File Title
1 Dasabuvir and ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir: Hint of added benefit in further patients
2 Animal-eye view of the world revealed with new visual software
3 Adding price tag to medicine packs just 'headline grabbing gimmick' says dtb
4 Important regulation of cell invaginations discovered
5 Bacteria that prevent type 1 diabetes
6 Believing you are overweight may lead to further weight gain
7 DNA repair: Pincer attack
8 Diabetes drug modulates cholesterol levels
9 Siblings of children with schizophrenia show resilience to the condition as they grow up
10 Scientists report explanation for protein clumps in brain cells of patients with ALS
11 Shorter course of radiation improves quality of life for breast cancer patients
12 New algorithm aimed at combating science's reproducibility problem
13 The Lancet: Internet program to encourage handwashing reduces spread of cold and flu viruses
14 New research tool tracks real-time DNA-protein binding in cells
15 Study finds association between blood levels of trace metals and risk of glaucoma
16 Hypofractionation vs. Conventional fractionation in breast cancer radiotherapy
17 Artificially evolved robots that efficiently self-organize tasks
18 Psychologists develop first adult self-assessment for repetitive behaviors in autism
19 Dark and marked: Strikingly colored new fleshbelly frog from the Andean cloud forest
20 Scientists show how aging cripples the immune system, suggesting benefits of antioxidants
21 Chemists find new way to do light-driven reactions in solar energy quest
22 Vaccine protects against Ebola when administered 7 days ahead
23 Gene deletions and duplications reveal our genetic storyline
24 Data from Nepal reveals the nature of megathurst earthquakes
25 Wealthy countries may feel flooding effects more in the future
26 Observing live energy production by malignant cells
27 Scientists discover how key proteins segregate vital genetic information during mitosis
28 UNC scientists pinpoint how a single genetic mutation causes autism
29 Kidney impairment decreases blood flow to the brain, boosting risk of brain disorders
30 Rapid aging of the thymus linked to decline in free radical defenses
31 Chemical-only cell reprogramming transforms human and mouse skin cells into neurons
32 Even if severe allergic reaction is in doubt, epinephrine should be used
33 Why it's hard to make a bunny mad: Examining prion disease resistance in rabbits
34 The heads of these Brazilian frogs are venomous weapons
35 Excessive workout supplement use: An emerging eating disorder in men?
36 Punishing a child is effective if done correctly
37 Falling off the wagon with Facebook
38 Researchers identify drug candidate for skin, hair regeneration in scarred burn and trauma victims
39 When fat is the solution: Using adipose cells to attenuate chagasic cardiomyopathy
40 It takes a lot of nerve: Scientists make cells to aid peripheral nerve repair
41 Land animals proliferate faster than aquatic counterparts
42 Mutations linked to genetic disorders shed light on a crucial DNA repair pathway
43 Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change not due to natural solar trends
44 Familiar drugs may block Ebola virus infection
45 New endoscopic, non-surgical bariatric options show promise for treating obesity
46 Researchers collaborate in development of brain-friendly interfaces
47 Pediatric brain tumors can be classified noninvasively at diagnosis
48 UGA researcher calls for more natural baseline data collection in world's oceans
49 Copper clusters capture and convert carbon dioxide to make fuel
50 Scientists move a step closer to understanding species distributions in the face of climate change
51 ED counseling program fails to reduce partner violence or heavy drinking
52 New research may enhance display & LED lighting technology
53 Charge density and optical properties of multicomponent crystals
54 Studying yeast provides new insight to genome evolution
55 Study looks at Google Glass to bring toxicology specialists to remote emergency rooms
56 Fermilab experiment sees neutrinos change over 500 miles
57 Web-based patient-centered toolkit helps improve patient-provider communication
58 Scientists adopt new strategy to find Huntington's disease therapies
59 Pouring fire on fuels at the nanoscale
60 Controlling inflammation to reduce chronic disease risk
61 Ruxolitinib in polycythaemia vera: Hint of non-quantifiable added benefit
62 New test measures effectiveness of treatments for Huntington's disease
63 Salt flat indicates some of the last vestiges of Martian surface water
64 Crime-scene compound may be newest tool in fight against malaria
65 Anti-aging researchers develop new algorithm that provides precision medicine for cancer patients
66 Big dinosaur discoveries in tiny toothy packages
67 Candidate voice pitch influences voters
68 'Caveman instincts' may favor deep-voiced politicians
69 Linking cell-population to whole-fish growth
70 Pupil shape linked to animals' ecological niche
71 How yeast doubled its genome--by mating between species
72 Switching mouse neural stem cells to a primate-like behavior
73 Silently suffering from hearing loss negatively affects quality of life
74 How 16th Century observations paved the way for Darwin's landmark study
75 How common is sexting?
76 Big data maps world's ocean floor
77 Promising drug for Parkinson's disease: Study supports fast track to clinical trials
78 Study indicates first steps towards preventing suicide attempts by offenders
79 Common medications could delay brain injury recovery
80 Analysis of men's & women's tennis performance finds differences from match format
81 Linking survey and administrative data better gauges impact of federal anitpovery efforts
82 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Universal iodine supplementation during pregnancy could offer huge cost savings
83 Statistical technique helps cancer researchers understand tumor makeup, personalize care
84 Why use a 2-D cursor in a 3-D world? Computer cursors are going 3-D!
85 Can music help people with epilepsy?
86 Bringing the Tasmanian devil back to mainland Australia would restore ecosystem health
87 Guam research aids native trees
88 Common class of 'channel blocking' drugs may find a role in cancer therapy
89 Research pours cold water on ice bath recovery theory
90 Dartmouth team uses smart light, shadows to track human posture
91 Trust me: Dartmouth researcher sheds light on why people trust
92 Knee replacement is effective treatment for degeneration caused by Blount disease
93 Dartmouth researcher discovers 'brain signature' that predicts human emotions
94 Keeping beef in the center of the plate
95 Non-native marine species' spread, impact explained by time since introduction
96 Research shows catastrophic invertebrate extinction in Hawai'i and globally
97 Survey reveals best practices that lead to high patient ratings of hospital care
98 Researchers identify nerve-guiding protein that aids pancreatic cancer spread
99 Charting the slow death of the Universe
100 Scripps Florida scientists determine how antibiotic gains cancer-killing sulfur atoms
101 Engineering a permanent solution to genetic diseases
102 JDR articles discuss diet, dental caries and health policy
103 Traitors in our midst: Bacteria use toxins to turn our own bodies against us
104 Stepchildren who view former stepparents as family maintain relationships after divorce
105 Rice U. discovery may boost memory technology
106 New ORNL hybrid microscope offers unparalleled capabilities
107 New research sheds light on the molecular origins of Parkinson's disease
108 Researcher uses vibrations to identify materials' composition
109 Movie theaters in developing economies should consider the big screen
110 New digital seafloor map provides answers and more questions