File Title
1 The future of travel? A glass tube called Hyperloop
2 Teaching old dogs new tricks with 'smart harness'
3 Who is Wendy and why is this dinosaur named after her?
4 Gene therapy for deafness moves a few steps closer
5 Nobel medal to be auctioned to help train scientists
6 Bear necessities: low metabolism lets pandas survive on bamboo
7 Buzzkill: global warming shrinks range of pollinating bumblebees
8 Comet team says lander gets back in touch with new data
9 India investigating breach of space agency unit's website
10 NASA's New Horizons probe finds Pluto is bigger than predicted
11 After 50-year hunt, science finds pentaquarks
12 Chimaera device paves way for wireless pain relief
13 PlanetiQ tests sensor for commercial weather satellites
14 Scientists use 'therapeutic cloning' to fix mitochondrial genes
15 Tiny Pluto sports big mountains, New Horizons finds
16 Genetically modified diamondback moth offers pest control hope
17 Designers build spiral staircase to the treetops
18 New dinosaur called 'fluffy feathered poodle from hell'
19 No solace for food-deprived polar bears as sea ice wanes
20 Aiyeeeee! Human screams jolt brain's fear-response center
21 Scientists puzzle over Pluto's polygons
22 Seattle's long-broken tunnel-boring machine set to resume November 23
23 Astronauts' skin gets thinner in space, scientists say
24 Comet lander falls silent, scientists fear it has moved
25 The $100 million question: are we alone in the cosmos?
26 Faulty metal brace likely doomed SpaceX Falcon rocket, Musk says
27 Plant 'milkers' seek molecules for medicines and make-up
28 Bionic hand uses smart wires to mimic muscle fibers
29 Astronomers discover most Earth-like planet yet
30 Unmanned Delta rocket blasts off with U.S. military satellite
31 Scientists control mouse brain by remote control
32 NASA spacecraft shows Pluto wrapped in haze, ice flows
33 In Africa's 'cradle,' an old fossil site yields new finds
34 Toothy terror: dinosaurs like T. rex had unique serrated teeth
35 U.S. investigators blame Virgin Galactic crash on lax pilot training
36 Scientists identify men who died at Virginia's Jamestown 400 years ago
37 Lithium find in exploding star could help solve astronomy puzzle
38 NASA tests new camera at a space station
39 Saving rhinos in a lab
40 Philae lander shows there's more to comets than soft dust
41 Minority Report-type insect robots jump on water
42 GM moths could end cabbage ravage
43 Earth's 'magnetic personality' much older than previously thought
44 When is a jackal not a jackal? When it's really a 'golden wolf'
45 U.S. lawmakers question NASA, Air Force on blast probe led by SpaceX
46 U.S. Air Force closely following SpaceX blast probe: general
47 Star Trek-style home elevator could replace stairlifts
48 U.S. drones capture breath samples from humpback whales in study
49 U.S. researchers show computers can be hijacked to send data as sound waves
50 New tidal energy system could help power UK, say developers
51 Fishermen's messaging service saves lives, boosts income in east India
52 NASA extends contract with Russia for rides to Space Station
53 Fly catcher robot to speed up insights into Alzheimer's
54 House panel asks NASA why it isn't probing SpaceX blast
55 New tadpole disease affecting frogs across globe, scientists find
56 Orbital ATK buys second Atlas rocket launch for space station run
57 Eco-friendly 3D printed supercar
58 Music boosts recovery from surgery, reduces pain
59 Armed and dangerous: octopus genetic secrets unveiled
60 Comet lander still silent, scientists shift focus to drilling
61 Scientists use bioengineered yeast instead of poppies to make opioids
62 Astronomers photograph a baby Jupiter in another solar system
63 Scientists researching brain disorders create super-clever mice
64 Human bones in Pennsylvania thought to be from 1918 flu pandemic
65 New biomarker identified in breast and prostate cancers holds promise for treating disease
66 Brain's ability to dispose of key Alzheimer's protein drops dramatically with age
67 Fish go deep to beat the heat
68 High-altitude climate change to kill cloud forest plants
69 Study finds Texas voter photo ID requirement discourages turnout
70 Protein may trigger cancer cell's metabolism
71 Urban ERs see high rates of hepatitis C infection
72 Many seniors overestimate their mobility
73 Five ways to improve health information exchange in ERs
74 BIDMC researchers identify new vitamin B3 pathway
75 Science journal letter highlights salmon vulnerability
76 EARTH: Oceans revealed on icy moons
77 Study: Women hurt more by breakups but recover more fully
78 Childhood physical and sexual abuse linked to ulcerative colitis
79 Single dose Ebola vaccine is safe and effective in monkeys against outbreak strain
80 Some radiation okay for expectant mother and fetus
81 A sticky situation
82 High blood sugar of diabetes can cause immune system malfunction, triggering infection
83 Gravitational constant appears universally constant, pulsar study suggests
84 Domestic violence coalitions can reduce intimate partner violence
85 Tweeting responses to complaints on social media triggers new complaints, INFORMS study
86 One size does not fit all when it comes to marrow fat, scientists say
87 NASA's Hubble finds evidence of galaxy star birth regulated by black-hole fountain
88 Abusive men put female partners at greater sexual risk, study finds
89 Topical gel proves safe, effective treatment for patients with skin T cell lymphoma
90 Mutant cells that can't copy DNA keep dividing when they shouldn't
91 Caltech-led team looks in detail at the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal
92 Flexible dielectric polymer can stand the heat
93 If you purchase an embarrassing product online, do you still blush? New study says yes
94 Genders differ dramatically in evolved mate preferences
95 Sorting through thickets of stars in elliptical galaxies far, far away
96 Patient-funded trials may do more harm than good, ethicists warn
97 Increased use of renewables results in growing GHG emission savings in the EU
98 Fly model of motor neuron degeneration provides new avenues for exploration in humans
99 Paleo diet: Big brains needed carbs
100 Pesticides: More toxic than previously thought?
101 Neutrophil and cancer cell 'crosstalk' underlies oral cancer metastasis
102 Why the human heart cannot regenerate
103 Protein identified that favors neuroprotective glial cell formation from stem cells
104 How do optical illusions work? (video)
105 World-largest petawatt laser completed, delivering 2,000 trillion watts output
106 Saturn's rings in a supercomputer
107 Innovative components for an imaging system in the terahertz range
108 The secret to the success of insects
109 Predator from a tank: New water mite genus from bromeliad phytotelmata
110 Safe motorcycle helmets--made of carrot fibers?