File Title
1 Respiratory infection associated with increased death after acute myocardial infarction
2 Retrieval of larger thrombi associated with improved neurological recovery after stroke
3 Depressed patients have more frequent chest pain even in the absence of coronary artery disease
4 'But doctor, I'm not ill'--insight in psychotic patients
5 Women in poor areas twice as likely to develop clinical anxiety as men
6 New TECOS analysis adds heart failure data for sitagliptin
7 ELIXA trial shows CV safety of lixisenatide
8 DNA-guided 3-D printing of human tissue is unveiled
9 Mouth guard monitors health markers, transmits information wirelessly to smart phone
10 Closer to a treatment for the 'asthma of the esophagus'
11 Scientists describe new clam species from depths off Canada's Atlantic coast
12 New research confirms lack of sleep connected to getting sick
13 University of Toronto biologists identify mechanisms of embryonic wound repair
14 Close friendships in adolescence predict health in adulthood
15 New type of prion may cause, transmit neurodegeneration
16 Spinal manipulation works for back pain--in some people
17 Cardiologists fail to identify basic and advanced murmurs
18 Tail as old as time--researchers trace ankylosaur's tail evolution
19 How neurons get their branching shapes
20 CNIO scientists propose attacking bioenergetic metabolism to improve anti-cancer therapies
21 Inner-city neighborhood may affect risk of developing of heart disease, research finds
22 Epigenomic changes are key to innate immunological memory
23 'Eat me' signal whets appetites for tumor-devouring dendritic cells
24 Gaming computers offer huge, untapped energy savings potential
25 Short sleepers are 4 times more likely to catch a cold
26 Evidence of ancient life discovered in mantle rocks deep below the seafloor
27 Scientists engineer designer proteins that control enzyme activity
28 Exclusive breastfeeding and the effect on postpartum multiple sclerosis relapses
29 Religion, physicians and surrogate decision-makers in the intensive care unit
30 Examining service delivery, patient outcomes in Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
31 In September's Physics World: The secret life of scientific ideas...
32 Inducing metabolic catastrophe in cancer cells
33 Knee and hip replacements may be bad for the heart
34 Come here and be quiet!
35 Sea temperature changes linked to mystery North Pacific ecosystem shifts
36 Giant 'sea scorpion' fossil discovered
37 Deciphering the olfactory receptor code
38 Scientists 'squeeze' light one particle at a time
39 Columbia engineers develop new approach to modeling Amazon seasonal cycles
40 Lyme disease testing: Canadians may receive false-positives from some US labs
41 Heart rate, heart rate variability in older adults linked to poorer function
42 'Happy Meals' bill could improve healthfulness of fast food meals for kids in NYC
43 Nocturnal, compass-guided insects have a sense for turbulence too
44 We've all got a blind spot, but it can be shrunk
45 Supermoon, schmupermoon! Here's what's really going on up there.
46 Oliver Sacks is remembered as scientist and poet
47 Beyond Pluto: What's next for New Horizons space probe?
48 Could black holes explain mysterious space explosions?
49 N/A
50 Why a newly discovered crustacean is named after Elton John
51 Ten years after Katrina, Erika tests storm prediction innovations (+video)
52 WATCH New Horizon's historic flyby: Hitch a virtual ride past Pluto (+video)
53 Cosmic butterflies, celestial gems, and other majestic wonders caught by Hubble
54 'What's so appealing about the rancid smelling corpse flower (+video)
55 Why researchers are concerned about 'grey swan' hurricanes
56 Blood moon doomsday prophesy: The science behind the hype
57 Dynamic duo: Twin black holes fuel quasar closest to Earth
58 Cyclones in the Persian Gulf?! New climate study says it could happen.
59 Are your anchovies killing Africa's penguins?
60 How science is making ice cream melt-resistant (+video)
61 A man-sized sea scorpion once roamed ancient ocean...of Iowa?
62 Why did river dolphins leave oceans? Ancient fossils hold clues.
63 Could this Quran fragment really be older than Muhammad?
64 Kentucky clerk cites 'God's authority' over Supreme Court on gay marriage. What now?
65 The defiant Kim Davis: religious stalwart or hidebound bureaucrat?
66 How a new device could make your bike smarter
67 North Dakota becomes first state to legalize weaponized police drones
68 Meet M, Facebook's new personal assistant (+video)
69 Don't be a square: Instagram ditches rigid boundaries
70 Google denies Europe's antitrust accusations
71 How Usain Bolt was caught at intersection of tech and human error
72 With coming move to Alphabet, Google revamps its logo
73 Iowa begins testing driver's license app for smartphones
74 Apple teams up with the Pentagon to make military wearables
75 Did you log into Facebook on Monday? So did 999,999,999 other users
76 How to finish the competitiveness debate that Trump started
77 In its quest to displace YouTube, Facebook cracks down on video piracy
78 'Freebooting' gets the boot: Will Facebook eliminate pirated videos?
79 The slow demise of Adobe Flash continues as Chrome blocks Flash ads
80 Why Cincinnati zoo is sending rare Sumatran rhino to Indonesia
81 How plants can ease hot temperatures in cities
82 Mercury in Grand Canyon's Colorado River: How did the toxin get there?
83 Shark attack survivors to beachgoers: Keep calm and swim on
84 From 'fuzzy' nautilus to red colobus monkey: 'living fossils' recovered
85 Era of super batteries will bring new problems
86 How bad is the ocean's plastic problem? What sea birds tell us.
87 How a new battery revolution will change your life
88 General Mills sets ambitious goal for greenhouse gas cuts
89 Obama renames Mt. McKinley: Political posturing or rightful restoration? (+video)
90 Obama's Clean Water Act rule faces deepening opposition
91 Starry stonewort and other aliens invading US lakes
92 Obama to summit Alaska's melting Exit Glacier (+video)
93 Why are oil prices all over the map? (+video)
94 How to grow chrysanthemums
95 Homemade yogurt lassi
96 Our refrigerator's door to a culture
97 Fried okra
98 'A Walk in the Woods': Will Bill Bryson's acclaimed memoir find a big audience?
99 How cities can beat the heat
100 China announces stem-cell rules
101 Next-generation X-ray source fires up
102 Artificial-windpipe pioneer cleared of misconduct
103 NASA picks next New Horizons destination
104 Human error is behind many avalanche deaths
105 Pioneer behind controversial PubPeer site reveals his identity
106 Motion studies: See how they run
107 Pluto snow forecast poses atmospheric conundrum
108 Giant study poses DNA data-sharing dilemma
109 What could derail the wearables revolution?
110 Intellectually disabled often get antipsychotics in absence of mental illness