File Title
1 South African scientists trial humane shark deterrents
2 California snowpack lowest in past 500 years
3 Leading mathematician launches arXiv 'overlay' journal
4 Hunt for gravitational waves to resume after massive upgrade
5 NIH disclosure rules falter
6 Australia's scientists give new prime minister a cautious welcome
7 Worm's brain cells switched on with ultrasound
8 US mental health institute director leaves for Google
9 Loaded language
10 Money matters
11 Too close for comfort?
12 Reproducibility will not cure what ails science
13 Energy policy: Push renewables to spur carbon pricing
14 Climate change: Track urban emissions on a human scale
15 Gender balance: Women are funded more fairly in social science
16 Down syndrome research untangles therapeutic possibilities for Alzheimer's
17 Vital seconds--the journey toward earthquake early warning for all
18 Surgeons, athletic and musical pros join forces to devise new surgical training program
19 UD finding sheds light on infertility puzzle, could improve in vitro fertilization
20 IADR/AADR Publish article on the global economic impact of dental diseases
21 From Vulcan salute to papal blessing: Ulnar nerve damage caused original benediction sign
22 Nano-trapped molecules are potential path to quantum devices
23 A barrier against brain stem cell aging
24 New report examines implications of growing gap in life span by income for entitlement programs
25 Nanoelectronics could get a boost from carbon research
26 Vaccine clears some precancerous cervical lesions in clinical trial
27 Genomic differences between breast cancers of African American and white women identified
28 Training more effective teachers through alternative pathways
29 Network control: Letting noise lead the way
30 How the brain can stop action on a dime
31 Adolescent painkiller abuse a big problem for small towns, rural areas
32 Molecular imaging study reveals improved detection of early recurrent prostate cancer
33 E. coli more virulent when accompanied by beneficial bacteria
34 Solving the problem of sea ice thickness distribution using molecular concepts
35 Research discovery leads to potential diagnostic for assessing breast cancer recurrence
36 Lomitapide in hypercholesterolaemia: No hint of added benefit
37 Acute Cardiovascular Care conference to highlight innovations and controversies
38 New prostate cancer screening review article advocates for active surveillance
39 Omega-3's are vital for a healthy ocean
40 Diggers from down under: 11 new wasp species discovered in Australia
41 A look into why the horrifying is so very intriguing
42 Grieving before conception may be a risk factor for infant mortality
43 Personalized heart models for surgical planning
44 When Fed locks up funds, small businesses suffer
45 Study finds high proportion of advanced breast cancers in sub-Saharan Africa
46 Biomarker may predict who'll benefit from targeted therapy for HER2-negative breast cancer
47 There is strength in diversity!
48 Patients with type 2 diabetes should be prioritized for obesity surgery
49 Small rural owl fearlessly colonizes the city
50 Physical activity, sadness, and suicidality in bullied US adolescents
51 Designing switchable electric and magnetic order for low-energy computing
52 Genome of Tatars studied at Kazan University
53 Studying Arctic ecosystems helps researchers predict climate changes
54 Human genes adapted to life in the Arctic
55 Study of leukemias in children living close to heavily used roads
56 Do estrogen levels affect the willingness to share?
57 N/A
58 Laser ablation boosts terahertz emission
59 'Being Sigmund Freud'
60 Frankfurt archaeologists discover 'Roman Village' in Gernsheim
61 Pre-reptile may be earliest known to walk upright on all fours
62 Griffith Researchers show ocean response to Red Dawn
63 Seen once, never forgotten
64 Physicists defy conventional wisdom to identify ferroelectric material
65 Study shows racial disparities in environmental health hazards
66 Birds that eat at feeders more likely to get sick, spread disease
67 Making 3-D objects disappear
68 Cancer doesn't sleep: Myc oncogene disrupts clock and metabolism in cancer cells
69 New approach found to tackle breast cancer hormone therapy resistance
70 Maternal chronic stress linked to more dental cavities in children
71 Digital 'Rosetta Stone' decrypts how mutations rewire cancer cells
72 High protein diets, from both animal and plant sources, improve blood sugar control in diabetic patients
73 Excessive daytime sleepiness and long naps linked to increased diabetes risk
74 Engineers unlock remarkable 3-D vision from ordinary digital camera technology
75 Lack of attention has made stripe rust a threat to the world's wheat, U of M-led report shows
76 Smoking linked with higher risk of type 2 diabetes
77 If mom or dad is a smoker, their teenager is more likely to be a smoker too
78 Lower bed occupancy linked to lower hospital death rate
79 Tai Chi linked to improved physical capacity in certain common long term conditions
80 Novel mechanism of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes
81 How the chameleon climbed to the top of the tree
82 Global consortium rewrites the 'cartography' of dengue virus
83 Closer look reveals true cost of coal
84 Combination of genes explains Inuit's adaptation to high-fat diet
85 Now you see it: An ultra-thin invisibility cloak
86 Elite emphasize efficiency over equality when distributing resources, study suggests
87 Global burden of leptospirosis is greater than thought, and growing
88 Decoding cell division's mysterious spindle matrix
89 Adaptation to high-fat diet, cold had profound effect on Inuit, including shorter height
90 High dietary sodium and potassium may worsen chronic kidney disease
91 Global burden of leptospirosis is greater than thought and growing
92 Global warming 'hiatus' never happened, Stanford scientists say
93 Temple University School of Medicine scientists identify protein at death's door of cells
94 Romidepsin can reverse HIV latency in patients on long-term ART
95 Can DNA evidence fill gaps in our history books?
96 Not all organs age alike
97 Ages apart
98 Apes know a good thriller when they see one
99 Naturally occurring 'GM' butterflies produced by gene transfer of wasp-associated viruses
100 Sponge cells build skeletons with pole-and-beam structure
101 Blood tests reveal early signs of CVD risk in obese African-American teens
102 New imaging technique detects early brain damage from hypertension
103 Economic prosperity can't break chains of child labor
104 Surgical probe seeks out where cancer ends and healthy tissue begins
105 UF Health researchers find some evidence of link between stress, Alzheimer's disease
106 Scientists create immunity to deadly parasite by manipulating host's genes
107 Ban on microbeads offers best chance to protect oceans, aquatic species
108 Researchers isolate possible ovarian cancer biomarkers
109 Women who give birth in rural hospitals are more likely to need to be later readmitted
110 UI Health validates cure for sickle cell in adults