File Title
1 Facebook working on 'dislike' button, Zuckerberg says
2 A DISLIKE button, on Facebook? DISLIKE.
3 Snapchat's latest feature: Pay to replay a message that disappeared
4 Snapchat is letting users pay $.99 to replay disappearing snaps, and it just added a 'lens' feature to animate your selfies
5 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' space company to build, launch rockets in Florida
6 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sees 'millions' of people living, working in space
7 Apple may let iPhone users delete native apps, Tim Cook says
8 The best features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
9 The poisoned Apple
10 iOS 9 Review: An Upgrade that Will Save You Time and Battery
11 Hewlett Packard to cut up to 30,000 jobs from enterprise unit
12 Hewlett-Packard to Cut Up to 30,000 More Jobs in Restructuring
13 H-P Outlines Up to 30,000 More Job Cuts
14 Skype Introduces Its Own Version of Emojis
15 Skype just made GIFs better by adding credits
16 Ford and Shelby American Exhibit the 2016 Mustang GT EcoBoost
17 UA Research: Sierra Nevada Snowpack Lowest in 500 Years
18 Sierra Nevada snowpack is much worse than thought: a 500-year low
19 Saturn's Moon Enceladus Is Home to a Global Ocean
20 Is Twitter spying? Social media giant hit with lawsuit for 'eavesdropping' on messages
21 Twitter sued for scanning private messages
22 Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Twitter of 'Listening in' on Your Direct Messages
23 Scientists Fear Sex Robots Could Be Bad for Society
24 Campaign Launched Against 'Harmful' Sex Robots
25 Intelligent machines: Call for a ban on robots designed as sex toys
26 Don't Have Sex with Robots, Say Ethicists
27 Ultimate Ears Unveils UE Boom 2 Wireless Speaker
28 Ultimate Ears Announces the BOOM 2 with Increased Volume, Longer Battery Life, and IPX 7 Protection
29 UE Boom 2 review: Top Bluetooth speaker gets improved sound, full waterproofing
30 AT&T Mobility chief: Don't get too excited about superfast 5G wireless yet
31 Paleo enthusiasts, you've got it all wrong
32 Paleo People Were Making Flour 32,000 Years Ago
33 Burning all the gas, oil and coal is equivalent to 58m of sea-level rise
34 Burn ALL the COAL, OIL--NO danger of SEA LEVEL rise this century from Antarctic ice melt
35 Crank Up Your Workout with 'Spotify Running' on Android
36 Spotify Running Officially Rolls Out to Android Users Starting Today
37 Facebook might let your friends know when you ignore their party invitations
38 Facebook brings read receipts to another high-profile feature
39 Toshiba Tips Budget-Friendly Windows 10 2-in-1 PC
40 Toshiba's latest laptop does convertibility on the cheap
41 World's Longest Continental Volcano Chain Found in Australia
42 World's longest continental volcano chain discovered in Australia
43 World's longest chain of continental volcanoes found hidden in Australia
44 Making Kids Play Outside Reduces Rates of Myopia in Study
45 Kids who get more sunlight less likely to need glasses
46 FDA Orders Reynolds to Stop Selling 4 Cigarette Products
47 FDA issues orders that will stop further U.S. sale and distribution of four R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company cigarette products
48 F.D.A. Bans Sales of 4 Cigarette Products by R.J. Reynolds
49 FDA tests its power, while there's time
50 Diabetic women 40% likelier to suffer from heart attack than men
51 Google hires top neuroscientist to lead mental-health project
52 Alphabet Hires Director of the National Institute of Mental Health for Its Life Sciences Team
53 Google poaches top U.S. neuroscientist to lead mental health project
54 Poverty may increase odds of repeat hospitalizations
55 Medicare unfairly penalizes hospitals treating sickest, poorest patients, study finds
56 Low vitamin D linked to mental decline, study finds
57 Race May Play a Role in Treating Kids' Pain
58 Black children less likely to get pain drugs for appendicitis
59 N/A
60 Black Kids Get Less Pain Medication than White Kids in ER
61 First West Nile virus death reported in Los Angeles County
62 How restaurant chains rate on antibiotics in meat supply
63 Sanofi's combination diabetes drug hits goal in second late-stage trial
64 Air pollution ups death risk: study
65 Cheaper device available for measuring air pollution
66 Why XenoPort Is Dropping a Quarter of Its Worth at the moment
67 State path to Obamacare alternative fraught with obstacles
68 Liver Disease Is Yet Another Reason to Sit Less
69 Another Reason Not to Sit for Too Long: Liver Disease
70 Prolonged sitting may up fatty liver disease risk
71 Cardiologist Nominated to Be Head of F.D.A.
72 Obama Nominates FDA's No. 2 Official to Lead Agency
73 Torfaen MP goes pink for breast cancer awareness
74 'I assumed after mastectomy that I wouldn't have to fear breast cancer. then I felt a lump': HR boss on shock of disease coming back
75 More illnesses tied to salmonella in cucumbers
76 Catholic hospital allegedly denies Michigan woman life-saving sterilization procedure based on religious belief
77 A pregnant woman wanted her tubes tied. Her Catholic hospital said no.
78 How botched $600 million worth of contracts
79 Marijuana Use May Raise Risk of Developing High Blood Sugar
80 Pesticides Linked to Kids' Cancer Risk
81 2-Year-Olds Have the Most Tricycle Accidents
82 Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
83 Double Whammy: 2 Meteors Hit Ancient Earth at the Same Time
84 Ashley Madison Scandal: Science Reveals 2 Main Reasons People Cheat
85 Firestorm Leaves 'Mass Destruction' in California
86 Hidden Superchain of Volcanoes Discovered in Australia
87 Graphene Is Turned into Zero-Resistance Wonder Material
88 What Is a Kraken?
89 Happy? Sad? Breastfeeding May Affect Babies' Awareness of Social Cues
90 Another Reason Not to Sit for Too Long: Liver Disease
91 Contaminated Cocaine: Docs Puzzled Before Realizing Patient's Habit
92 Leaf-Eating Caterpillars Use Their Poop to Trick Plants
93 Creepy Surprise: Medieval Skeleton Discovered Under Uprooted Tree
94 Giant Frozen Virus Still Infectious After 30,000 Years
95 Kids May See Better if They Play Outside
96 Design the Jet Engine of the Future, Win $2 Million
97 Ancient Human-Size Fish Breathed with Lungs
98 Skip the Anti-Bacterial Soap: Regular Suds Work Just as Well
99 Why Diet Soda Could Sink Your Diet
100 Germany claims success for elite universities drive
101 Wikipedians reach out to academics
102 Fishing for the first Americans
103 Online security braces for quantum revolution
104 Cancer immunotherapy pioneer wins prestigious Lasker Award
105 The revolution will not be crystallized: a new method sweeps through structural biology
106 Autopsies reveal signs of Alzheimer's in growth-hormone patients
107 Crowdsourcing digs up an early human species
108 Marine life needs protection from noise pollution
109 Southern Ocean sucks up more carbon dioxide than was thought
110 If at first you don't succeed, tweet it