Patients
95 Help for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
96 Have Diabetes, Will Exercise
97 Delirium Could Cause Post-Surgery Problems
98 Sugar Nation: Diabetes and Prediabetes in the US
99 Why Lung Transplant Patients Should Watch Their Skin
100 For Diabetes, Surgery May Have Better Outcomes
101 Why Early Flu Treatment Matters
102 What Cutting Calories Could Do for You
103 Young Athletes Smoking Less, Chewing More
104 New Rx Fights Chemo Side Effects
105 Rx Shows Promise for Diabetes Patients
106 Stopping Blood Pressure Meds May Not Help Cognition
107 Too Many Cholesterol Meds for Elderly Patients?
108 Growth Hormone May Protect Bones
109 New Diabetes Combo Rx Gets Go-Ahead
110 Second Approval in New Cholesterol Rx Class