File Title
1 Apple unveils large-format iPad Pro tablet
2 Battery-free smart camera nodes automatically determine their own pose and location
3 'Lab-on-a-Chip' technology to cut costs of sophisticated tests for diseases and disorders
4 Technique to identifying potential cancer drugs that less likely to produce side effects
5 Scientists produce cancer drug from rare plant in lab
6 Human-like nose can sniff out contamination in drinking water
7 German researchers using plants to mine germanium
8 The key to charging a lithium-ion battery rapidly
9 Designer molecule shines a spotlight on mysterious four-stranded DNA
10 Ocean waves may hold secret to efficient renewable energy
11 Genome mining effort discovers 19 new natural products in four years
12 Drugs behave as predicted in computer model of key protein, enabling cancer drug discovery
13 New findings shed light on fundamental process of DNA repair
14 MicroRNAs are digested, not absorbed
15 Chemists report the first total synthesis of the natural product epicolactone
16 Synthetic proteins help solve structure of the fluoride ion channel
17 Cyclobutane derivatives made from [2+2] cycloaddition of feedstock alkenes and an iron-based catalyst
18 Enzymes from dangerous bacteria become important tools for protein chemistry
19 New medical device concept could reduce time to diagnose infections
20 Nanoporous gold sponge makes pathogen detector
21 New family of luminescent materials could find broad uses in chemical and biological detectors
22 The springy mechanics of large and small gecko toe pad adhesion
23 A marine creature's magic trick explained
24 New research sheds light on photosynthesis and creation of solar fuel
25 New method opens pathway to new drugs and dyes
26 Research team develops quick way to determine bacteria's antibiotic resistance
27 Functional catalyst for alternative fuel source by depositing nanosheets on a flexible carbon cloth
28 New England experts concerned by sighting of invasive turtle
29 Too many candidates spoil the stew
30 Study shows Africanized bees continue to spread in California
31 Neural circuit in the cricket brain detects the rhythm of the right mating call
32 Large eyes come at a high cost
33 Innovative imaging technique reveals new cellular secrets
34 Wild bonobos use referential gestural system to communicate their intentions
35 Researcher studies courtship vocalizations and finds female mice not so silent
36 Electrostatic netting opens a whole new world of malaria vector control
37 Mental math helps monk parakeets find their place in pecking order
38 New protein manufacturing process unveiled
39 Protein aggregation after heat shock is an organized, reversible cellular response
40 Scientists home in on origin of human, chimpanzee facial differences
41 Sensitivity of smell cilia depends on location and length in nasal cavity
42 Study uncovers new approaches for sorghum breeders
43 Researchers transform recoded cells into factories that produce novel proteins
44 Research reveals why humans like to share
45 Genetic mutants alter entire biological communities
46 Bats may use bidirectional echolocation to detect prey, orient themselves
47 Female cowbirds pay attention to cowbird nestling survival, study finds
48 What's behind million-dollar crop failures in oil palm? Would you believe bad karma?
49 Preventing chromosomal chaos: Protein-based genome-stabilizing mechanism discovered
50 Fossil find shows ancient beaked whale hunted fish in shallow waters
51 Lateral lines on the bodies of African clawed frogs may be sensitive to light
52 Caterpillar deceives corn plant into lowering defenses against it
53 Exhibit's CT-scanned mummies give new look at old world
54 US dig uncovers 10,000-year-old stone tools
55 Was Darwinius a little longer in the tooth than previously thought?
56 Archaeologists piece together how crew survived 1813 shipwreck in Alaska
57 People worldwide--even nomads in Tanzania--think of colors the same way
58 Study: Bones in South African cave reveal new human relative
59 Study results suggest people are less cooperative in unequal societies when wealth inequality is evident
60 Facebook data suggests people from higher social class have fewer international friends
61 NFL fans and ESPN reporters overly optimistic about team prospects, study shows
62 Women are more fairly funded in the social sciences
63 For skeleton sex it's all in the hips
64 Cod bones from Mary Rose reveal globalized fish trade in Tudor England
65 Shouldering the burden of evolution
66 Ancient pestle shows Paleolithic people ground oats for food
67 People in Southwest valued caffeine even in 750 A.D.
68 Did grandmas make people pair up? Human longevity from grandmothering tied to human coupling
69 Ancient genomes link early farmers to Basques
70 3-D imaging sheds new light on old Lake Huron shipwrecks
71 Stonehenge archeologists find huge neolithic site
72 Best of Last Week--Littlest quark found, cause of Earth's first extinction and short sleepers more likely to catch colds
73 Every hour spent in front of a screen is linked to poorer exam results
74 The million year old monkey: New evidence confirms the antiquity of fossil primate
75 'Democratic peace' may not prevent international conflict
76 'New era' in Iran science with end of sanctions: report
77 Amateur paleontologist finds rare fossil of fish in Arizona
78 For veterans with Gulf War Illness, an explanation for the unexplainable symptoms
79 Mindfulness may make memories less accurate
80 Resveratrol impacts Alzheimer's disease biomarker
81 Very high-calorie diets show how overeating may lead to diabetes
82 Periodontitis and heart disease: Researchers connect the molecular dots
83 Could psychedelic drugs be good medicine for some?
84 An antibody that can attack HIV in new ways
85 Researchers erase memories in mice with a beam of light
86 Keeping gut bacteria in balance could help delay age-related diseases, study finds
87 Scientists discover a genetic mechanism for cancer progression
88 Ebola virus mutations may help it evade drug treatment
89 Researchers compare the gut viromes of Malawian children with severe acute malnutrition
90 Hidden impatience revealed in linguistics study
91 You'd have to be smart to walk this lazy--and people are
92 Avoidable risk factors take an increasing toll on health worldwide
93 Brain cells get tweaked 'on the go'
94 Scientists discover cause of and potential treatment for muscle weakness and loss due to aging
95 When it comes to touch, to give is to receive
96 Major complication of Parkinson's therapy explained
97 Closer look at proteins involved in Parkinson's disease reveals segment involved in amyloid formation
98 Errant gene turns cells into mobile cancer factories
99 Solving a genetic mystery: Bridging diagnostic discovery through social media
100 Identified genetic interaction offers possible new target for glaucoma therapy
101 Study reveals connection between fitness level, brain activity, and executive function
102 Scientists reawaken sleeping HIV in patient cells to eliminate the virus
103 Research team reports sustained remission of multiple myeloma after personalized cellular therapy
104 Cancer patient receives 3-D printed ribs
105 Injections may have passed on Alzheimer's 'seeds': study
106 Does junk food shrink your brain?
107 Smart cells teach neurons damaged by Parkinson's to heal themselves