File Title
1 iPhone Upgrade Program will change the way you smartphone
2 A New Apple Feature Will Quickly Eat Up Your iPhone Storage
3 FCC: Lyft took users for a ride regarding robocalls, texts
4 Microsoft Names Brad Smith President and Chief Legal Officer
5 Lower Blood Pressure Guidelines Could Be 'Lifesaving,' Federal Study Says
6 Q&A: 'Landmark' study supports new, more aggressive blood pressure targets below 120/90
7 Collegium's painkiller gets green light from FDA panel
8 Chipotle Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in Minnesota, Health Officials Say, Prompting Investigation
9 Minnesota Salmonella outbreak linked to Chipotle restaurants
10 Dark chocolate, red wine could benefit Alzheimer's patients
11 For Alzheimer's patients, resveratrol brings new hope
12 Encouraging results from real-world users of HIV-prevention pill
13 Gut Bacteria: Heart Health Influenced by Microbes
14 How gut bacteria influence weight, heart health
15 Gut bacteria key to good cholesterol, heart health
16 Novartis heart failure drug should have 17 percent discount: analysis
17 High fish intake linked to reduced risk of depression
18 Louisiana Officials Try New Path to Block Planned Parenthood
19 3 Salt Lake County residents infected with West Nile Virus
20 Blood test could change way cancer is diagnosed
21 4 Pentagon Labs Face Inquiry on Handling of Deadly Germs
22 Latest military lab concerns involve plague bacteria, deadly viruses
23 New federal food safety rules issued after deadly outbreaks
24 Final FSMA rules start to drop, renewing calls for funding
25 Licenses suspended at 2 abortion clinics in South Carolina
26 Fires in West leave residents gasping on soot left behind
27 IBM names a new leader of its Watson Health unit
28 This woman just became one of the most powerful people at IBM
29 IBM Watson Health Begins to Take Shape
30 How Suzy Favor Hamilton Went from US Olympian to Las Vegas Escort
31 Surgeon General: Every Community Needs to Be Walkable
32 Surgeon general to call for national walking campaign
33 Why is the surgeon general silent on the American diet?
34 Too much or too little sleep ups heart risk
35 Cancer patient gets 3-D printed rib implant
36 Spanish cancer patient gets a 3D-printed titanium rib cage
37 Smart cells teach neurons damaged by Parkinson's to heal themselves
38 Cancer patient receives 3-D printed ribs
39 Poor diet and high blood pressure now number one risk factors for early death
40 African dams linked to over one million malaria cases annually
41 Uniting classical and quantum mechanics: Breakthrough observation of Mott transition in a superconductor
42 Stellar discovery: Massive binary star with unique properties
43 Globally unique double crater identified in Sweden
44 Ultrafast 'electron camera' visualizes ripples in 2-D material
45 Burning remaining fossil fuel could cause 60-meter sea level rise
46 As demand for African timber soars, birds pay the ultimate price
47 Mental math helps monk parakeets find their place in pecking order
48 Scientists produce cancer drug from rare plant in lab
49 Switzerland best place in the world for older people to live
50 Nurses more likely to suffer emotional exhaustion by working 12 hour shifts or longer
51 Major study moves a step closer to treatments for severe asthma
52 An antibody that can attack HIV in new ways
53 Neural circuit in the cricket brain detects the rhythm of the right mating call
54 Connection found between fitness level, brain activity, and executive function
55 Pressure to be cool, look good is detrimental to many children
56 Reduced heart rate variability may indicate greater vulnerability to PTSD
57 Diet beverage drinkers compensate by eating unhealthy food, study finds
58 Vitamin K shots necessary to prevent internal bleeding in newborns
59 N/A
60 Frozen embryos as successful as fresh embryos in IVF
61 Insights into obscure transition uncovered by X-rays
62 Science provides new way to peer into pores
63 Better smartphones? Nanosheets given local magnetic properties
64 Scientists unveil breakthrough technology with potential to revolutionize global rail industry
65 Oxygen is not definitive evidence of life on habitable extrasolar planets
66 Celeste: A new model for cataloging the universe
67 Volunteer black hole hunters as good as the experts
68 A humanoid robot to liaise between space station crews
69 First new cache-coherence mechanism in 30 years
70 Clearing a path for cancer research
71 Facebook data suggests people from higher social class have fewer international friends
72 Understanding of complex networks could help unify gravity and quantum mechanics
73 Large eyes come at a high cost
74 Africanized bees continue to spread in California
75 Competition and decision-making: Too many candidates spoil the stew
76 Cod bones from Mary Rose reveal globalized fish trade in Tudor England
77 Ocean acidification weighing heavily upon marine algae
78 Earthquake baseline set in UK to inform future fracking
79 Southern Ocean removing carbon dioxide from atmosphere more efficiently
80 How to beat the climate crisis? Start with carrots
81 Evolutionary secret uncovered: Reuse of gene regulatory networks
82 Widespread convergence in toxin resistance by predictable molecular evolution
83 Metal-eating microbes in African lake could solve mystery of the planet's iron deposits
84 N/A
85 Substantial progress in child mortality, experts say, but the world has missed Millennium Development Goal 4 Target
86 Association of low resting heart rate in men, increased violent criminality
87 Drunk, distracted drivers are double dangers
88 Snapshot of Americans' knowledge of science
89 Poor motor skills in two-year-olds could indicate slow development in mathematical proficiency
90 Teens are not always irrational
91 Using humor to help toddlers learn
92 Scents sell: The sweet smell of success
93 Raising pay can reduce smoking rates
94 Wide-ranging networking boosts employee creativity
95 Neolithic skeleton reveals early history of rickets
96 Extra hour of screen time per day associated with poorer GCSE grades
97 Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke
98 Kazakhstan greets record-setting Russian cosmonaut, two crewmen
99 N/A
100 Europe launches two more Galileo satellites, aiming for GPS rival
101 Scientists shift medicinal properties from one plant to another
102 New device could save millions from septic shock
103 China tells patients to go local to cut costs, improve access
104 California legislature approves bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide
105 Assisted-suicide bill approved by California Assembly
106 Encouraging results from real-world users of HIV-prevention pill
107 Collegium's painkiller gets green light from FDA panel
108 Sierra wildfire destroys homes, threatens 6,000 California residences
109 Sierra wildfire threatens famed giant sequoia grove in California
110 California lawmakers scale back environmental proposals as session ends