File Title
1 Predicting risk for deadly cardiac events
2 Researchers pioneer use of capsules to save materials, streamline chemical reactions
3 Searching the Internet inflates estimates of internal knowledge
4 Scientists uncover a difference between the sexes
5 Seller beware: International transactions require much more than a contract
6 DNA/RNA heteroduplex oligonucleotide: The third class oligonucleotides
7 Rapid eye movements in sleep reset dream 'snapshots'
8 Diagnostic imaging can rule out coronary artery disease in patients with atypical chest pain
9 Greenland ice sheet's winds driving tundra soil erosion, Dartmouth study finds
10 Planning and improvisation actually play well together in export markets
11 Want your company to remain innovative? Think twice before going public
12 Predicting the weather or the economy? How to make forecasts more trustworthy
13 Do Legos, standardized testing, and Googling hamper creativity?
14 Paying off small debts first may get you in the black quicker
15 Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess examine the impact of OpenNotes on patient safety
16 Neurons' broken machinery piles up in ALS
17 This week from AGU: Natural arches, Italian earthquake, Canadian rivers & research papers
18 Rice University bioengineers advance computing technique for health care and more
19 Health care innovation isn't about smart phone apps, Penn Medicine researchers say
20 Study links cardiorespiratory fitness, thinner gray matter and better math skills in kids
21 How lipids are flipped
22 Antidepressant drug trials criteria not generalizable
23 Flexible, biodegradable device can generate power from touch (video)
24 UTHealth research: Older breast cancer patients less likely to benefit from chemo
25 Pancreas cancer spread from multiple types of wayward cells
26 Adult IQ of very premature babies can be predicted by the age of 2
27 A new CSI tool could pinpoint when fingerprints were left behind (video)
28 Significant breath from streams and rivers
29 Breakthrough in 'marriage-broker' protein
30 Average EU consumer wastes 16 percent of food; most of which could be avoided
31 Better estimates of worldwide mercury pollution
32 Nicotine-eating bacteria could one day help smokers kick the habit
33 New life of old molecules: Calcium carbide
34 Combining chemotherapy with an immune-blocking drug could stop cancer growing back
35 Science-backed brain game eases distraction, anxiety
36 New research from the Population Council shows child marriage can be delayed
37 Are marine organisms evolving to protect their young in response to ocean acidification?
38 Adrenals run amok: Discovery could aid precision medicine for high blood pressure
39 New study finds GeneSight CPGx precision medicine test provides significant health care cost savings
40 Researchers reveal mystery of how contractions in labor grow stronger
41 New contrast agent spotlights tiny tumors and micrometastases
42 Decoding the genome of an alien
43 Scent matters to fur seals
44 Fireflies predict network loyalty
45 Competition from cats drove the extinction of many species of ancient dogs
46 Wild boars are gaining ground
47 Brain plasticity after vision loss has an 'on-off switch'
48 Human and organizational factors influence software quality
49 Toxoplasma parasite's greedy appetite may be its downfall
50 Molecular discovery paves way for new diabetic heart disease treatments
51 Children who are leaner report eating more polyunsaturated fatty acids
52 New, rapid dementia screening tool rivals 'gold standard' clinical evaluations
53 Target healthy cells to stop brain cancer 'hijack': UBC study
54 Tell-tale biomarker detects early breast cancer in NIH-funded study
55 Rare octopus shocks scientists with unusual mating and reproductive strategies
56 Octopus genome reveals cephalopod secrets
57 Computer scientists find mass extinctions can accelerate evolution
58 PINK1 protein crucial for removing broken-down energy reactors
59 Photoredox catalyst unlocks new pathways for nickel chemistry
60 South American example illustrates Rocky Mountain formation
61 Postmenopausal women prefer vaginal estrogen to achieve higher sexual quality of life
62 Evolution peaks on tropical mountain
63 The Lancet: Listening to music improves recovery after surgery and should be available to everyone having an operation
64 Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy linked with liver cancer
65 Protons and antiprotons appear to be true mirror images
66 New study confirms listening to music during surgery reduces pain and anxiety
67 Pulmonary hypertension: A growing problem in US children
68 Fetal ECG during labor offers no advantage over conventional fetal heart rate monitoring
69 McMaster hematologist identifies different limb loss syndromes
70 Moderate physical activity associated with lower risk of heart failure in men
71 Debate: Should the NHS provide free access to wi-fi?
72 Concern over claims about how technology affects young brains
73 Octopus genome sequenced
74 Study links insulin resistance with language problems in women
75 Color changing sand fleas flummox predatory birds
76 Male doctors are more likely to have legal action taken against them
77 Retrieving eggs earlier during IVF may improve success rates for older women
78 Developing a targeted hydrogel to treat inflammatory bowel disease
79 Fetal ECG readings offer no advantage over heart rate monitoring during labor
80 Pelvic pain may be common among reproductive-age women, NIH study finds
81 Exercise may be associated with reduced disease activity in children with MS
82 Powering off TB: New electron transport gene is a potential drug target
83 Making the 9-1-1 call for stroke differs by race, sex
84 Genetic analysis supports elevating Cape Parrot to new species
85 Unique behaviors of larger Pacific striped octopus observed in captivity
86 Value-added models focus of JSM 2015 panel discussion
87 Statisticians using social media to track foodborne illness and improve disaster response
88 Statistical model predicts with high accuracy play-calling tendency of NFL teams
89 Songbirds make mysterious altitude changes during nighttime migratory flights
90 Migratory patterns of eastern Golden Eagle population revealed
91 Blood vessel 'doorway' lets breast cancer cells spread through blood stream
92 Study finds little improvement in mortality rate for extremely preterm infants since 2000
93 A better way to personalize bladder cancer treatments
94 Meat food waste has greater negative environmental impact than vegetable waste
95 Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet
96 Young, Jupiter-like planet discovered
97 More details on origin of world's favorite beer-making microbe
98 Apes may be closer to speaking than many scientists think
99 Marks on 3.4-million-year-old bones not due to trampling, analysis confirms
100 NASA's Hubble finds supernovae in 'wrong place at wrong time'
101 Prehistoric carnivore dubbed 'scarface' discovered in Zambia
102 Rogue supernovas likely flung into space by black hole slingshots
103 Jupiter-like planet discovered outside our solar system
104 Lawrence Livermore scientists discover new young planet
105 The stomach is the way to a woman's heart, too
106 Studies reveal how anesthesia's brain effects differ in older adults and in children
107 APA review confirms link between playing violent video games and aggression
108 Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet
109 Helping Siri hear through a cocktail party
110 Can science predict gang killings?