File Title
1 Red dwarf stars provide clues to how planets form
2 Concepts of numbers in Indigenous Australian languages changed over time
3 Size does matter for 'sexually deceptive' orchids, ecologists find
4 N/A
5 Half of all marine life lost in 40 years: WWF report
6 Global ocean extends across entire core of Saturn's moon Enceladus, NASA confirms
7 Coelacanth fish has leftover lung in its abdomen
8 Drinking coffee at night may push back your body clock and give you jetlag
9 Earth Image: Lake Amadeus shines bright in Australia's red centre
10 Sounds of science: Voyager's recorded messages for aliens include tractors, didgeridoos and laughter
11 Advanced Ligo: Labs 'open their ears' to the cosmos
12 Men may be able to judge a woman's faithfulness from her face
13 N/A
14 Scientists seek permission to genetically modify embryos
15 Bald ibis chicks shipped to Spain
16 UK guarantees 2 billion pounds nuclear plant deal as China investment announced
17 Tanzania stops Malawi burning ivory stockpile
18 'Universal urination duration' wins Ig Nobel prize
19 Latest images reveal Pluto's hazy horizon
20 Valentina Tereshkova: USSR was 'worried' about women in space
21 Orion astronaut flight faces delay to 2023
22 Enceladus ocean 'must be global'
23 Sound waves used to activate brain cells in a worm
24 Ahmed Mohamed: Well wishes continue for US 'clock boy'
25 Seal spotted surfing humpback whale in Australia
26 Paris climate summit: Don't mention Copenhagen
27 Sergey Ananov: Two days on ice with three polar bears
28 Why we really should save giant pandas
29 Horizon: How video games can change your brain
30 How safe can artificial intelligence be?
31 Ada Lovelace: Letters shed light on tech visionary
32 Apple's App Store infected with XcodeGhost malware in China
33 Skype service taken offline by network problems
34 Vintage tech goes under the hammer
35 Google clashes with French data regulator
36 Intelligent Machines: Chatting with the bots
37 Lufthansa plans to offer broadband access on short and medium-haul flights
38 South Korea child monitoring phone app 'flawed'
39 AI bots try to fool human judges
40 Kim Dotcom US extradition hearing begins
41 Apple wins appeal over smartphone patents
42 Does ad blocking herald the end of the free internet?
43 Fake apprenticeships--crackdown planned
44 'Foster children harmed by frequent moves'
45 Parents hope landscape lures teachers to Barra vacancy
46 Heads push over school funding disparities
47 Cardiff University ranked top in Wales despite losing ground
48 Dundee named Scottish University of the Year in new guide
49 Morley pupils 'punished' over parents' social media posts
50 Students urged to back counter-radicalisation programme
51 Queen's University: Compulsory redundancies possible in bid to save money
52 Aqeela Asifi: A life of teaching Afghan refugee girls
53 School lessons you remember today
54 Care of vulnerable people 'put in danger'
55 One in three people born in the UK in 2015 could get dementia
56 Rugby's top medic calls for rule change to make game safer
57 'More than half' ignored bowel cancer screening chance
58 Muscle dysmorphia: One in 10 men in gyms believed to have 'bigorexia'
59 End to private contracts 'helped fuel NHS waiting crisis'
60 Pregnant teenagers 'need more contraception support'
61 Hope for faster treatment of urinary tract infections
62 Chief medical officer advises pregnant women cut out alcohol
63 Smoking 'risk factor for type 2 diabetes'
64 Addenbrooke's Hospital ex-chief says CQC assessment 'wrong'
65 Tai Chi 'could be prescribed' for illnesses
66 3D printed windpipe improves girl's operation
67 Evening classes that promise to make you happy
68 The extraordinary case of the Guevedoces
69 Malaria: Huge progress on global killer
70 'Miraculous' recovery for Peshawar massacre schoolboy
71 Junior doctors plan protests--trouble at hospital mill?
72 Saving Prostate Cancer Patients from Collateral Damage
73 Flexible Robo-Legs Could Help Helicopters Stick Tricky Landings
74 This Summer's Arctic Sea Ice Is 4th Lowest on Record
75 16 Pyramids Discovered in Ancient Cemetery
76 US Military Foresees Robot-Run 'Transportation Hub' in Space
77 Air Pollution Kills More than 3 Million People Globally Every Year
78 Best Pedometer Apps
79 Caffeine Confuses Your Body's Internal Clock, Study Suggests
80 Panda Protections Save Other Species, Too
81 Stem Cell Discovery Could Spare Cancer Patients from Nasty Side Effect
82 Common Brain Tumor More Likely in Obese People
83 Energy Drinks Tied to Brain Injuries in Teens
84 Fish Jaw in the Eye: Beachgoer Leaves with Odd Malady
85 Eating Healthy Foods May Lower Depression Risk
86 Reference: Bladder: Facts, Function & Disease
87 Paralyzed Man Can 'Feel' Again with Brain-Connected Prosthetic Hand
88 Science Gets Wacky: Ig Nobel Awards Return Tonight (How to Watch Live)
89 Tiny 'Jellyfish' Team Up for Multi-Jetpack Swimming
90 Dino Down Under Sported Claws the Size of Kitchen Knives
91 An Ocean Flows Under Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus
92 The Planet Is Going to Have Its Hottest Year on Record
93 New Flu Shot Addresses Last Year's Shortcomings
94 Confusion and Fear of Ebola Delayed Treatment for Some Kids
95 Having Kids Before Marriage Doesn't Raise Divorce Odds Anymore
96 Ultrathin 'Invisibility Cloak' Can Match Any Background
97 Spacing Out Vaccines? No Evidence Supports Candidates' Ideas
98 The 10 Ig Nobel Winners of 2015: Penis Stings, Smooch Science and More
99 2015 Ig Nobel Prizes: From Egg-y Science to Penis Bee Stings
100 Is it Really OK to Eat Food that's Fallen on the Floor?
101 What Pope Francis Thinks Americans Need to Hear
102 Hair-Raising Experience: Baldness Drug Causes Man's Fainting
103 World's Oldest Sea Turtle Fossil Discovered
104 New Listeria Outbreak Tied to Soft Cheeses
105 Nature's GMOs: Parasites Alter Butterfly Genomes Using Viruses
106 Sunset on Pluto: Breathtaking NASA Photo Shows Mountains, Wispy Atmosphere
107 Eavesdropping on Arches: Rock's Internal 'Hum' Reveals Its Health
108 N/A
109 Board Game Pieces Found in Settlement Built on Roman Military Fort
110 Reference: Autumn: The Cooling-Off Season