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1 Photoredox catalyst unlocks new pathways for nickel chemistry
2 South American example illustrates Rocky Mountain formation
3 Postmenopausal women prefer vaginal estrogen to achieve higher sexual quality of life
4 Evolution peaks on tropical mountain
5 The Lancet: Listening to music improves recovery after surgery and should be available to everyone having an operation
6 Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy linked with liver cancer
7 Protons and antiprotons appear to be true mirror images
8 New study confirms listening to music during surgery reduces pain and anxiety
9 Pulmonary hypertension: A growing problem in US children
10 Fetal ECG during labor offers no advantage over conventional fetal heart rate monitoring
11 McMaster hematologist identifies different limb loss syndromes
12 Moderate physical activity associated with lower risk of heart failure in men
13 Debate: Should the NHS provide free access to wi-fi?
14 Concern over claims about how technology affects young brains
15 Octopus genome sequenced
16 Study links insulin resistance with language problems in women
17 Color changing sand fleas flummox predatory birds
18 Male doctors are more likely to have legal action taken against them
19 Retrieving eggs earlier during IVF may improve success rates for older women
20 Octopus shows unique hunting, social and sexual behavior
21 Developing a targeted hydrogel to treat inflammatory bowel disease
22 Fetal ECG readings offer no advantage over heart rate monitoring during labor
23 Pelvic pain may be common among reproductive-age women, NIH study finds
24 Exercise may be associated with reduced disease activity in children with MS
25 Powering off TB: New electron transport gene is a potential drug target
26 Making the 9-1-1 call for stroke differs by race, sex
27 Genetic analysis supports elevating Cape Parrot to new species
28 Unique behaviors of larger Pacific striped octopus observed in captivity
29 Value-added models focus of JSM 2015 panel discussion
30 Statisticians using social media to track foodborne illness and improve disaster response
31 Statistical model predicts with high accuracy play-calling tendency of NFL teams
32 Songbirds make mysterious altitude changes during nighttime migratory flights
33 Migratory patterns of eastern Golden Eagle population revealed
34 Blood vessel 'doorway' lets breast cancer cells spread through blood stream
35 Study finds little improvement in mortality rate for extremely preterm infants since 2000
36 A better way to personalize bladder cancer treatments
37 Meat food waste has greater negative environmental impact than vegetable waste
38 Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet
39 Young, Jupiter-like planet discovered
40 More details on origin of world's favorite beer-making microbe
41 Apes may be closer to speaking than many scientists think
42 Marks on 3.4-million-year-old bones not due to trampling, analysis confirms
43 NASA's Hubble finds supernovae in 'wrong place at wrong time'
44 Prehistoric carnivore dubbed 'scarface' discovered in Zambia
45 Rogue supernovas likely flung into space by black hole slingshots
46 Jupiter-like planet discovered outside our solar system
47 Lawrence Livermore scientists discover new young planet
48 The stomach is the way to a woman's heart, too
49 Studies reveal how anesthesia's brain effects differ in older adults and in children
50 APA review confirms link between playing violent video games and aggression
51 Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet
52 Helping Siri hear through a cocktail party
53 Can science predict gang killings?
54 Advance in photodynamic therapy offers new approach to ovarian cancer
55 Scientists discover what controls waking up and going to sleep
56 Fortified against blindness
57 N/A
58 Critically endangered species successfully reproduced using frozen sperm
59 NIH-funded study establishes genomic data set on Lassa virus
60 Gemini-discovered world is most like Jupiter
61 New information is easier to learn when composed of familiar elements
62 New technology could reduce wind energy costs
63 Study: What gets said should be what's heard; what gets heard should be what's meant
64 Mayo Clinic-led study validates tool for pt. reporting side effects in cancer clinical trials
65 Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet
66 Georgia Tech finds 11 security flaws in popular internet browsers
67 Heavy smokers and smokers who are obese gain more weight after quitting
68 Surgeons refine procedure for life-threatening congenital heart defect
69 Setting prices centrally, w/optimization yields higher profits than local pricing: INFORMS
70 Researchers detail carbon output from rivers and streams
71 Transplant recipients more likely to develop aggressive melanoma
72 New study examines the link between hospital care for self-harm and risk of death
73 Gestational diabetes: A diabetes predictor in fathers
74 COPD patients with psychological conditions have higher rate of early hospital readmission
75 Study suggests Ontario nearing UN targets to help end AIDS epidemic
76 Biochemist studies oilseed plants for biofuel, industrial development
77 Birth factors may predict schizophrenia in genetic subtype of schizophrenia
78 Heat release from stagnant deep sea helped end last Ice Age
79 Dentists tapped for new role: Drug screenings
80 NIH study finds cutting dietary fat reduces body fat more than cutting carbs
81 New optical chip lights up the race for quantum computer
82 Sequestered prion protein takes the good mood away, suggests new hypothesis on depression
83 Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals
84 New research reveals unintended consequences of using incorrect medical foods in managing patients
85 Cesarean section on request--The risks outweigh the benefits
86 One in 2 dies in hospital
87 Progress toward the perfect pea
88 New study reveals Tetris can block cravings
89 The role of B cells in the enhancement of pollen allergy
90 Black phosphorus surges ahead of graphene
91 Smoking ban linked to drop in stillbirths and newborn deaths
92 Diversity provides stability among the animals in the wild
93 How do continents break up?
94 Grammar: Eventually the brain opts for the easy route
95 Microbial companions of humans and animals are highly specialized
96 Methane, water enshroud nearby Jupiter-like exoplanet
97 N/A
98 Team finds a better way to engineer therapeutic proteins into antibodies
99 Study: As days warm, RI emergency visits, deaths could rise
100 Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet
101 How beneficial bacteria protect intestinal cells
102 Toxic blue-green algae pose increasing threat to nation's drinking, recreational water
103 Newly discovered brain network recognizes what's new, what's familiar
104 Gravel-camouflaged nests give threatened shorebirds a boost
105 CO2 emissions change with size of streams and rivers
106 Protein-packed breakfast prevents body fat gain in overweight teens
107 Overreliance on imagination may be a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder
108 Can stem cells cause and cure cancer?
109 Quantum computing advance locates neutral atoms
110 Male elephant seals use 'voice recognition' to identify rivals, study finds