File Title
1 Astronomers locate protogalaxy linked to the cosmic web
2 Helmeted tree frog species are world's first venomous frogs
3 Africa's fires mean less rain during the dry season
4 Massive communal spider webs cover trees in Dallas suburb
5 Study to help suburbanites have a pretty and bee-friendly lawn
6 Can cloud forests survive climate change?
7 Fish off Australia's coast dive deep to avoid heat
8 Study: Hunters have vertical pupils, the hunted have horizontal pupils
9 NASA joins Tumblr, starts multiple blogs
10 Fermilab experiment sees neutrino oscillation
11 ISS astronauts eat their inaugural 'home-grown' harvest
12 Researchers detail second da Vinci smile
13 Chemical cow feed additive to counter bovine farts
14 World population to top 11 billion by end of the century
15 Underwater monolith found off Sicilian coast
16 Clearing wild vegetation doesn't improve crop health
17 Study: China exporting ozone to the United States
18 Doctors attempt to grow a monkey arm in the lab
19 Charged liquid droplets levitate atop electric blue light
20 Study: Universe is slowly dying
21 Earth's frogs threatened by spreading tadpole disease
22 Research nixes link between solar activity, climate change
23 Glacial meltwater in Antarctica nourishes feeding 'hot spots'
24 Rosetta comet produces 'firework' display as it nears the sun
25 MIT engineers build, test bartending robots that work together
26 Wild boar populations growing across Europe
27 How to watch Wednesday night's Perseids meteor shower
28 Scientists decode octopus genome, reveal cephalopod secrets
29 New CSI technique could put a time stamp on fingerprints
30 Do Legos and Googling hamper creativity?
31 Medieval wooden 'sea monster' pulled from Baltic Sea
32 Humans to blame for demise of gigantic ancient mammals
33 Bears get freaked out by UFOs
34 Scientists consider reintroducing Tasmanian devils to Australian mainland
35 Ants can tell each other apart by smell
36 Study: Apes may not be that far away from talking
37 Bird song-recognition mobile app launches
38 British coast once teemed with exotic marine life
39 Genes of a common pond algae reveal great potential
40 Young marmosets learn vocalizations from their parents
41 Computerized 'fishing expedition' hooks 12,500 virus genomes
42 Carnivorous conchs are decimating oyster populations
43 Stanford researchers say 'home brew' opiates still nonviable, but create opiates in secure lab
44 A new CSI tool could pinpoint when fingerprints were left behind (video)
45 Quantum computing advance locates neutral atoms
46 Paving the way for a faster quantum computer
47 Helping Siri hear through a cocktail party
48 Rapid eye movements in sleep reset dream 'snapshots'
49 Computer scientists find mass extinctions can accelerate evolution
50 Mass extinction survival is more than just a numbers game
51 Trans fats, but not saturated fats, linked to greater risk of death and heart disease
52 More details on origin of world's favorite beer-making microbe
53 The evolution of beer
54 Toxic blue-green algae pose increasing threat to nation's drinking, recreational water
55 NIH-developed Epstein-Barr virus vaccine elicits potent neutralizing antibodies in animals
56 SIV shrugs off antibodies in vaccinated monkeys
57 Researchers track the neural circuits driving a fly's choice of a mate
58 Protons and antiprotons appear to be true mirror images
59 Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals
60 Grammar: Eventually the brain opts for the easy route
61 Meat food waste has greater negative environmental impact than vegetable waste
62 Average EU consumer wastes 16 percent of food; most of which could be avoided
63 UK bottom of European avoidable food waste league
64 When fruit flies get sick, their offspring become more diverse
65 Police more likely to be killed on duty in states with high gun ownership
66 Alert to biologists: Ribosomes can translate the 'untranslated region' of messenger RNA
67 Low-fat diet results in more fat loss than low-carb diet in humans
68 NIH study finds cutting dietary fat reduces body fat more than cutting carbs
69 Georgia Tech finds 11 security flaws in popular internet browsers
70 Can science predict gang killings?
71 'Fishing expedition' nets nearly tenfold increase in number of sequenced virus genomes
72 Young, Jupiter-like planet discovered
73 Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet
74 Lawrence Livermore scientists discover new young planet
75 SwRI scientists study nitrogen provision for Pluto's atmosphere
76 Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change not due to natural solar trends
77 Astronomers discover new planet orbiting two stars
78 Tenth transiting 'Tatooine'
79 Cassiopeia's hidden gem: The closest rocky, transiting planet
80 Newly identified tadpole disease found across the globe
81 Traitors in our midst: Bacteria use toxins to turn our own bodies against us
82 Pupil shape linked to animals' ecological niche
83 Scientists move a step closer to understanding species distributions in the face of climate change
84 Science journal letter highlights salmon vulnerability
85 Severe droughts could lead to widespread losses of butterflies by 2050
86 Population changes, priorities cause woodlands to increase
87 Caltech-led team looks in detail at the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal
88 NSF awards grants for study of Nepal earthquake
89 Parental experience may help coral offspring survive climate change
90 Skeletal muscle atrophy in congestive heart failure
91 Slowing down muscle loss in heart failure patients
92 Statisticians develop new 2-cycle dose-finding method for personalized cancer treatments
93 Statistical technique helps cancer researchers understand tumor makeup, personalize care
94 Testosterone supplementation does not result in progression of atherosclerosis
95 Statistical model helps police identify crime series; speeds apprehension of perpetrators
96 Analytics for resilience
97 Statistical model uses transaction attributes to better target marketing resources
98 World population likely to surpass 11 billion in 2100
99 Study finds Texas voter photo ID requirement discourages turnout
100 Earliest evidence of reproduction in a complex organism
101 Research with bite
102 Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change
103 What killed off the megafauna?
104 Centuries-old shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast
105 Discovery in growing graphene nanoribbons could enable faster, more efficient electronics
106 Fermilab experiment sees neutrinos change over 500 miles
107 A sticky situation
108 Safe motorcycle helmets--made of carrot fibers?
109 Molecular trick alters rules of attraction for non-magnetic metals
110 Artificially evolved robots that efficiently self-organize tasks
111 Can music help people with epilepsy?
112 How common is sexting?
113 'Caveman instincts' may favor deep-voiced politicians
114 Candidate voice pitch influences voters