File Title
1 Chill-tolerant hybrid sugarcane also grows at lower temperatures, team finds
2 Illuminating mechanisms of repetitive thinking
3 Scientists discover link between common medications and serious falls in older men
4 Hormones influence unethical behavior
5 National study of deep brain stimulation for depression fails to demonstrate efficacy
6 New therapy delivers long-term relief for chronic back, leg pain, study finds
7 Cancer healthcare disparities exist in the LGBTQ community, say Moffitt researchers
8 New computer model could explain how simple molecules took first step toward life
9 Practice doesn't always make perfect (depending on your brain)
10 World's first bilateral hand transplant on child at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
11 Doctor warns about lead poisoning risk from recycling older electronic equipment
12 Early evidence suggests hybrid cochlear implants may benefit millions with common form of hearing loss
13 Geography, skills, local companies affect higher education impact on economic development
14 Diabetics who skip breakfast provoke hazardous blood sugar spikes
15 A marked improvement in health and healthcare for Medicare patients
16 Understanding the molecular origin of epigenetic markers
17 Link between mood, pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients
18 Movement tracking technology sheds light on different speech disorders in children
19 'Carbon sink' detected underneath world's deserts
20 Humpback whale recovery in Australia-- a cause for celebration
21 Chimpanzees binge on clay to detox and boost the minerals in their diet
22 Ewing's sarcoma: A dangerous liaison
23 Where memory is encoded and retrieved: New findings in a long-standing debate
24 Study finds unexpected biases against teen girls' leadership
25 'Seeing' molecular interactions could give boost to organic electronics
26 Queen's researchers develop technology to reduce cost of purifying natural gas
27 Identifying ever-growing disturbances leading to freak waves
28 Fatty acid increases performance of cellular powerhouse
29 Hepatitis B continues to be a global health problem
30 Major European mouse study reveals the role of genes in disease
31 High-fat maternal diet changes newborn heart 'tastebuds'
32 Washington, DC sinking fast, adding to threat of sea-level rise
33 A single hair shows researchers what a bear has been eating
34 A new litmus test for chaos?
35 Report documents unmet need for expanded family planning services at CHCs
36 Probiotics improve behavioral symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases in mice
37 Experimental MERS vaccine shows promise in animal studies
38 New treatment may help neonatal liver disease associated with parenteral nutrition
39 UV light can kill foodborne pathogens on certain fruits
40 Omega-3 fatty acids may help improve treatment and quality of life in cancer patients
41 Race & institutional factors play an important role in pharmacogenomic trial participation
42 Pitt study: Ancient proteins involved in DNA repair could shed light on tumor development
43 Plant light sensors came from ancient algae
44 Brain disease scenarios revised by step-by-step imaging of toxic aggregation
45 Technology helps personalized medicine, enabling epigenomic analysis with a mere 100 cells
46 Stress hormone reduces heroin cravings
47 Switching off street lights at night does not increase car crashes and crime
48 New methods for evaluating geroprotectors to be presented at the Basel Life Science Week 2015
49 Lobster-Eye imager detects soft X-ray emissions
50 Climate models disagree on strength of carbon land sink across northern Eurasia
51 McMaster scientists show a link between intestinal bacteria and depression
52 Research grasps how the brain plans gripping motion
53 A new litmus test for chaos?
54 Effects over time of tobacco tax increases in New Zealand
55 Pharmacy expenditures for children with serious chronic illness
56 Report examines Medicare and Medicaid programs at 50 years and challenges ahead
57 Findings question measures used to assess hospital quality
58 ACA open enrollment periods associated with improved coverage, access to care and health
59 Rates of death, hospitalizations and expenditures decrease for Medicare patients
60 Origins of life: New model may explain emergence of self-replication on early Earth
61 First measurements taken of South Africa's Iron Age magnetic field history
62 Cystic fibrosis microorganisms survive on little to no oxygen
63 Research with bite
64 Tailored mobile health technologies may help patients take their medications appropriately
65 Many dialysis patients are unprepared for natural disasters
66 Specific cardiovascular risk factors may predict Alzheimer's disease
67 Just say 'No' to drugs--in water
68 First reports of robotic surgery for advanced vena cava tumor thrombus due to kidney cancer
69 Seniors get mental health drugs at twice the rate of other adults, see psychiatrists less
70 Teaching med students about health disparities builds their confidence
71 Researchers find links between individual characteristics and disability employment gap
72 Study of 'senior citizen' marine snails uncovered how nerve cells fail during learning
73 New pig model will provide insights into early detection, new treatments of cancers
74 Researchers design first artificial ribosome
75 Type 1 diabetes patients have lower blood levels of 4 proteins that protect against immune attack
76 Targeted therapy shows effectiveness against a subtype of the brain tumor medulloblastoma
77 Meet the high-performance single-molecule diode
78 Playing 'tag' with pollution lets scientists see who's 'it'
79 New research opens the door for treatment of relapsing bacterial infections
80 State immunization laws should eliminate non-medical exemptions, say internists
81 Researchers illuminate key role of NOX proteins in liver disease
82 Generalized anxiety disorders twice as likely in those with inflammatory bowel disease
83 Early prosocial behavior good predictor of kids' future
84 Blocking a gene reduces fat
85 Intracellular microlasers could allow precise labeling of a trillion individual cells
86 RAND analysis shows more work needed to engage consumers after enrolling in health insurance plans
87 'Failed stars' host powerful auroral displays
88 Real-time imaging of lung lesions during surgery helps localize tumors and improve precision
89 Dense star clusters shown to be binary black hole factories
90 New computer-based technology may lead to improvements in facial transplantation
91 Scientists identify gene vital for rebuilding intestine after cancer treatment
92 Tiny grains of rice hold big promise for greenhouse gas reductions, bioenergy
93 A cost-effective solution to tuned graphene production
94 Shoring up Tor
95 This week from AGU: Comet video, ocean carbon & 4 new research papers
96 Ongoing recovery efforts take toll on hurricane survivors
97 The challenge of mining rare-earth materials outside China
98 Vaccination rates in older adults fall short of targets
99 Figuring out how to make tastier wines using fewer pesticides
100 Malic acid encourages sweet cherry cracking
101 Toward a safe antiobesity drug that could block fat absorption
102 End-of-production LED lighting increases red pigmentation in lettuce
103 An all-natural sunscreen derived from algae
104 Light-emitting diode sole-source lighting effective in bedding plant seedling production
105 New 3-D human skin models could replace animal testing to assess dermal sensitivity to medical device
106 Studies reveal details of error correction in cell division
107 Colonoscopies of the future: Adjustable-focus endoscope helps to reduce discomfort
108 Management strategies to reduce catfacing in peaches
109 Experts recommend tumor removal as first-line treatment for Cushing's syndrome
110 Simulated seawater flooding decreases growth of vegetable seedlings