File Title
1 MMS Mission to Give Unique Look at Magnetic Reconnection
2 NASA SLS Program 'Right on Track' for Journey to Mars
3 UCLA Unveils an Augmented Reality Sandbox
4 P2Y2 Receptor Helps Control Blood Pressure
5 Less Algae Gives Lake Tahoe Its Blue Color
6 Hubble Video Gives 3D Perspective of Gum 29 and Westerlund 2
7 Scientists Discover Four-Legged Snake Fossil
8 New Polymer Gel Could Create Edible Devices for Ultra-Long Drug Delivery
9 Feeding Behavior in Worms May Help Shed Light on Human Heart Function
10 First Direct Evidence of the Formation Process of Brown Dwarfs
11 Fiat Chrysler U.S. to recall 7,810 SUVs to prevent hacking
12 Latvian man charged by U.S. over Gozi computer virus pleads guilty
13 Amazon hiring staff for new restaurant division in Seattle, New York
14 Google hopes to reenter China by fall: tech website
15 Mozilla says hackers stole information from Bugzilla
16 Lyft, Uber poach key Twitter engineers, managers amid turmoil
17 BlackBerry to buy rival Good Technology for $425 million
18 Google does not run shady domain, study authors say
19 Restless nights? Smart devices may help ease you through the twilight hours
20 Highly effective seasickness treatment on the horizon
21 Vestibular organ: Signal replicas make a flexible sensor
22 Radioactive contaminants found in coal ash
23 Current school start times damaging learning and health of students
24 Solar water-splitting technology developed
25 Hubble survey unlocks clues to star birth in neighboring galaxy
26 'Littlest' quark-gluon plasma produced: State of matter thought to have existed at birth of the universe
27 New, ultrathin optical devices shape light in exotic ways
28 Polar bears may survive ice melt, with or without seals
29 Taking apart termite mounds
30 Decade-long Amazon rainforest burn yields new insight into wildfires
31 CT scan of Earth links deep mantle plumes with volcanic hotspots
32 Alirocumab dramatically lowers cholesterol in familial hypercholesterolemia patients
33 New medical device concept could reduce time to diagnose infections
34 Common antidepressant may change brain differently in depressed and non-depressed people
35 IV administration of endothelin B receptor drug reduces memory loss, oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease
36 Extra hour of screen time per day associated with poorer GCSE grades
37 Neighbors, but not classmates
38 How protein tangles accumulate in brain, cause neurological disorders
39 New model of cognitive flexibility gives insight into autism spectrum disorder
40 Vitamin C: The exercise replacement?
41 'Guilting' teens into exercise won't increase activity
42 Lowering sugar-sweetened beverage intake by children linked to more favorable HDL-C changes
43 Training a dog you can trust
44 Nanoporous gold sponge makes DNA detector
45 ATLAS and CMS experiments shed light on Higgs properties
46 New nanomaterial maintains conductivity in three dimensions
47 Long-sought chiral anomaly detected in crystalline material
48 Earth observations show how nitrogen may be detected on exoplanets, aiding search for life
49 Using stellar 'twins' to reach the outer limits of the galaxy
50 'Hedgehog' robots hop, tumble in microgravity
51 Dawn sends sharper scenes from Ceres
52 Identifying illegal websites in photos
53 Magnetic and ferroelectric metal: The two faces of tomorrow's materials
54 Computer graphics: Less computing time for sand
55 An app twice a day keeps the dentist away
56 New study rewrites genetic history of sheep
57 Climate change could leave Pacific Northwest amphibians high and dry
58 Beyond species counts: Using evolutionary history to inform conservation
59 Diverse insect population means fewer pests in cornfields
60 Saving coral reefs depends more on protecting fish than safeguarding locations
61 Waste coffee used as fuel storage
62 American volcanoes: Complacency, uncertainty contribute to risks
63 Making the easiest judgments first, when viewing new environments
64 Ancient new guinea pot makers' surprising innovation
65 Skeletons found in mass graves are those of 17th century Scottish soldiers
66 Clues from ancient Maya reveal lasting impact on environment
67 Greedy kestrel provides first proof of bird breeding in ancient Egypt
68 Food insecurity linked to adolescent obesity, metabolic syndrome
69 Community ecology can advance the fight against infectious diseases
70 European citizens measure air pollution with their smartphones
71 Could more intensive farming practices benefit tropical birds?
72 Making a mistake can be rewarding, study finds
73 How the mind sharpens the senses
74 At the origin of language structure
75 To get girls more interested in computer science, make classrooms less 'geeky'
76 Raising pay can reduce smoking rates
77 Wide-ranging networking boosts employee creativity
78 Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke
79 Passion for your job? If not, it's attainable
80 Why some women don't have enough breastmilk for baby: Important role of insulin in making breast milk identified
81 The alien within: Fetal cells influence maternal health during pregnancy (and long after)
82 Meet pentecopterus, a giant sea scorpion; Predator from prehistoric seas
83 Evidence that Earth's first mass extinction was caused by critters not catastrophe
84 The science of stereotyping: Challenging the validity of 'gaydar'
85 Feeling blue and seeing blue: Sadness may impair color perception
86 Silk bio-ink could help advance tissue engineering with 3-D printers
87 Peering back in time to just after the Big Bang: Farthest galaxy ever detected
88 Scientists use Instagram data to forecast top models at New York Fashion Week
89 Huddling rats behave as a 'super-organism'
90 Microscopic animals inspire innovative glass research
91 Not on my watch: Chimp swats film crew's drone
92 Toyota partners with Stanford, MIT on self-driving car research
93 Snot-filled whale research takes flight
94 Key radar fails on $1 billion NASA environmental satellite
95 Novartis to start human tests with Google lens in 2016
96 California company recalls cucumbers amid deadly salmonella outbreak
97 Informing athletes about concussions may not change behavior
98 Reproductive control can be a form of partner violence
99 For diabetes in obesity, weight-loss surgery beats medication
100 Bayer issues fungicide warning for wine grape growers, pending crop investigation
101 Officials looking for entangled blue whale off California coast
102 Entangled blue whale spotted off southern California coast
103 ConocoPhillips signals conditional support for U.N. climate deal
104 Bertelsmann nears investment in HotChalk: sources
105 Fiat Chrysler U.S. to recall 7,810 SUVs to prevent hacking
106 Amazon hiring staff for new restaurant division in Seattle, New York
107 Lyft, Uber poach key Twitter engineers, managers amid turmoil
108 Latvian man charged by U.S. over Gozi computer virus pleads guilty
109 Boeing opens commercial spaceship plant in Florida
110 Pfizer's quit-smoking drug not linked to depression or heart risks
111 Afghan surgeon earns from rich to help pay for treating poor
112 Rising tide of loss and damage advances cause in U.N. climate deal