File Title
1 Opiate addiction spreading, becoming more complex
2 Smoking cessation drug not boosting number of smokers who quit
3 New AUV plankton sampling system deployed
4 Scientists uncover nuclear process in the brain that may affect disease
5 Kessler Foundation study shows poor sleep contributes to MS-related fatigue
6 Protective eyewear reduces field hockey eye injuries without increased concussion risk
7 How influential are peer reactions to posts on Facebook news channels?
8 Turkish whistling makes asymmetries in the brain disappear
9 Research from Harvard and Johns Hopkins shows surge in journal articles on yoga therapy
10 Women's health, education, marital status pre-pregnancy affect birth weight of girls
11 Discovery of a salamander in amber sheds light on evolution of Caribbean islands
12 The nonagenarian athlete: Researchers study Olga Kotelko's brain
13 IRS rules to protect patients from health care financial burdens are inadequate, need legal reform
14 Peripherally inserted central catheters can cause blood clots in lower limbs
15 Study: 2 major US aquifers contaminated by natural uranium
16 FSU research uncovers new pathways for diabetes research
17 Vanderbilt study shifts thinking on how bone fractures heal
18 Dark Energy Survey finds more celestial neighbors
19 Dancing droplets launch themselves from thin fibers
20 Carnegie Mellon BrainHub scientists visualize critical part of basal ganglia pathways
21 Up to 30 percent less precipitation in the Central Andes in future
22 Snake scales protect steel against friction
23 First-of-its-kind study finds music therapy lowers anxiety during surgical breast biopsies
24 Genomic testing triggers a diabetes diagnosis revolution
25 On warmer Earth, most of Arctic may remove, not add, methane
26 Frogs exposed to road salt appear to benefit then suffer
27 Self-directed, iterative learning dramatically improves critical thinking in STEM classes
28 Study identifies cause of disruption in brain linked to psychiatric disorder
29 Bionic liver micro-organs explain off-target toxicity of acetaminophen (Tylenol)
30 How does Febreze work? (video)
31 N/A
32 How others see our identity depends on moral traits, not memory
33 New environmental risk assessment of veterinary antibiotics applications
34 Substantial glacier ice loss in Central Asia's largest mountain range
35 A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton
36 Danish breakthrough brings futuristic electronics a step nearer
37 Plant growth requires teamwork between 2 hormones
38 NO2 air pollution increases allergenicity in ragweed pollen
39 Can I get some sleep? Hospital tests sound panels to reduce noise
40 Drinking coffee daily may improve survival in colon cancer patients
41 Scientists and NASA astronauts developing near real-time osteoporosis and bone cancer test
42 Biologist investigates how gene-swapping bacteria evade antibiotics
43 The microbiome of a woman's reproductive tract may predict preterm birth
44 What clinicians need to know about bilingual development in children
45 MD Anderson study reveals new insight into tumor progression
46 How traumatic memories hide in the brain, and how to retrieve them
47 New study finds equatorial regions prone to disruptive space weather
48 Drinking coffee daily may improve survival in colon cancer patients
49 Racial attitudes of blacks in multiracial congregations resemble those of whites
50 Genetic test could improve blood cancer treatment
51 Major innovation in molecular imaging delivers spatial and spectral info simultaneously
52 Study: Breastfeeding could reduce common infections among Indigenous infants
53 1,800 years of global ocean cooling halted by global warming
54 Frequent volcanic eruptions likely cause of long-term ocean cooling
55 Effect of presymptomatic BMI, dietary intake, alcohol on ALS
56 Study examines Florida's pill mill law, prescription drug monitoring program
57 Imaging study looks at brain effects of early adversity, mental health disorders
58 Scientists discover atomic-resolution details of brain signaling
59 Children of military parents, caregivers at greater risk for adverse outcomes
60 In first year, 2 Florida laws reduce amount of opioids prescribed, study suggests
61 Aspirin reverses obesity cancer risk
62 Study finds where our brain stores the time and place of memories
63 Return on investment slipping in biomedical research
64 New approach could reduce human health impacts of electric power generation
65 Stanford engineers develop a wireless, implantable device to stimulate nerves in mice
66 Flooding's impact on wetlands measurable via low-cost approach
67 Health care must be key issue in Canada's federal election
68 IU paleobotanist identifies what could be the mythical 'first flower'
69 New Internet technology could aid police, courts and prisons
70 Anonymous essay exposes scandalous doctor behavior
71 Whistled Turkish challenges notions about language and the brain
72 A thin ribbon of flexible electronics can monitor health, infrastructure
73 Urban grime releases air pollutant when exposed to sunlight
74 New method could detect blood clots anywhere in the body with a single scan
75 Cascadia initiative to monitor Northwest Pacific seismic risks
76 Frequency of family meals increased by a new school presentation
77 How an emerging anti-resistance antibiotic targets the bacterial membrane
78 Nine-gene MPI can provide accurate survival stratification in patients with NSCLC
79 Solar cell efficiency could double with novel 'green' antenna
80 Lice in at least 25 states show resistance to common treatments
81 Powdered cranberry combats colon cancer in mice
82 Paper-based test can quickly diagnose Ebola in remote areas (video)
83 'Overshoot Day' 2015: Earth is Now Officially in the Red
84 9 DIY Ways to Improve Your Mental Health
85 Ancient Footprints May Show Dinosaur Duo Strolling Along the Beach
86 Futuristic Exoskeleton Keeps Clumsy Robot from Falling Over
87 Melanoma Risk May Be Higher After Organ Transplant
88 Genes Confirm: Octopuses Are Brainy and Weird
89 'Exercise Hormone' Irisin Really Does Exist
90 Supersniffing Ants Smell Things Humans Can't
91 Drones Spook Bears
92 Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb Diets: Which Trims More Fat?
93 Paying for Nature's Bounty? It May be the Cheaper Alternative (Op-Ed)
94 Ancient Monolith Suggests Humans Lived on Now-Underwater Archipelago
95 Beautiful Corals in Home Aquariums Can Poison You
96 'Spaghetti Monster'? Deep-Sea Critter Has Pasta-Like Appendages
97 Jimmy Carter's Cancer: How Doctors May Find Where It Started
98 From a Childhood Fascination with Fish to a Career in Conservation
99 El Nino Could Rank Among Strongest on Record
100 Why Do Breakups Hurt More for Women? Blame Evolution
101 Plankton Graveyards Revealed in First Digital Map of Seafloor
102 Medieval Earthquake Moved River 12 Miles
103 Disappearing Lake Shows Drought's Extent in New Space Image
104 People's Color Perception Changes with the Seasons
105 How to Combat the Global Cybercrime Wave (Op-Ed)
106 Astronomical Sleuths Investigate Famous Times Square Kissers
107 How a Tick Bite Can Lead to Limb Amputations
108 26-Year-Old 'Corduroy' Crowned World's Oldest Living Cat
109 Found! 'Young Jupiter,' the Smallest Exoplanet Directly Seen by Telescope
110 Are Vitamin E Supplements Healthy or Harmful?