File Title
1 Naturally occurring compounds could block protein behind age-related muscle loss
2 International researchers say nutrition science must change to meet world food needs
3 Genome mining effort discovers 19 new natural products in 4 years
4 Stem cell-derived 'mini-brains' reveal potential drug treatment for rare disorder MECP2 duplication syndrome
5 New drug-like compounds may improve odds of men battling prostate cancer, researchers find
6 Texas A&M biologists zero in on 2-protein 2-step trigger for fibrotic disease
7 Resin may provide medicine against epilepsy
8 Rudeness damages medical staff performance in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
9 Pitt researchers developing a novel way to identify pathogens
10 Researchers develop a method for controlling gene activation
11 Keeping older muscles strong
12 Precision medicine can help deliver high-quality cancer care
13 Mothers use a variety of protective strategies to mitigate risks to their daughters' body image
14 Novel biodegradable implant 'captures' spreading cancer cells
15 Iron supplementation during pregnancy does not increase risk of malaria in malaria-endemic region
16 Study finds lack of adherence to usability testing standards for electronic health record products
17 Effects of MVA85A vaccine on tuberculosis challenge in animals: systematic review
18 New UK Type 2 diabetes prevention programme shows 'promising' early results
19 Men with a high BMI at lower risk of rheumatoid arthritis
20 Does our mental health as teenagers determine our entry into parenthood? Yes, and no
21 Afatinib benefits extend to NSCLC patients with rare mutations
22 Further evidence presented for the potential of AZD9291 in first-line and pre-treated non-small cell lung cancer
23 Fine particulate matter associated with slight increased mortality in Houston
24 Increased detection of low-risk tumors driving up thyroid cancer rates, Mayo study finds
25 USC, China researchers find children who have a plan can overcome adversity
26 Canadian Researchers answer important scientific debate about genetic variants connected to heart disease
27 Light shed on the underside of the 'cocktail effect' of endocrine disruptors
28 Teens are not always irrational
29 Researchers find new clue to halting leukemia relapse
30 Injection drug use limits benefits of surgery for treatment of heart lining infection
31 The Achilles' heel of HI virus
32 Statistical model may identify patients who can benefit from surgery for mesothelioma
33 False alarm from the body may be responsible for acute pancreatitis
34 10 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
35 Why do so many mothers return to smoking after giving birth?
36 NHS privatisation creating "oppressive regime" for some staff, research says
37 New drugs reawaken latent HIV to eradicate virus
38 Blood and teeth samples accurately predict a criminal's age
39 Clinical trial for first oral drug candidate specifically developed for sleeping sickness
40 Swedish surgical research stops suffering for millions of impoverished citizens with groin hernia
41 Peak emissions at London station worse than road-side equivalents
42 Big data tool to reveal immune system role in diseases
43 Michigan 'See You in 7' program helps reduce heart failure readmissions
44 Study defines clinical trials likely to exclude patients with brain metastases
45 24-hour OBs, midwives lead to less C-sections
46 Nearly half of testicular cancer risk comes from inherited genetic faults
47 Scientists discover potential biomarker for migraine in the blood
48 Brief bouts of exercise begin to reverse heart abnormalities in people with type 2 diabetes
49 UQ scientists close in on first dengue treatment
50 Clinical trial using immunotherapy drug combinations to treat lung cancer appears safe
51 Study points to a possible new pathway toward a vaccine against MRSA
52 Penn team: Sustained remission of multiple myeloma after personalized cellular therapy
53 WHO: child mortality under 6 million for first time
54 Review looks at treatments for severe premenstrual syndrome
55 CTCA study shows characterization of lung micro-organisms could help lung cancer patients
56 Tutoring relieves math anxiety, changes fear circuits in children, Stanford study finds
57 Smoke-free zones, higher taxes deter youth smoking, study shows
58 More than half of Asian-Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed
59 Affordable Care Act (ACA) linked with improvement in chronic disease management
60 Survivors of child trafficking exhibit symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD
61 Continued smoking after MS diagnosis associated with accelerated disease progression
62 Reference payment initiative for colonoscopy associated with lower prices, savings
63 New guidelines address long-term needs of colorectal cancer survivors
64 Biomarker helps predict survival time in gastric cancer patients
65 Study creates cell immunity to parasite that infects 50 million
66 New model for the treatment and prevention of obesity in the United States
67 Study proves pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is effective at preventing HIV in high-risk gay men (PROUD study)
68 Survey reinforces further understanding of dietary deficiencies and optimum nutrition needed
69 Study shows popular molecular tests over diagnose C. difficile infections up to 50 percent
70 Increased use of prescription drugs drives down other medical costs in Medicaid
71 Tracking global mortality over thirty years: a mix of increases and decreases
72 Health savings accounts increase ten-fold
73 Can the Affordable Care Act improve health?
74 Study IDs viral protein that causes dengue shock
75 Spheroid stem cell production sows hope for IPF treatment
76 Research: Ferritin releases carbon monoxide in regulated therapeutic doses
77 Patients prefer relief from lower back pain over improved mobility
78 A hint of increased brain tumor risk--5 years before diagnosis
79 New study shows smoking doesn't always mean a shortened life span or cancer
80 Study finds children eat healthier at daycare centers than at home
81 Alzheimer's puts heavier economic burden on women
82 New enzyme-replacement therapy shows promise for genetic lipid disease treatment
83 Postnatal mental health: Are women getting the support they need?
84 New Ebola test could help curb disease spread
85 The sweet smell of success
86 Stringent Home Office rules puts patient safety at risk by denying nurses entry into the UK
87 Older kids less likely to have car seats checked for safety than infants
88 Research reveals the placenta's oxygen tanks for early embryos
89 How can one assess the effectiveness of hypnosis?
90 Brain plasticity in the most dreaded biblical disease
91 Photovoice: A useful method to learn about the food environment
92 Immunity study signals new ways to treat liver failure
93 Science provides new way to peer into pores
94 New directions in mental health care for older adults--update from Harvard Review of Psychiatry
95 Study with 'never-smokers' sheds light on the earliest stages of nicotine dependence
96 Researchers shed light on potential shield from Alzheimer's
97 Rise in disability benefits for children with mental disorders consistent with population trends
98 Should wilderness athletes have pre-participation exams? CJSM special issue shares expert updates
99 New survey finds strokes of unknown cause leave patients, caregivers in the dark
100 Study: Physician-patient decision making may differ in care of racial/ethnic minorities
101 Could Alzheimer's be transmitted through medical procedures?
102 How the 'heat' compound from chili peppers could help kill cancer cells
103 Squabbles at work may be result of office design
104 External brain stimulation temporarily improves motor symptoms in people with Parkinson's
105 New research confirms how to take better workday breaks
106 Study reveals need for better understanding of water use
107 Cells from human umbilical cord blood improve cognition in Alzheimer's disease model mice
108 High rate of Texas bugs carrying Chagas disease
109 Routinely screen those older than 70 for brain health, world expert panel advises
110 Ebola virus disease in Liberia