File Title
1 The science of roller coasters
2 Treatment reduces anxiety and memory loss in mice, shows potential for human use
3 London excavation crew discovers 17th century Great Plague mass grave
4 Stanford researchers convert yeast into painkillers
5 Humanity overspent on 2015 natural resource budget
6 Why humans could benefit from cougars in the Eastern US
7 Gang-related homicides follow a specific pattern, study finds
8 Prehistoric 'Scarface' mammal discovered in Zambia
9 Police more likely to be killed in states with higher gun ownership
10 Actually, apes can (kinda) speak
11 NASA launches space-watch UI design contest
12 NASA test fires RS-25--its next big engine
13 Wanna get your ash off this planet? It's now cheaper
14 Rosetta's Comet 67P makes closest approach to Sun
15 Faint 'young Jupiter' spotted with methane atmosphere
16 Stars you can only see in the Northern Hemisphere
17 Despite recent successes, is NASA in trouble?
18 This telescope warns us of asteroid impacts and saves our butts
19 Asteroid mining could be less than 10 years away, experts claim
20 Is our universe slowly dying?
21 UK police investigates 'cyber flashing' incident
22 How can we improve machine hearing?
23 'Motherly robot' evolves creations to improve performance
24 Oh baby, it's an auto-following stroller!
25 Man grows ear on his own arm to broadcast his life online
26 Tetris beats cravings from sex to smoking, study finds
27 'Electric highways' could charge electric cars
28 Hillary Clinton hands over email server to FBI
29 Londoners evacuated due to unexploded WWII bomb
30 Woah: Droplets levitate over blue light cushion
31 Air pollution kills more than 4,000 people per day in China
32 How do you get to a woman's heart? Through her stomach!
33 How to read classroom body language
34 What causes a heart attack?
35 Eye movements 'change scenes' during dreams
36 Nutritionist: Is the Bulletproof Diet actually healthy?
37 Our brains are not as cramped as we thought
38 ADD vs. ADHD: What's the difference?
39 Autism, schizophrenia linked to same receptors in brain
40 Scientist: I'm going to code a film into DNA
41 Technical Talk on Drug Development: Avoiding Potholes in Process Development
42 Komprehensiv Proud to Support Girls who Inspire Volunteer and Empower (GIVE)
43 Attorney Steve Sumner Delivers 2014 DUI Wrap-up for South Carolina Bar
44 The Name of the Creator Cannot be Replaced with Titles like God and Lord says Yisrayl Hawkins this Week
45 NorthStar Alarm Recognized as One of the Top Home Security Providers in the U.S. by SDM
46 New Friends of Science Climate Change Billboards Welcome Montreal Grand Prix Revellers
47 TRIC Showcases Pipe Bursting Equipment at Annual SF Blue Book Showcase
48 Exigent Appoints Former Schlumberger Legal Manager and Senior Counsel to the Board
49 Dream Analyst, David Rivinus, to Lecture on Dream Interpretation
50 Komprehensiv Proud to Support Girls who Inspire Volunteer and Empower (GIVE)
51 Create Fantastic 3D Animations with the Animator's Modeler (TAM)
52 iSS, LLC is now proudly offering VisionArt products to their Clients
53 AVAC Announces its Kickoff to Summer and Launch for 100k Step Club
54 WANRack Completes Fiber Optic Wide Area Network for the Converse County School District
55 Issues of Virtual Machine Software Licensing Solved with the Release of CrypKey Version 8
56 Changefirst Leads the Way in Change Management with New E-learning Course
57 PA DCED Recognizes DonorPro as Governor's ImPAct Award Winner
58 Forest-Dwelling Lizards Extend Translucent Glow to Attract Mates (WATCH)
59 Painkillers: OxyContin Now FDA-Approved to Treat Some Children
60 Carnivorous Pre-Mammal Species Dubbed 'Scarface' Identified
61 Young, Alien 'Jupiter' Exoplanet Discovered with Gemini Planet Imager
62 Paralyzed Men Can Move Again After New Treatment
63 Alzheimers: New Symptoms May Mean that Neurodegeneration Began in the Past
64 Spiky, Prehistoric 'Monster' Lived 500 Million Years Ago in China
65 Pink Salmon at Risk of Acidification in Oceans and Freshwater with CO2 Increases from Climate Change
66 Colon Cancer: New Discovery Leads to Personalized Approach
67 3D Printing: World's First 3D Printed Supercar Is Named Blade
68 Obesity: Grape Seed Oil May Provide Weight-Loss Clue
69 Facebook: Social Network Changes Its News Feed Algorithms to See What Videos You're Watching
70 iPhone 6S: New iPhone Has Already Entered Production
71 Monarch Butterfly Species Faces Critical Decline: 80 Percent in 2 Decades
72 Cats' Kill Count Ignored by Pet Owners, New Study Discovers
73 Rats Dream About Their Future, like Humans
74 Relationships: Children from Low-Income Backgrounds Thrive More with Solid Friendships
75 'Eternal Flames' of Ancient Times May Reveal Gas Seepages
76 Mom's Obesity May Hurt Her Unborn Baby's Immune System
77 Abdominal Weight Gain May Be More Common in Those Who Skip Meals
78 Giant Pandas Don't Have the Gut Bacteria to Properly Digest Bamboo
79 How the Burmese Python's Extreme Body Changes Occur After It Eats
80 Aliens May be Trying to Contact Earth: Radio Waves Align in Strange Mathematical Pattern
81 Mock Mars Mission Takes Six More 'Astronauts' to the Red Planet on Hawaii
82 Comet Makes Closest Approach to the Sun Today with Rosetta Along for the Ride
83 Climate Change May Impact the Health of Those Living on the Gulf Coast
84 China's Air Pollution Kills More than 4000 People Each Day
85 Critically Endangered Black-Footed Ferret Kits Born Using Frozen Sperm
86 Stillbirth Drop Linked to Smoking Ban
87 APA Report Links Higher Risk of Physical Aggression to Video Game Players
88 Mass Extinctions May Accelerate Evolution--At Least with Robots
89 Bears Freaked Out by UFOs that Wildlife Biologists Use
90 Quantum Computing Scheme May Cause Operations to Occur Without Order
91 Levitating Droplets Emit Blue Light as They Float on a Cushion of Plasma
92 Mystery Booms Plaguing California Residents Finally Have a Source
93 Humans Have Used Up a Year's Worth of Earth's Resources in 9 Months
94 New app lets fishermen help FWS track endangered species
95 Bumblebee flight patterns altered by pollen load
96 Astronomers detail largest feature in the universe
97 Europe's latest weather satellite produces first image of Earth
98 Wild bonobo speech resembles human baby talk
99 Study: Spiders eavesdrop to gain edge on sexual competition
100 Research explains earthworm digestion
101 Can fish evolve to become less catchable?
102 Great Plains agricultural greenhouse gas emissions could be eliminated
103 2015 Gulf 'dead zone' bigger than normal
104 Study names two new whale-eating deep-sea shrimp species
105 NASA video shows far side of the moon pass in front of Earth
106 Study: Horses and humans share facial expressions
107 Study: All planetary rings governed by particle distribution principle
108 Wasps turn spiders into nest-building zombies
109 New anglerfish species discovered in the Gulf of Mexico
110 Seasons affect how human eyes process color