File Title
1 How to treat sunburn this summer
2 Marijuana 'helps bones to heal'
3 Could a simple saliva test detect Alzheimer's?
4 Doctors testified against dying cancer patients for tobacco companies
5 Higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest among black people
6 Study identifies prescription practices as major player in antibiotic overuse
7 Implantation: your pregnancy week by week
8 Antimalaria treatment that targets a blood protein shows promise
9 Firstborn children have 'infinitesimally small' IQ lead over siblings
10 Too much TV, low physical activity may worsen cognitive function
11 First case of prolonged remission in HIV-infected child reported
12 Eczema successfully treated with arthritis drug
13 Poorer children develop 'smaller brains'
14 Acupuncture has 'similar mode of action to psychiatric drugs'
15 MDMA (Ecstasy): Facts, Effects and Hazards
16 Sugary drink consumption, birth weight and adult lifestyle linked to type 2 diabetes risk
17 Aging may protect blood vessels from oxidative stress
18 Stem cell therapy for liver failure could replace liver transplants
19 Transgender children do not have hormone imbalance, study finds
20 World first: man with AMD receives bionic eye implant
21 Does the menstrual cycle affect sporting performance?
22 Alzheimer's patients may benefit from early treatment with novel drug
23 New dads put on weight, while childless men lose weight
24 PTSD affecting 'a quarter-million' Vietnam war veterans
25 Delivery speed of clot-busting drug for stroke often 'overestimated' by hospitals
26 5 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
27 CPR from bystanders can save lives
28 New study looks at sexual risk-taking for women on vacation
29 Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2015: the highlights
30 Bullying, 'rather than misogyny,' explains online abuse of female gamers
31 Parkinson's disease risk 'lowered by diabetes drug'
32 Treating stomach ulcer bacteria could reduce stomach cancer risk
33 Study sheds light on why the elderly are most vulnerable to West Nile Virus
34 Study links 'successful aging' with greater risk of harmful drinking
35 Cataracts may be treatable with eye drops instead of surgery
36 TB may be treatable with common glaucoma medication
37 Physical exercise could improve symptoms of Alzheimer's, dementia
38 European drugs regulators approve world's first malaria vaccine
39 Chemotherapy for near-death cancer patients 'does not improve quality of life'
40 Rising autism prevalence 'driven by changes in classification'
41 'HIV-style campaign' to cut cancer drug prices
42 Aromatase inhibitors 'significantly reduce breast cancer deaths'
43 Avoiding effects of ICU decisions for relatives could lead to PTSD
44 Awareness of fertility preservation options among younger cancer patients may be low
45 Salt, sweet, fat is one of our basic tastes
46 DNA 'ambulance' discovery may shed light on origins of cancer
47 'Worm spitting' offers insights for heart research
48 FDA approve new daily pill for common skin cancer
49 Risk of death from shaken baby syndrome could be identified with new tool
50 Fasting: health benefits and risks
51 20% of new mothers are not receiving advice on how to place their baby to sleep
52 Are electronic cigarettes safe?
53 CDC warn of edible marijuana dangers following death of 19-year-old student
54 Patients with depression, personality disorders most likely to make euthanasia requests
55 Rise in newborns being admitted to intensive care
56 Premature birth associated with introversion in adulthood
57 Nasal balloon could treat 'glue ear'
58 Scientists identify another frequently mutated gene in melanoma
59 Friend and family approval of e-cigarettes may boost use among teens
60 Exercise-mimicking molecule may offer new treatments for obesity, type 2 diabetes
61 Blood marker may help identify women at highest risk for postpartum depression
62 Anxiety, depression may be triggered by stress-induced changes to gut bacteria
63 Cystic fibrosis: new understanding of infections
64 Death, hospitalization rates have fallen among senior Medicare patients
65 Study explains why 'eating for two' during pregnancy is not necessary
66 'Leaky vaccines' could spur more dangerous disease
67 High-frequency spinal cord stimulation 'more effective for chronic pain'
68 Could coffee drinking habits influence cognitive function?
69 8-year-old boy becomes first child to receive double hand transplant
70 Chlamydia screening 'easier and cheaper' with new DNA smartphone test
71 Hypothermia in organ donors could improve kidney transplants
72 Gradual increase in salt intake linked to high blood pressure
73 Silk and stem cells may help engineer salivary glands for dry mouth
74 Drone transport 'does not affect blood samples'
75 Assessing the South Korea MERS outbreak: could it happen elsewhere?
76 Doctors should screen all adults for depression, say expert panel
77 Study identifies five different types of prostate cancer
78 The evolutionary link between diet and stomach acidity
79 Monitoring wildlife may shed light on spread of antibiotic resistance in humans
80 Prostate 'organoid' hints at how early BPA exposure may increase cancer risk
81 Antibiotics increase risk of hearing loss in patients with deadly bacterial infections
82 Black men are at double the risk of prostate cancer compared to white men
83 Long telomere length associated with increased lung cancer risk
84 Structures reveal basis of recurring urinary tract infections
85 Can we restart the heart?
86 Penn bioethicists call for end to 'pay-to-play' clinical research
87 Small study affirms accuracy of free mobile app that screens for liver disease in newborns
88 Aquariums deliver health and wellbeing benefits
89 Women's immune system genes operate differently from men's, Stanford study finds
90 High number of unnecessary CT scans associated with pediatric sports-related head trauma
91 Red grape chemical may help prevent bowel cancer, but less is more
92 Overcoming treatment resistance in lung cancer
93 Vaccination rates in older adults fall short of targets
94 Toward a safe antiobesity drug that could block fat absorption
95 An all-natural sunscreen derived from algae
96 New 3-D human skin models could replace animal testing to assess dermal sensitivity to medical device
97 Studies reveal details of error correction in cell division
98 Colonoscopies of the future: Adjustable-focus endoscope helps to reduce discomfort
99 State immunization laws should eliminate non-medical exemptions, say internists
100 Researchers illuminate key role of NOX proteins in liver disease
101 Generalized anxiety disorders twice as likely in those with inflammatory bowel disease
102 Health spending growth to increase slightly, but remain moderate compared to pre-recession highs
103 Blocking a gene reduces fat
104 Adolescents with sleep problems more likely to self-harm
105 Intracellular microlasers could allow precise labeling of a trillion individual cells
106 RAND analysis shows more work needed to engage consumers after enrolling in health insurance plans
107 Stroke trial to test if everyday drugs can save lives
108 Intensive biofuel planting poses risk to human health
109 Persistent severe back pain could signify rare spine infection: new IDSA guideline
110 PCDC launches primary care innovation network