File Title
1 Brain disease scenarios revised by step-by-step imaging of toxic aggregation
2 Smart hydrogel coating creates "stick-slip" control of capillary action
3 Findings illuminate animal evolution in protein function
4 Research group develops low-cost bi-functional carbon nanotube sponges
5 Acetic acid as a proton shuttle in gold chemistry
6 Ultra-thin hollow nanocages could reduce platinum use in fuel cell electrodes
7 Bleach a possible key to life on earth
8 The light of fireflies for medical diagnostics
9 New mussel-inspired surgical protein glue: Close wounds, open medical possibilities
10 'Molecular sponge' advancement in storing hydrogen
11 Perovskite solar technology shows quick energy returns
12 Why is life left-handed? The answer is in the stars
13 Novel glycoengineering technology gives qualitative leap for biologics drug research
14 Finding the origins of life in a drying puddle (w/ Video)
15 Study could lead to a new class of materials for making LEDs
16 Structures reveal basis of recurring urinary tract infections
17 Studies reveal details of error correction in cell division
18 Bioluminescence in lanternsharks appears to help with reproduction
19 Researchers discover new type of mycovirus
20 Study shows a way to tell if your hamster is happy
21 Stressed out plants send animal-like signals
22 Ants use brawn and brains to haul heavy loads
23 Chimpanzees binge on clay to detox and boost the minerals in their diet
24 Pygmies' stunted growth explains human success
25 Sex among eukaryotes is far more common than once believed
26 Cystic fibrosis microorganisms survive on little to no oxygen
27 Head and body lice read DNA differently
28 Researchers develop new 'portable power supply' for engineering microbes
29 Close-up film shows for the first time how ants use 'combs' and 'brushes' to keep their antennae clean
30 Ancient proteins involved in DNA repair could shed light on tumor development
31 Plant light sensors came from ancient algae
32 Technology helps personalized medicine, enabling epigenomic analysis with a mere 100 cells
33 Study shows how a kernel got naked and corn became king
34 Some vaccines support evolution of more-virulent viruses
35 3-D image of malaria 'conductor' aids search for antimalarial drugs
36 DeepBind predicts where proteins bind, uncovering disease-causing mutations
37 Researchers find short tracks of DNA may aid in regulating human gene expression
38 Driving myelination by actin disassembly
39 Parasitic flatworms flout global biodiversity patterns
40 TOPLESS plants provide clues to human molecular interactions
41 Ancient fossils reveal remarkable stability of Caribbean lizard communities
42 French teen finds 560,000 year-old tooth (Update)
43 Unique tooth structure allowed predatory dinosaurs to efficiently crunch flesh and bone
44 Past and present genomes tell the story of Native American biological origins
45 Best of Last Week--Dark matter acting like pions, changes to astronaut skin and illusion of knowledge by experts
46 The couple who Facebooks together, stays together
47 Competitive gaming group tightens grip on anti-doping measures
48 Math key factor in career fields where women are underrepresented
49 Oldest known Koran text fragments discovered
50 First evidence of farming in Mideast
51 Genetic studies link indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australasia
52 Genome analysis pins down arrival and spread of first Americans
53 Archaeologists use new methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming
54 New research effort claims King Phillip II buried in Tomb I not Tomb II
55 21st century technology deciphers ancient Hebrew scroll
56 Nonprofit calls for less talk, more action to make the scientific enterprise sustainable
57 Best of Last Week--Peaks on Pluto, fastest ever flexible diode and sleep deprivation's impact on ability to read faces
58 Opinion: Has Lance Armstrong's impact in cycling and beyond been a net positive?
59 Five bizarre fossil discoveries that got scientists excited
60 Researchers find romantic kissing not nearly as universal as thought
61 Jurassic saw fastest mammal evolution
62 Feathered cousin of 'Jurassic Park' star unearthed in China
63 Oldest lizard embryos discovered in fossil eggs
64 Researchers develop math model to determine greatness of cities
65 50 million year old sperm cells found in fossilized cocoon
66 New pig model will provide insights into early detection, new treatments of cancers
67 Researchers find links between individual characteristics and disability employment gap
68 Blocking a gene reduces fat
69 Mild hypothermia in deceased organ donors improves organ function in kidney transplant
70 Women's immune system genes operate differently from men's, study finds
71 Long telomere length associated with increased lung cancer risk
72 Surprising similarity in fly and mouse motion vision
73 The result of eating too much salt can be measured in blood pressure
74 Study finds brain chemicals that keep wakefulness in check
75 Using proliferative properties of cancer cells to rejuvenate cardiac progenitor cells
76 Type 1 diabetes patients have lower blood levels of four proteins that protect against immune attack
77 Researchers illuminate key role of NOX proteins in liver disease
78 Generalized anxiety disorders twice as likely in those with inflammatory bowel disease
79 Antibiotics increase risk of hearing loss in patients with deadly bacterial infections
80 Red grape chemical may help prevent bowel cancer but less is more
81 Proof-of-concept study shows successful transport of blood samples with small drones
82 Targeted therapy shows effectiveness against a subtype of the brain tumor medulloblastoma
83 Women who are socially well integrated have lower risk for suicide
84 Taking St. John's wort for depression carries risks: study
85 Prescription for medical students: A day at the art museum?
86 Naturally occurring protein fragment found in brain inhibits key enzyme implicated in Alzheimer's
87 Closing the gap on developing a vaccine for middle ear infections
88 Bioethicists call for end to 'pay-to-play' clinical research
89 Prostate 'organoid' hints at how early BPA exposure may increase cancer risk
90 What the shape of your face says about you
91 Scientists discover experimental therapy for chronic inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer
92 How resistance to a new cancer treatment might be overcome
93 Scientists identify gene vital for rebuilding intestine after cancer treatment
94 Ebola cases fall to year low but WHO warns of trouble ahead
95 Not resecting ideal candidates ups mortality in liver cancer
96 Four-legged fossil snake is a world first
97 Scientist criticizes media portrayal of research
98 Visionary leader of China's genomics powerhouse steps down
99 Rice researchers redress retraction
100 Nitrogen glaciers flow on Pluto
101 Oil droplets turn cells into tiny lasers
102 NASA launches mission to Greenland
103 Hospital checklists are meant to save lives--so why do they often fail?
104 Budget showdown leaves US science agencies in limbo
105 Exclusive: Genomics pioneer June Wang on his new AI venture
106 Historic human burials identified
107 Neanderthals had outsize effect on human biology
108 'Half-pipe' telescope will probe dark energy in teen Universe
109 The boom in mini stomachs, brains, breasts, kidneys and more
110 The week in science: 24-30 July 2015
111 Hacked molecular machine could pump out custom proteins
112 A view From the Bridge: Graphene structures at the cutting edge
113 Could students solve the irreproducibility crisis?
114 Charismatic lion's death highlights struggles of conservation scientists
115 Ocean scientists pore over path of possible MH370 wing flap
116 Secret service
117 Realistic risks
118 Tropical protection
119 Faith and science can find common ground
120 History: From blackboards to bombs
121 Policy: Define biomass sustainability