File Title
1 Soyuz TMA-18M Successfully Launched, Heads to International Space Station
2 NASA Comet Hitchhiker Would Take Tour of Small Asteroids and Comets
3 The Interior Chemistry of Distant Planet's May Differ from Earth
4 Physicists Successfully Demonstrated the Squeezing of Individual Light Particles
5 Pentecopterus-- a Giant Sea Scorpion from the Prehistoric Seas
6 Newly Identified Memory Pathway Could Prevent PTSD
7 Researchers Continue Biological Research at International Space Station
8 Engineers Develop Optical Devices that Shape Light in Exotic Ways
9 New Model Captures Shape and Speed of Tumor Growth for the First Time
10 Fossils Reveal Dogs Evolved as the Climate Changed
11 Grey Swan Cyclones Will Become More Frequent and Intense
12 Entranced by a Transit--Cassini Views Dione as it Crosses the Face of Saturn
13 Newly Released Hubble Image of Spiral Galaxy Messier 96
14 White Dwarf PG1149+057 Displays 'Irregular Heartbeats'
15 New CERN Study Suggests Subatomic Particles Could Defy the Standard Model
16 Physicists Observe and Control Quantum Motion
17 NASA Selects Potential Kuiper Belt Target for New Horizons
18 LMT Reveals Gas and Dust Properties of Distant Galaxies
19 Yale Study Shows One in Four Hepatitis C Patients Denied Initial Drug Therapy
20 How Rain Droplets Attract Aerosols Out of the Atmosphere
21 NASA Continues to Research Greenland Ice Sheet Melt and Sea Level Rise
22 Hubble Reveals that Markarian 231 is Powered by a Double Black Hole
23 If Life Can Travel Between the Stars We Should Be Able to Detect It
24 Phytoplankton Are Extremely Sensitive to Changing Levels of Desert Dust
25 Biologists Identify a New Approach to Cancer Immunotherapy
26 Yale Engineers Develop a Shape-Shifting Navigation Device for the Visually Impaired
27 Chandra Reveals the Birth of a "Radio Phoenix"
28 Hubble Explores the Wings of the Twin Jet Nebula
29 UJI Patents New Graphene-Based Catalysts
30 Ten Facts About Supernovae
31 Berkeley Lab Uses Solar Energy and Renewable Hydrogen to Produce Methane
32 Light from Phones or Tablets Suppresses Melatonin Production in Young Teens
33 NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland Mission Maps Greenland's Coastline
34 IceCube Collaboration Confirms Cosmic Neutrino Sighting
35 Harvard Researchers Explain the Reason for Genetic Obesity
36 Scientists Develop New Technique to Improve Kidney Research
37 Astronomers Observe a Long-Hypothesized Mechanism for Coronal Heating
38 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Delivers Sharper Images Ceres
39 UCLA Physicists Use Cold Atoms to Probe Dark Energy
40 ESA's Herschel Space Observatory Views Cosmic Cloud Monday R2
41 ESO Views the Ghost of a Dying Star--Planetary Nebula ESO 378-1
42 Calprotectin Plays a Key Role in Blocking Pathogen Survival
43 Yale Engineers Believe Cornstarch Could Lead to Better Protective Gear
44 Newly Released Hubble Image of Globular Cluster NGC 1783
45 Physicists Work on New Approach to Detect Dark Matter
46 Jakobshavn Glacier Sheds a Massive Chunk of Ice
47 XMM-Newton Views Turbulent Events at the Center of the Milky Way
48 NOAA: July 2015 the Warmest Month Ever Recorded
49 Astronomers Study Textured Dust Storms on Mars
50 Yale Study Links Depression During Pregnancy to Risky Postpartum Sexual Behavior
51 Researchers Reveal that Cost Considerations Are Wired into the Learning of Habits
52 New Digital Calendar Celebrates 12th Anniversary of the Spitzer Space Telescope
53 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Views Dione for the Last Time
54 Gradual Accumulation Planetary Pebbles Formed Gas-Giant Planets
55 Researchers Discover Pathway that Controls Metabolism
56 NASA Dismisses Rumor, States "There is No Asteroid Threatening Earth"
57 California Valley Land Continues to Sink
58 NASA's Curiosity Rover Finishes 'Marias Pass' Studies, Headed to Mount Sharp
59 ESO Views Star Cluster IC 4651
60 Recent Discoveries Change How We Think about Dinosaurs
61 Biologists Recreate the Evolutionary Lineage of Adeno-Associated Viruses
62 International Research Collaboration Reveals Mutations in DCHS1 Cause Mitral Valve Prolapse
63 How Birds Got Their Beaks
64 Scientists Observed Conventional Superconductivity at Minus 70 Degrees Celsius
65 CERN Experiments Reveal No Difference in Mass of Proton and Antiproton
66 Dark Energy Survey Finds New Dwarf Galaxy Candidates
67 Proximity Magnetism Could Be a Building Block for Quantum Computers
68 Yale Scientists Shed Light on the Warburg Effect
69 Astronaut Scott Kelly Views Aurora's Colorful Veil Over Earth
70 Solid Electrolyte Paves the Way for Rechargeable Batteries with Almost Indefinite Lifetimes
71 Astronomers Uncover the Ghostly Remnants of Galaxy Interactions
72 Rosetta Views Comet 67P Making Its Closest Approach to the Sun
73 Unexpected Discovery Offers Insight into Mechanisms of Asthma, Other Diseases
74 NASA Spacecraft Confirms Existence of Neon in Lunar Atmosphere
75 Hubble Image of the Week: A Cosmic Couple
76 Researchers Reveal Why Black Phosphorus May Surpass Graphene
77 New Research Shows Pluto May Still Be Geologically Active
78 Astronomers Discover Jupiter-Like Planet 51 Eridani b
79 Scientists Predict Material with Record-Setting Melting Point, More than 4,400 Kelvins
80 Aluminum "Yolk-and-Shell" Nanoparticle Boosts Capacity and Power of Lithium-ion Batteries
81 Astronomers Discover Supernovae in 'Wrong Place at Wrong Time'
82 Cassini Spacecraft Will Make Last Close Flyby of Dione in August
83 New Biosensors Turn Bacteria into a Source of Natural Energy
84 New Design Could Finally Help Bring Fusion Power Closer to Reality
85 Flat-Slab Subduction in South America Mirrors Formation of Rocky Mountains
86 NASA's Orion Spacecraft Begins Critical Design Review
87 New Analysis Provides More Accurate Estimates of Sources of Mercury Emissions
88 SEAS Engineers Develop More Efficient Solar Cells
89 Researchers Identify a Potential Marker for Schizophrenia
90 GAMA Survey Reveals the Slow Death of the Universe
91 Ten Years and Counting, Mars Orbiter Still Going Strong
92 Astronomers Identify the Smallest Supermassive Black Hole to Date
93 Rosetta Spacecraft Views an Outburst from Comet 67P
94 Newly Discovered Planet Kepler-453b Orbits Two Stars
95 The Nearest Potentially Habitable Planet is Roughly Nine Light-Years Away
96 The Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of a Young Extrasolar Kuiper Belt
97 Researchers Reveal How Chronic Inflammation Can Lead to Cancer
98 Newly Developed Simple Protein Plays Active Role in Cellular Function
99 Naturally Occurring Atmospheric Processes and Chinese Pollution Offset Ozone Gains
100 MIT Physicists Create a Superfluid in a Record-High Magnetic Field
101 Researchers Detect a Self-Regulating Cycle of Star Births Within Elliptical Galaxies
102 Solving the Mystery of Jupiter's Great Red Spot
103 New NASA Video Highlights Dwarf Planet Ceres
104 DSCOVR Satellite Views Moon Crossing Face of Earth
105 Newly Released Hubble Image: A Mess of Stars
106 Evidence of Galaxy Star Birth Regulated by Black Holes
107 Hubble Image of Planetary Nebula NGC 6818
108 New Research: Abrupt Climate Warming Killed Mammoths
109 Scientists Reveal New Insights into the Coupling between Wetting and Catalytic Activity
110 XMM-Newton Views Born-Again Planetary Nebula Abell 78