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1 Scientists from CU Denver, CU Anschutz help discover new ancient ancestor
2 Where flu vaccination rates are higher in adults under 65, lower flu risk for seniors
3 Breast cancer incidence, death rates rising in some economically transitioning countries
4 Natural compound could reduce breast cancer risk in some women
5 NYU researchers observe upward trend in hepatitis C infection rates among HIV+ MSM
6 Alliance for Balanced Pain Management affirms need for access to appropriate care and safety: Survey to identify pain management access challenge
7 Back to school: health tips for schoolchildren
8 Improving care for patients with acute kidney injury--new RCP toolkit
9 Epilepsy: Phase III data confirms efficacy of Fycompa (perampanel)
10 Surgery improves quality of life for patients with chronic sinus infection, sleep dysfunction
11 Blood test could replace biopsy for cancer diagnosis
12 City policy makes choosing a healthy beverage easier for Boston residents, employees
13 Study results show that once-daily 800mg eslicarbazepine acetate has high retention rates as adjuvant treatment in epilepsy
14 Breast cancer liquid biopsy results presented at World CDX conference
15 The FDA takes important steps in modernizing the food safety system
16 Research shows too much rest may compromise concussion recovery
17 Disease progression and severe phenotype in tropical disease buruli ulcer
18 Call for curb on the production and sale of cheap salty junk food
19 Study suggests there is confusion over monitoring of patient safety in primary care
20 Inadequate sleep linked to early signs of heart disease
21 What are the most common knee injuries?
22 Almost half the risk for testicular cancer is inherited, study finds
23 Gut bacteria may impact body weight, fat and good cholesterol levels
24 Stanford scientists home in on origin of human, chimpanzee facial differences
25 Melatonin and multiple sclerosis: Why MS symptoms may improve as the days get shorter
26 You'd have to be smart to walk this lazy...and people are
27 When it comes to touch, to give is to receive
28 Telomerase can be successfully targeted by a highly specific inhibitor
29 Rare plant reveals its recipe for potent chemotherapeutic agent
30 Identified genetic interaction offers possible new target for glaucoma therapy
31 Frozen embryos as successful as fresh embryos in IVF
32 Controlling gut bacteria may reduce gastrointestinal side effects of chemotherapy
33 Errant gene turns cells into mobile cancer factories
34 Changing patient's position helps effectiveness of colonoscopy--especially on one side
35 Sensitivity of smell cilia depends on location and length in nasal cavity
36 Solving a genetic mystery: Bridging diagnostic discovery through social media
37 Vision testing an effective tool for detecting concussion on the sidelines
38 Replicating liver cells for fast drug testing
39 Which patients will respond to melanoma immunotherapy?
40 New DNA testing for liver cancer could improve survival
41 African dams linked to over 1 million malaria cases annually
42 Clearing a path for cancer research
43 Less is more: Small labeling pair for single-molecule super-resolution imaging
44 Low heart rate variability may influence PTSD risk
45 Computer simulation of enzyme improves understanding of hepatitis C
46 Neolithic skeleton reveals early history of rickets
47 Brain cells get tweaked 'on the go'
48 Discovery offers hope for treating leukemia relapse post-transplant
49 Pancreatic cancer stem cells could be 'suffocated' by an anti-diabetic drug
50 Major complication of Parkinson's therapy explained
51 Damage in retinal periphery closely matches loss of blood flow in people with diabetes
52 Cell-surface discovery could fundamentally alter cancer treatment
53 Problematic relationship: Small brain models distort contact intensity between neurons
54 AGA recommends all patients with colorectal cancer get tested for Lynch syndrome
55 How genetic testing can improve care for children with epilepsy
56 Cocoa flavanols may be good for your heart
57 Blood cancers develop when immune cell DNA editing hits off-target spots
58 Kessler TBI-MEM study provides Class 1 evidence for cognitive training efficacy in TBI
59 New protein manufacturing process unveiled
60 Researchers find neuroanatomical signature for schizophrenia
61 Nurses more likely to suffer emotional exhaustion by working 12 hour shifts or longer
62 One in two adolescents misuse their prescription drugs, study shows
63 Researchers' discovery marks milestone in understanding treatment-resistant melanoma
64 Facebook data suggests people from higher social class have fewer international friends
65 High blood pressure 'greatest risk factor for global death,' study finds
66 Higher fish consumption linked to reduced risk of depression
67 Keeping gut bacteria in balance could help delay age-related diseases, UCLA study finds
68 UNC smart cells teach neurons damaged by Parkinson's to heal themselves
69 Could longer school lunch periods encourage healthy eating?
70 New study lifts the fog from cancer
71 Pharmacists have a real role in advising on use of complementary medicines, Australia
72 Invisible health risks from harmful environmental exposures in slum areas
73 Study reveals generational gap on cessation among poor rural smokers in Northern Appalachia
74 Refilling prescriptions online associated with similar improvements in medication adherence across all racial and ethnic groups
75 No evidence linking dental treatment to Alzheimer's disease
76 Sedentary lifestyle and overweight weaken arterial health already in childhood
77 Nano in food and agriculture: regulations require collaboration to ensure safety
78 Resistance exercise may improve Vitamin D metabolism
79 Western researchers find that earlier combined treatment can alter the course of disease progression in Crohn's disease
80 People worldwide--even nomads in Tanzania--think of colors the same way: Assigning names to colors combines nature and nurture
81 Does junk food shrink your brain?
82 New species of human relative discovered in South African cave
83 Teens Use E-Cigarettes to 'Vape' Pot
84 The Cute and Complicated Science of Raising Twin Pandas
85 Male Seahorses Act like Pregnant Mammals, Study Suggests
86 Smart Thermometers Could Help Contain Epidemics, Experts Say
87 Early Humans Climbed Down from Trees Gradually
88 Half of American Adults Have Diabetes or Prediabetes
89 Reference: History of Computers: A Brief Timeline
90 It's After Labor Day, So Why Is It Still So Hot?
91 'Super-Henge' Revealed: A New English Mystery Is Uncovered
92 Deadly Parasite Could Be Zapped like a Cancer Cell
93 The Best Country to Live in if You're Over 60
94 The Best Countries for Older Adults
95 Bird Mummy's Secret: Why Raptor Was Force-Fed by Ancient Egyptians
96 Laser Weapon Melts Test Drone in Midair
97 Key to Survival Found for Sailors Shipwrecked in Alaska in 1813
98 Children's Hormone Treatments May Have Planted Alzheimer's Seeds
99 These Men Ate 6,000 Calories a Day for Science
100 Apple's New Health Features
101 Low Heart Rate in Men May Predict Criminal Behavior
102 Ancient Peru Tar Pools Trapped Hundreds of Songbirds
103 Blood Fats May Play a Role in Migraines
104 SpaceX for the Brain: Neuroscience Needs Business to Lead (Op-Ed)
105 New Human Species with Orange-Size Brain Discovered
106 Could Physics' Reigning Model Finally Be Dethroned?
107 1 in 5 Americans Confuse Astrology and Astronomy
108 Weird Microscopic Animal Inspires New Kind of Glass
109 Pluto Probe Starts Beaming Home 'Treasure Trove' of Flyby Data
110 Gigantic Ice Slab Found on Mars Just Below the Planet's Surface