File Title
1 Mechanism behind the lack of effectiveness of certain antagonist drugs discovered
2 Study of 'senior citizen' marine snails uncovered how nerve cells fail during learning
3 New pig model will provide insights into early detection, new treatments of cancers
4 Researchers design first artificial ribosome
5 Type 1 diabetes patients have lower blood levels of 4 proteins that protect against immune attack
6 Targeted therapy shows effectiveness against a subtype of the brain tumor medulloblastoma
7 New research opens the door for treatment of relapsing bacterial infections
8 Preventable onset of myocardial infarction through coadministration of 2 drugs
9 Most adolescents feel better after gastric bypass
10 Blood test predicts prognosis for traumatic brain injuries
11 Promising progress for new treatment of type 1 diabetes
12 New national study finds COPD knowledge severely lacking, impacts quality of life and care
13 N/A
14 First reports of robotic surgery for advanced vena cava tumor thrombus due to kidney cancer
15 Researchers solve mystery of how Akt "moves" from cytosol to cell membrane
16 Seniors get mental health drugs at twice the rate of other adults, see psychiatrists less
17 Teaching med students about health disparities builds their confidence
18 Real-time imaging of lung lesions during surgery helps localize tumors and improve precision
19 Gestational diabetes can be prevented in high-risk women
20 Plastic surgeons urged to 'embrace the change' to single-stage implant breast reconstruction
21 'Mommy makeover' combines procedures for postpartum body contouring
22 Every country in the world can afford to support its smokers to stop
23 Take a trip through the brain
24 Study to investigate the economic benefits of musculoskeletal research to society, UK
25 Gene that causes intellectual disability when mutated finally identified
26 Blocking the PHD2 oxygen sensor inhibits breast cancer dissemination
27 Research uses virtual reality technology to train dental surgery
28 Unpaid carers foot the bill of cancer care
29 Forecasting flu outbreaks in a subtropical climate
30 New candidate genes for immunodeficiency identified by using dogs as genetic models
31 Remains of 4 Jamestown colony leaders unearthed
32 Million-dollar haul of Spanish treasure discovered in Florida
33 Animal stomach acid evolved for protection
34 Death of rare Northern White Rhino leaves only 4 remaining
35 East African 'golden jackals' are actually wolves, study finds
36 Earth's magnetic field older than previously believed
37 How brain surgery may have kept Napoleon from conquering Russia
38 The real reason why we put sugar in coffee
39 France acts against olive disease outbreak in Corsica
40 Rare ancient cat paw print found on Roman roof tile
41 New Horizons finds atmospheric haze and ice flows on Pluto
42 How cosmic winds affect galactic evolution
43 First evidence of lithium found in exploding star solves mystery
44 Curiosity U-turns, checks out weird rock on Mars
45 'Brown gunk' evidence of a salty sea on Europa
46 Beneath the surface: Exploring the composition of Philae's comet, Part 1
47 Beneath the surface: Exploring the composition of Philae's comet, Part 2
48 Brightest aurora ever discovered in outer space
49 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ready for InSight Lander's 2016 arrival
50 Solar system with three super earths discovered
51 YouTube now draws more viewers than any cable network
52 Poorly-performing male gamers more likely to harass females online
53 You could soon wear a sweater made from slaughterhouse waste
54 New rogue wave theory will save ships and sailors
55 N/A
56 Hackers can crack self-firing rifles, change targets
57 Surf's up in Wales: Surf park offers longest man-made waves
58 Drones capture beautiful images of orcas
59 Tiny robot can leap from water's surface
60 Kentucky man arrested after shooting down drone
61 The Name of the Creator Cannot be Replaced with Titles like God and Lord says Yisrayl Hawkins this Week
62 Komprehensiv Proud to Support Girls who Inspire Volunteer and Empower (GIVE)
63 Why UTIs are sometimes reoccurring
64 Pew pew pew: Human cells converted into mini lasers
65 What racehorses can teach us about broken bones
66 Delivering blood samples via drones is possible, study finds
67 Olympic athletes will most likely swim, boat in poop water next summer
68 Potential cancer therapies found in beer, bread yeast
69 World's first malaria vaccine approved by EMA
70 Amazing non-invasive technique helps paralyzed move again
71 Are fitness apps worthwhile?
72 Getting married helps people stop drinking
73 Changefirst Leads the Way in Change Management with New E-learning Course
74 WANRack Completes Fiber Optic Wide Area Network for the Converse County School District
75 AVAC Announces its Kickoff to Summer and Launch for 100k Step Club
76 iSS, LLC is now proudly offering VisionArt products to their Clients
77 Create Fantastic 3D Animations with the Animator's Modeler (TAM)
78 Anti-vaxxer bets $100k measles doesn't exist, loses
79 We're running out of places to bury people
80 What's in Antarctica's Blood Falls?
81 Study finds Millenials aren't news-less
82 Catfish species named in honor of 'Star Wars' character
83 Mystery of 'strange' South American mammals solved
84 Interactive 'Hello Barbie' could invade child privacy, critics say
85 If Neanderthals were still around, would we put them in zoos?
86 Scientists discover shape-shifting frog in Ecuador
87 Mining gold from human feces: Yes, we're serious
88 Science of Screams: Study Reveals What Make These Sounds So Unsettling
89 Leopard Attacks Park Ranger; Big Cat's Release into the Wild Goes Wrong (VIDEO)
90 Contaminated Sand Has More Bacteria than Beach Water; Experts Warn Beachgoers Could Get Sick from It
91 Amnesia and Dental Procedure: Doctors Baffled at Man with 90-Minute Memory After a Root Canal 10 Years Ago
92 Archaeology in Israel: 5th-Century Mosaics Uncovered Depicting Elephants, Cupids and Non-Biblical Images
93 Zhenyuanlong Suni: Largest Winged Fossil Ever Found
94 Alberta Pipeline Leak: Nexen Pipeline Leak in Alberta Spills Five Million Liters of Emulsion
95 Ford Unveils Mustang Apollo Edition in Honor of NASA (VIDEO)
96 Loch Ness Catfish Is the True Identity of the Loch Ness Monster, 'Nessie' Hunter Claims
97 Human Hands More Primitive than Chimp's? Study Suggests We're Not as Highly Evolved as We Thought
98 Baby Tortoises Hatch on Galapagos Island After More than a Century
99 #TestTheKits: 70,000 Rape Test Kits Not Sent to Crime Labs for Testing
100 Solitary Male Amur Tiger Leading His Cubs Is Rare Moment Worthy of Documenting (VIDEO)
101 Climate Change and Polar Bears: Animals Not Able to Adapt to Lack of Food Caused by Sea Ice Loss
102 Pluto's Flyover Video Reveals Icy Mountains and Plains (VIDEO)
103 Scientists Push for Presidential Debate Dedicated to Climate Change, Energy, Water Tech, Health Issues
104 Reusable Bags: Junk Food Purchases Increase When You B.Y.O.B.--Bring Your Own Bag
105 Apollo 11 46th Anniversary: First Moon Landing Commemorated July 20
106 New Horizons After Pluto: What Happens Next After Spacecraft Ventures the Edge of the Solar System?
107 North Carolina Shipwreck Discovered by Accident During a Research Expedition
108 Cats: Australia's Enemy Number One
109 India Planning Mission to Venus
110 Rhino Horn Camera Could Save Animals from Extinction