File Title
1 Ocean Microbes Double Summer Cloud Concentrations, Influencing Global Climate
2 Philae Status Update: Philae Comet Lander Goes Silent Again
3 Arctic Sea Ice Extremely Sensitive to Temperature Fluctuations, Increased 41 Percent in Cool 2013
4 Work Productivity: 5 Brain Tricks to Become More Productive at Work as Proven by Science
5 Job Stress: Workers Straining on the Job May Take More Sick Days Due to Mental Illness, Says Study
6 New Earth Photo: NASA Takes Latest Stunning Selfie of the Earth
7 NASA Planning a Return Trip to the Moon? Study Says It Will Help Make Other Explorations Cheaper
8 French Teenager in HIV Remission for 12 Years After Stopping Treatment
9 Apollo 11 Spacecraft: Smithsonian Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Preserve Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit
10 Animal Abuse: Harvard Study Retracted; Authors Failed to Report Monkeys Died Due to Neglect
11 Hottest June on Record Experienced this Year
12 Elon Musk: SpaceX Falcon Rocket Explosion Due to Metal Strut Failure (VIDEO)
13 iPad as Sperm Tester: Taiwan Firm Seeks FDA Approval for iSperm
14 Transgender Individuals Do Not Have a Hormone Imbalance
15 Moon Base: China Plans to Set Up Camp on Moon's Unexplored Far Side by 2018
16 Climate Change: State of Climate Report Reveals 'The Earth Is Gravely Ill'
17 Penis Perfection: Appearance, Rather than Size, Matters More to Women, Says Study
18 International Space Station: Astronauts' Skin Gets Thinner in Space, Study Says
19 Hangry? Science Explains Why Some People Get Angry When Hungry
20 Computer Program Recognizes Subjects of Sketches More Accurately than a Human
21 Fossil Fuel Emissions Messing Up Radiocarbon Dating, Making the World Appear Older
22 ALMA Watches Stunning Assembly of Universe's Earliest Galaxies for the First Time
23 Ocean Acidification Could Change Structure of Entire Marine Food Chain by Altering Phytoplankton Growth
24 Oldest Quran Found: Ph.D. Student Stumbles upon Oldest Known Pages of Islam's Holy Book
25 Cancer and Sleep: Shift Workers' Poor Sleeping Patterns May Speed Up Breast Cancer, Says Study
26 NASA Found Alien Earth? Space Agency Hints About Possible New Planet Discovery with Kepler Telescope
27 Obesity: Scientists Isolate 'Taste of Fat' and It Is Terrible; Links Sixth Taste to Tackling Weight Problems
28 Cognitive Psychology: Musical Preferences Are Determined by Your Brain, Not Your Personality, Study Suggests (VIDEOS)
29 British Columbia Wildfires: Premier Blames Climate Change
30 Soyuz Takes Trio to Space After U.S. Cargo Failures
31 'Windbots' Could Float Through Clouds of Jupiter and Saturn, Revealing Details of Mysterious Atmospheres
32 NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers Potential Earth 2.0 Orbiting Sun-Like Star (VIDEO)
33 America's Founders Included Mysterious 'Population Y' from Australasia, Shocking DNA Study Reveals (VIDEO)
34 Pulsar Violently Rips Hole in Unassuming Companion Star's Disc
35 'Hair Ice': Study Confirms Century-Old Hypothesis that Phenomenon Is Caused by Rotting Fungus (VIDEO)
36 Boa Constrictors Don't Suffocate Their Victims After All (VIDEO)
37 Oldest Snake Fossil Has Four Legs, Partial Features of a Lizard
38 Summer Snow at Mauna Kea Summit in Hawaii (VIDEO)
39 Why Pendulum Clocks Sync Their Swings: 350-Year-Old Mystery Resolved
40 Rare Beaked Whale Washed Ashore of Massachusetts Beach
41 Music Orgasm: Some Melodies and Harmonies Can Bring Similar Sensations as Sex, Study Says
42 Amazon Rain Forest Was Shaped by Human Hands; Region Home to 8 Million Before Europeans' Conquest, Says Study
43 Caffeine Inhalers Emerge on the Market--How Safe Are Coffee Inhalers?
44 Climate Change Combated by Giant Wall of Fans that Suck Carbon Dioxide, Convert It to Fuel
45 Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Along Shore in Iran Captured in Breathtaking Photo (SEE IT)
46 Spiders: 13 New Species Found in Australia
47 Light-Emitting Device that Flashes 90 Billion Times a Second Could Be Basis of Optical Computing
48 NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft Reveals Eerie Haze and Earth-Like Ice Flows on Pluto (VIDEO)
49 Cecil the Lion Killed: Zimbabwe's 'Iconic' Lion Cecil Killed by Hunter
50 Alaska Earthquake: Aleutian Islands Rattled by 6.9-Magnitude Quake
51 Prehistoric Chinese Village Yields Mass Grave; Probably Victims of Large-Scale Disaster, Scientists Say
52 Abdul Kalam, Former President and 'Missile Man of India,' Dies at 83
53 Parenting, Social Media: More Mothers Are on Facebook to Seek Parenting and Family Advice and Support, Study Says
54 Obesity, Diabetes: Scientists Develop 'Exercise Mimic Molecule' as Treatment Potential for Both Health Problems
55 Breastfeeding: New Mothers Don't Receive Any Advice from Doctors on Breastfeeding, Infant Care, Says Survey
56 Archaeology: 'Conehead' Skeleton Dug Up in Ukraine; Strange Elongated Head Believed to Be 2,000-Years-Old (VIDEO)
57 Stephen Hawking Weapons: Hawking, Musk, Call for a Ban Against AI Weapons
58 Climate Pledge Launch: Microsoft, Apple, Google and 10 More Companies Sign In
59 Obama Announces Ban On U.S. Ivory Trade
60 Urban Flooding Spike Including Hurricane Sandy Damage Linked to Complex Storm Surges
61 Archaeology Students Unearth 560,000-Year-Old Tooth in France
62 Lake Tahoe's Beautiful Blue Hue Caused by Algae, Not Clear Waters
63 Melting Point Record Broken by Material that Can Withstand Heat Two-Thirds the Temperature of the Sun
64 Steak Knife Teeth Gave Feared T Rex Its Hunting Prowess
65 Earth's Magnetic Field in Ancient Africa Examined for the First Time: Are We Headed for Another Pole Reversal?
66 'Corpse Flower' Blooms at University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley
67 Corn Got Naked and Became 'King of Crops' Through One Small Genetic Change
68 3D XPoint: Newest Joint Product of Intel and Micron
69 Transplant First: 8-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Double-Hand Transplant Patient
70 Pluto's Atmosphere Is Collapsing, NASA New Horizons' Team Finds (VIDEO)
71 Blood Pressure Swings May Raise Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke or Fatal Heart Disease
72 China Builds Telescope to Find E.T.s, Signals from the Cosmos
73 Kipenzi: Giraffe Dies at Dallas Zoo in Accident
74 Jamestown Excavation: Skeletons Identified as Top Colony Leaders
75 German Scientists Confirm Viability of 'Impossible' EMDrive
76 Massive Solar Storms: Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours to Prepare
77 Northern White Rhino Dies at Czech Zoo, Only Four Left on Earth
78 Origins of Life Explained by a Simple Computer Model--How Simple Molecules Developed a Self-Replicating Mechanism to Form Longer Polymers
79 Genetically Modified Rice Could Almost Completely Eliminate Paddy Methane Emissions
80 Planned Parenthood: What You Need to Know About Fetal Tissue Research and Donation and the Controversy Behind It
81 Mental Health: Depression and Anxiety Due to Stress Has Links Found in Gut Bacteria, Says Study
82 Pregnancy Diet: 'Eating for Two' a Myth and Not Necessary, Says Scientists
83 Rare Blue Moon to Brighten Sky on July 31; What Is This? What Time Can You See It?
84 Study Reveals How Different Dog Types React to Effects of Stress (VIDEO)
85 German Facial Recognition Technology Can Determine a Person's Identity in the Dark
86 Social Media Use: Social Media Use of More than 2 Hours Increases Risk for Poor Mental Health Among Teens
87 Japanese Scientists Fire World's Most Powerful Laser
88 Yuri Milner Offering $1 Million for Creating Best Message for Aliens
89 Graphene 'Kiragami' Could Lead to the Creation of the World's Smallest Machines (VIDEO)
90 Lithium Spotted in Exploding Star for the First Time, Solving Decades-Old Stellar Mystery
91 Auroras on Brown Dwarf Reveal Objects Behave More like Planets than Stars
92 Rio Olympics: Water Highly Contaminated, Poses Risks for 2016 Games
93 Electric Fields Influence Flies' Wing Movements, Leading to Changes in Behavior and Neurochemical Balance
94 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Reveals Stunning Map of Dwarf Planet Ceres (VIDEO)
95 HIV/AIDS: Scientists Find FDA-Approved Compound Could Flush Out Latent HIV in the Hopes of Curing Disease
96 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Spots Red Arcs on Saturn Moon Tethys; New Discovery Baffles Scientists
97 Stress Management: Aquariums Bring Stress Relief and Other Health Benefits, Says Research
98 Washington D.C. Is Sinking; Rise in Sea Level Threatening Capital, Say Geologists
99 Blue Marlin: Hawaii Anglers Caught Giant Blue Marlin Weighing 1,368 Pounds; Fish Species Is 'Vulnerable' Per IUCN's Red List
100 African Golden Wolf, New Wild Dog Species, Discovered
101 Earth's Magnetic Shield Is Older than We Thought, and Mars's Likely Disappeared After 4 Billion Years
102 Salamander Fungus Could Devastate U.S. Amphibians if Urgent Action Is Not Taken
103 Robot Can Walk on Water Thanks to Insect Inspiration (VIDEO)
104 Texting While Walking: Text-Walkers Develop 'Protective Shuffle' to Avoid Injuries, Study Shows
105 Droughts Hinder Trees' Ability to Absorb CO2 for Years, and Phenomenon Is Not Factored into Current Climate Models
106 Ozzy Osbourne Has 'Mutant' Genes; Helped Him Survive Hard Partying Ways, Say Scientists
107 Plants Experience Stress and Signal When They 'Feel' It, New Study Finds
108 Baby Orca Whale Shows Off Inspiring New Skill (PHOTOS)
109 Empire State Building Hosting Endangered Species Light Show
110 Extreme Heatwave Bakes Pacific Northwest for Second Month in a Row
111 UFO Sighting: 10 White Globes Spotted 'Dancing' Above Japan
112 'Dusty' Comet Could Teach Us How These Objects Grow Their Iconic Tails (VIDEO)