File Title
1 A new mechanism to explain how a financial crisis happens
2 Job strain linked to increased sick leave due to mental disorders
3 Like sitting, standing in the workplace may have long-term health consequences
4 Is upward mobility bad for your health?
5 Taking the pain out of office work
6 Omnidirectional free space wireless charging of multiple wireless devices
7 Traders' hormones' may destabilize financial markets
8 Causal pathway may link job stress, sleep disturbances
9 Pension funds are losing billions annually due to end of month trading
10 Most internet anonymity software leaks users' details
11 Hormones influence unethical behavior, experts say
12 Compulsory schooling laws could bolster free community college argument
13 Schools with higher black, minority populations call cops, not docs
14 Readiness of America's biology teachers questioned
15 Infants use expectations to shape their brains
16 How music training alters the teenage brain
17 Achieving equity in higher education
18 Poverty's most insidious damage is to a child's brain
19 Surprise: Subtle distractors may divert action more than overt ones
20 Massive study: Birth order has no meaningful effect on personality or IQ
21 Astronomers discover Earth's bigger cousin
22 Bossy cock takes the lead vocal of cock-a-doodle-do
23 For prostate cancer patients, risk-specific therapies now more the norm
24 Researchers find new method to halt the advance of liver cancer
25 Young scientist discovers magnetic material unnecessary to create spin current
26 Tiny mechanical wrist gives new dexterity to needlescopic surgery
27 Biomarkers higher in binge drinkers
28 Study finds abrupt climate change may have rocked the cradle of civilization
29 Researchers discover new role for protein in cell division
30 Preventing knee pain in at-risk adults with diabetes
31 An innovative algorithm is helping scientists decipher how drugs work inside the body
32 Researchers pinpoint where the brain unites our eyes' double vision
33 MSU scientists set sights on glaucoma medication to treat TB
34 Cages offer new direction in sustainable catalyst design
35 Cell phone notifications may be driving you to distraction
36 Teens with medical marijuana cards much likelier to say they're addicted
37 Building confidence helps people with MS have fuller lives, reports CWRU researcher
38 More efficient process to produce graphene developed by Ben-Gurion University researchers
39 Scripps researchers map out trajectory of April 2015 earthquake in Nepal
40 Stem cell transplantation for children with rare form of leukemia improves outcomes
41 US South Asians more reluctant to seek medication for pain
42 Proposed 2016 Medicare physician cuts threaten access to community-based radiation therapy
43 WSU researchers find US breast milk is glyphosate free
44 Meeting face-to-face with El Capitan (Yosemite National Park, USA)
45 The mystery of the instant noodle chromosomes
46 Brown dwarfs, stars share formation process, new study indicates
47 Personalized banner ads are a double-edged sword
48 College social life can predict well-being at midlife
49 New antibody specificity portal bolsters biomedical research reliability
50 Can patient navigators reduce no-shows for cancer screening follow-up?
51 EARTH: Racing to the future of automotive efficiency and performance
52 Small oxygen jump helped enable early animals take first breaths
53 Researchers: Body fat can send signals to brain, affecting stress response
54 Penn study finds link between physician training and brand name prescribing
55 High-throughput approach to select subpopulations of multipotent cells for regenerative medicine
56 Managers beware of gender faultlines
57 Fighting mosquito resistance to insecticides
58 Researchers: Body fat can send signals to brain, affecting stress response
59 Resolving the cancer/diet paradox: New special issue on cancer in metabolism
60 Study identifies challenges of delirium detection in older adults in emergency department
61 Web app helps researchers explore cancer genetics
62 Expert panel sets nutrition guidelines to manage GI symptoms in autism
63 Dartmouth-NASA collaboration reveals new X-ray actions
64 Are invisibility cloaks possible? (video)
65 BIDMC research shows endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm is safe
66 Mayo researchers decode molecular action of combination therapy for deadly thyroid cancer
67 Novel algorithm identifies DNA copy-number landscapes in African American colon cancers
68 Scientists identify schizophrenia's 'Rosetta Stone' gene
69 Synthetic coral could remove toxic heavy metals from the ocean
70 Moffitt researchers develop first genetic test to predict tumor sensitivity to radiation therapy
71 It takes a ward off dangerous infections? New microbiome research suggests so
72 Rice University finding could lead to cheap, efficient metal-based solar cells
73 Spintronics: Molecules stabilizing magnetism
74 Continued domestic abuse facilitated by post-separation contact--new Trinity research
75 Make mine a decaf: Breakthrough in knowledge of how nanoparticles grow
76 New 'chemotherapy booster' could treat lung and pancreatic cancer
77 Cannabis psychosis: Gender matters
78 Researchers boost wireless power transfer with magnetic field enhancement
79 Faster, better, cheaper: A new method to generate extended data for genome assemblies
80 New insights into the circuitry of PTSD and mild traumatic brain injury
81 Mangroves help protect against sea level rise
82 Investigators developed a tool for more accurate interpretation of biomedical research
83 Social climbing makes the English happier than Americans
84 Keep Tahoe blue? Less algae, not clarity, key for lake's blueness
85 Simple technology makes CRISPR gene editing cheaper
86 Estrogen-suppressing drugs substantially reduce breast cancer deaths
87 The Lancet: New studies show that 2 classes of inexpensive generic drugs can reduce breast cancer deaths
88 Research suggests retail meat is a potential vehicle for disease-causing Klebsiella
89 Same genes may influence GCSE results across range of subjects
90 Access denied: Leukemia thwarted by cutting off link to environmental support
91 Leading experts prescribe how to make cancer drugs more affordable
92 Penn researchers discover new chiral property of silicon, with photonic applications
93 Study: Implicit bias against lesbians, gays decreasing across demographic groups
94 New antibody portal bolsters biomedical research reliability
95 Chemotherapy and quality of life at the end of life
96 Overeating caused by a hormone deficiency in brain?
97 Stressed young birds stop learning from their parents and turn to wider flock
98 'Successful aging' linked to harmful drinking among over 50s
99 Pesticides found in most pollen collected from foraging bees in Massachusetts
100 Stretching the limits on conducting wires
101 Four-legged fossil suggests snakes evolved from burrowing ancestors
102 What killed off the megafauna?
103 Simple flip of genetic switch determines aging or longevity in animals
104 Researchers find promising treatment for devastating genetic disorder
105 Genetically distinct cells reveal nature's strategy for avoiding pregnancy complications
106 Opening the door to the cause of myeloid leukemia: Finding the targets of common mutation
107 Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change
108 The genetic roots of adolescent scoliosis
109 Researchers identify potential new targets for treating kidney disease
110 UT Dallas nanotechnology research leads to super-elastic conducting fibers