File Title
1 Seeing Quantum Motion
2 New theory leads to radiationless revolution
3 Quantum diffraction at a breath of nothing
4 Attosecond electron catapult
5 Droplets levitate on a cushion of blue light
6 World's quietest gas lets physicists hear faint quantum effects
7 A new litmus test for chaos?
8 Drawing a line between quantum and classical world
9 Bristol researchers revisit two-ball bounce problem
10 The quantum physics of artificial light harvesting
11 The ins and outs of QCD
12 New method of quantum entanglement packs vastly more data in a photon
13 X-rays and electrons join forces to map catalytic reactions in real-time
14 X-raying ion channels
15 Destructive power of bubbles could lead to new industrial applications
16 Scientists tune X-rays with tiny mirrors
17 Researchers design the most precise quantum thermometer to date
18 Vanishing friction
19 Donuts, math, and superdense teleportation of quantum information
20 How to cut a vortex into slices
21 Physicists precisely measure interaction between atoms and carbon surfaces
22 On-demand X-rays at synchrotron light sources
23 Physicists observe real-time restructuring of electron cloud in attoseconds
24 Researcher develops cheaper, better LED technology
25 Berkeley releases comprehensive analysis of electricity reliability trends
26 New easily fabricated, flexible and wearable white-light LED
27 New technology can expand LED lighting
28 New approach could reduce human health impacts of electric power generation
29 Two spin liquids square off in an iron-based superconductor
30 Better together: Graphene-nanotube hybrid switches
31 Stretching the limits on conducting wires
32 NIST calculates high cost of hydrogen pipelines, shows how to reduce it
33 Engineered hybrid crystal opens new frontiers for high-efficiency lighting
34 In search of a healthy and energy efficient building
35 Distributed technique for power 'scheduling' advances smart grid concept
36 Engineers break power and distance barriers for fiber optic comms
37 New technique for 'seeing' ions at work in a supercapacitor
38 Renewable energy from evaporating water
39 Hematite 're-growth' smoothes rough edges for clean energy harvest
40 Graphene gets bright with ultra thin lightbulb
41 A clear look at an efficient energy converter
42 Evidence suggests subatomic particles could defy the standard model
43 US scientists warn leaders of dangers of thawing permafrost
44 Plant species' genetic responses to climate change
45 Obama takes climate drive to Alaska
46 How will climate change affect your livelihood?
47 NASA finds vegetation essential for limiting city warming effects
48 EU urges major economies to submit climate summit targets
49 Climate: butterflies on the brink, say study
50 End-of-century Manhattan climate index to resemble Oklahoma City today
51 New study narrows the gap between climate models and reality
52 'Carbon sink' detected underneath world's deserts
53 Northern Eurasia carbon sink remains largely unknown
54 Climate change awareness and risk perception vary around the globe
55 White House enlists top US firms in climate fight
56 Light trim for rough draft of climate pact
57 Economy main factor in US emissions decline
58 Oceans slowed global temperature rise
59 Copenhagen faces bumpy road to carbon neutrality
60 Air travel and climate: A potential new feedback?
61 Volcanic eruptions slow down climate change--temporarily
62 Timeline links volcanic eruptions to centuries of cold temp extremes
63 Scientists point to narrowing gap for averting climate disaster
64 As nations dither, cities pick up climate slack
65 Obama and Rousseff focus on climate, play down spy row
66 Fossil fuel divestment alone will not halt climate change: Gates
67 Global warming is unlikely to reduce winter deaths
68 Remote cave study reveals 3,000 years of European climate variation
69 Atmospheric oxygen levels may have influenced past climate
70 IEA warns of 4.3C temperature jump from climate change
71 CIA, US special forces launch drone campaign in Syria: media
72 Two US Predator drones deployed to Latvia
73 Prototype nEUROn combat drone put to the test
74 Unmanned helo sets endurance record
75 Aerovironment to produce Raven UAVs for Spain
76 Meet Chirok: Russia's Unique Hybrid Amphibious Drone
77 Google Drone Project Skirts US Regulations with a Little Help from NASA
78 Russian recon-strike drone to be unveiled at MAKS Airshow
79 China tightens controls on export of drones, supercomputers
80 Facebook ready to test Internet-beaming drones
81 NASA could help keep large unmanned aircraft clear of commercial planes
82 Patrick Stewart endorses Snotbot whale research drone
83 MUOS-4 Responding Normally to Ground Control Post-Launch
84 New NGA global map advances geophysics and nonproliferation
85 Russian nuclear official pleads guilty in US bribery plot
86 Ukraine reports seizing nuclear material in western region
87 The IAEA: the world's eyes and ears in Iran
88 Pakistan denies Saudi nuclear sale
89 Former US govt employee 'tried to sell nuclear secrets'
90 Mexico scrambles to find stolen radioactive material
91 Moscow, Tehran Sign Roadmap for S-300 Deal Implementation
92 Air-launched Sidewinder tested as ground-based weapon
93 Iran unveils new short range ballistic missile
94 BAE Systems to produce more rocket propellant grains
95 China's New Colossal Missile Launcher Revealed
96 Almaz-Antey Launches Next Generation Buk Missile into Development
97 Modified SM-6 missile demos new capability
98 Army tests improvements to M270A1 rocket launch system
99 Iran says UN resolution not linked to ballistic missiles
100 Israel jails Palestinian engineer over Hamas rocket design
101 MBDA France orders MMP missile warheads
102 Chinese Navy simulates combat missile resupply in first ever drill
103 State Dept. OKs possible missile sale to Australia
104 Russian company shows new man-portable air-defense missile
105 Egypt orders AASM missiles from Sagem
106 Raytheon, Kongsberg extend missile partnership agreement
107 Aviation security endangered by spread of missiles: study
108 US Defense Contractor Raytheon Launches State-of-the-Art SM-3 Missile
109 US Might Add Missiles to Its Military Buildup in Europe to Counter Russia
110 Navy orders more Raytheon SM-6 air defense missiles