File Title
1 Indian Air Force jet test fires Harpoon missile
2 Russian missile-maker appealing EU sanctions
3 Russia, Iran talks on S-300 missiles end in 'success'
4 Seoul Divided on Proposed THAAD Introduction
5 French FREMM frigate test fires cruise missile
6 U.S. Navy grants IOC status to missile variant
7 Lockheed Martin producing ATACMS for UAE
8 N. Korea says successfully test-fired underwater ballistic missile
9 Raytheon's SM-6 missile in full-rate production
10 Indian Army inducts missile system
11 India Test-Fires Dhanush Missile from Ship
12 Chinese Military Expert Warns of THAAD Risks to Regional Security
13 Navy conducts production acceptance test of Tomahawk missile
14 Poland picks US for missiles purchase talks: Polish president
15 Obama 'not surprised' at Russia missile sale to Iran
16 Obama hails ties with Japan on VJ day
17 Communist Party takes star role in China's war parade
18 If politics followed golf...
19 Philippines seeks US 'assistance' in South China Sea
20 US, Philippines hold talks on boosting military capacity: spokesman
21 China island-building altering South China Sea status quo: US
22 US's Loss of Kyrgyzstan Means Losing Its Foot hold in Central Asia
23 Beijing mobilises 850,000 citizen guards for WWII parade
24 Chinese Military Giving US Troops the Boot in Djibouti
25 NATO denies it is making war more likely in Europe
26 Not ready for prime time: The Republican presidential parody
27 Berlin to spend billions upgrading military hardware
28 China's island-building faces scrutiny at Asia security talks
29 UK grants Chinese artist Ai Weiwei new visa in U-turn
30 Trump the Donald and other musings
31 China shows off victory over Japan logo
32 US extends training to Ukrainian military
33 Philippines hikes defense budget 25% amid China tensions
34 Beijing lambasts Manila for South China Sea ship repair
35 N/A
36 Evidence of ancient life discovered in mantle rocks deep below the seafloor
37 Pigments, organelles persist in fossil feathers
38 How much do we really know about dinosaurs
39 Lizard Fossil Overturn Hypothesis of Lizard Evolution
40 Key genetic event underlying fin-to-limb evolution
41 Paleobotanist identifies what could be the mythical 'first flower'
42 Research shows catastrophic invertebrate extinction in Hawai'i and globally
43 Piecing together the Pangea puzzle
44 Computer model may explain how simple molecules became life
45 Research with bite
46 Bleach a possible key to life on earth
47 Fossil fuel emissions will complicate radiocarbon dating
48 With teeth like that, this pre-dinosaur vegetarian was no push over
49 New horned dinosaur reveals evolution of nose horn in Triceratops family
50 Mini sponge fossil disrupts timing of early evolution
51 Marine animal colony is a multi-jet swimming machine, scientists report
52 Nearly all seabirds will have ingested plastic by 2050
53 Data backs limits on deep-sea fishing by depth
54 Rare nautilus sighted for the first time in 3 decades
55 University of Queensland scientist warns against shark culling
56 Female fish genitalia evolve in response to predators, interbreeding
57 The 'End of the high seas,' or we watch the seas die
58 Frequent volcanic eruptions likely cause of long-term ocean cooling
59 Big data maps world's ocean floor
60 Armored in concrete, hardened shorelines lose the soft protections of coastal wetlands
61 Studying killer whales with an unmanned aerial vehicle
62 Past and present sea levels in the Chesapeake Bay Region, USA
63 Scientists track monster waves below the ocean surface m000
64 Climate change reduces coral reefs' ability to protect coasts
65 A fish too deep for science
66 Columbia engineers develop new approach to modeling Amazon seasonal cycles
67 Increasingly severe disturbances weaken world's temperate forests
68 Boreal forests threatened by climate change
69 Merkel urges Brazil to protect Amazon rainforest
70 Drought implicated in slow death of trees in southeast's forests
71 'Half a million ants march in Germany' for protection of Amazon rainforest
72 Clearing habitat surrounding farm fields fails to reduce pathogens
73 NASA Goddard Technology Helps Fight Forest Pests
74 Myanmar amnesty frees Chinese loggers, political prisoners
75 Drivers of temporal changes in temperate forest plant diversity
76 Mangroves help protect against sea level rise
77 China ire as Myanmar jails scores for illegal logging
78 Controlled burns increase invasive grass in hardwood forests
79 In a warming forest, fungi may be key to trees' survival
80 Evolutionary trees reveal patterns of microbial diversification
81 Kidnappers free 12 loggers in Senegal's Casamance: army
82 Timber and construction, a well-matched couple
83 Rumors of southern pine deaths have been exaggerated
84 Can pollution help trees fight infection?
85 In Beirut, a green paradise off-limits to Lebanese
86 Lax rules put Congo's forests, key carbon reserve, at risk
87 A contentious quest for Kevazingo, Gabon's sacred tree
88 Changing climate prompts boreal forest shift
89 When trees aren't 'green'
90 Predicting tree mortality
91 Japanese tree plantations causing nitrogen pollution
92 Native-American settlement modified Western New York forests
93 Location matters in the lowland Amazon
94 British designer growing trees into furniture
95 Volcanic eruptions: Properties of magma influence forecasts
96 Scientists discover mechanism behind 'strange' earthquakes
97 Cascadia initiative to monitor Northwest Pacific seismic risks
98 Rocks provide clues for unearthing underground fault connections
99 Meeting face-to-face with El Capitan
100 Understanding subduction zone earthquakes
101 How wind sculpted Earth's largest dust deposit
102 NOAA Signs First US Government Deal with SES for O3b High Throughput Solution
103 Lightning reshapes rocks at the atomic level
104 ESA hands over control of the MSG-4 weather satellite
105 Understanding the deep sea is key to a sustainable blue economy
106 Marine animal colony is a multi-jet swimming machine, scientists report
107 Climate change will irreversibly force key ocean bacteria into overdrive
108 Researcher develops cheaper, better LED technology
109 Berkeley releases comprehensive analysis of electricity reliability trends
110 New easily fabricated, flexible and wearable white-light LED