File Title
1 Deadly jellyfish "milked" to save lives
2 Scientists determine how antibiotic gains cancer-killing sulfur atoms
3 New hydrogel stretches and contracts like a heat-driven muscle
4 Eliminating entanglements: A new strategy towards ultra-soft yet dry rubber
5 Copper clusters capture and convert carbon dioxide to make fuel
6 Protein may trigger cancer cell's metabolism
7 Mathematical kinetics model accurately depicts grain-level corrosion plaguing metal alloys
8 Chemists report nicotine-chomping bacteria may hold key to anti-smoking therapy
9 Researchers study and improve small molecule that possesses impressive ability to adhere in wet environments
10 Protective shells may boost silicon lithium-ion batteries
11 Researchers use 'seafloor gardens' to switch on light bulb
12 Investigating metal-organic frameworks as clean-up agents for nuclear waste
13 Biochemical sensor implanted at initial biopsy could allow doctors to better monitor, adjust cancer treatments
14 Understanding the firefly's glow
15 Materials scientists take big step toward tougher ductile ceramics
16 Revealed: Helicobacter pylori's secret weapon
17 Look at me! Forest-dwelling anoles 'glow' to attract attention
18 BESC creates microbe that bolsters isobutanol production
19 'Fishing expedition' nets nearly tenfold increase in number of sequenced virus genomes
20 New evidence suggests marmosets learn vocalizations from parents
21 Capturing cell growth in 3-D
22 Apes may be closer to speaking than many scientists think
23 Team genetically engineers yeast to produce opioids
24 When fruit flies get sick, their offspring become more diverse
25 Team discovers the ancient origins of deadly Lassa virus
26 Alert to biologists: Ribosomes can translate the 'untranslated region' of messenger RNA
27 How beneficial bacteria protect intestinal cells
28 How do ants identify different members of their society?
29 Researchers track the neural circuits driving a fly's choice of a mate
30 Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals
31 Songbirds make mysterious altitude changes during nighttime migratory flights
32 Male elephant seals use 'voice recognition' to identify rivals
33 Octopus shows unique hunting, social and sexual behavior
34 First cephalopod genome contains unique genes involved in nervous system, camouflage
35 Antarctic fur seals have unique 'scent profile' to recognise their pups
36 Toxoplasma parasite's greedy appetite may be its downfall
37 How human cells can dissolve damaging protein aggregates
38 Research shows jackdaws can recognise individual human faces
39 Sand fleas have ability to change color in order to match dramatically different backgrounds
40 Predators might not be dazzled by stripes
41 Study shows ancient British shores teemed with life
42 Marks on 3.4-million-year-old bones not due to trampling, analysis confirms
43 Grammar: Eventually the brain opts for the easy route
44 Millionaires are more generous in 'communal' interactions than 'strategic' exchanges
45 Human language may have started differently than thought
46 New model describes cognitive decision making as the collapse of a quantum superstate
47 Fossil pollen grains found in Antarctica push back evolutionary history of daisy family
48 Human societies think fast and slow in cycles, mathematicians find
49 Mass extinction survival is more than just a numbers game
50 Collaboration study shows people lie more when colluding
51 Study suggests long term collaborations result in more productive scientific careers
52 Big data analysis of state of the union remarks changes view of American History
53 Parents' math anxiety can undermine children's math achievement
54 Best of Last Week--Neutrino oscillations, photo of the moon and Earth and neuro impact of body posture during sleep
55 'Caveman instincts' may favor deep-voiced politicians
56 Ancient mammoth remains found in Switzerland
57 Construction project leads to discovery of ancient Jewish ritual bath with mysterious writing
58 Big dinosaur discoveries in tiny toothy packages
59 Researchers find romantic kissing is not the norm in most cultures
60 Study shows moral judgment influenced by locality, time and authority figures
61 Can genes make us liberal or conservative?
62 Archaeologists uncover entrance gate and fortification of Biblical city
63 Earliest evidence of reproduction in a complex organism
64 Best of Last Week-- a blow for supersymmetry, a saltwater lamp and sleep found to make memories more accessible
65 Model shows how surge in wealth inequality may be reversed
66 More evidence supports that kids' headaches increase at back-to-school time
67 Can your brain control how it loses control?
68 More American children diagnosed with ADHD
69 Team develops a more patient-friendly solution for sleep apnea
70 Genetic variant ups risk of graft-versus-host disease in HSCT
71 Ultrasound overused for undescended testicle care
72 Almost 1 million signed up for Obamacare after open enrollment
73 Coping tips for summer weather hazards
74 Novel diagnostic tool for ethnically diverse non-small-cell lung cancer patients
75 Higher intelligence score means better physical performance
76 GlaxoSmithKline to reopen plant where Legionnaires' found
77 Genetically engineered pigs: Advance looks promising
78 Scientists identify a mechanism of epidemic bacterial disease
79 Scientists uncover a difference between the sexes
80 Low-fat diet results in more fat loss than low-carb diet in humans
81 Can America cope with a resurgence of tropical disease?
82 Rural medicare beneficiaries receive less follow-up care
83 Receptors in brain linked to schizophrenia, autism
84 Astrocytes found to play a key role in regulating neural networks
85 'Brainy' mice raise hope of better treatments for cognitive disorders
86 Omega-3 may block psychosis years later, study finds
87 Biologists find malaria parasites lost drug resistance after health policy changes
88 Cellular factors that shape the 3-D landscape of the genome identified
89 The stomach is the way to a woman's heart, too
90 One technique therapists use that really helps depressed patients
91 Scientists discover what controls waking up and going to sleep
92 Study links insulin resistance with language problems in women
93 Molecular discovery paves way for new diabetic heart disease treatments
94 Gestational diabetes: A diabetes predictor in fathers
95 Forget Freud, research on dream imagery may help us understand consciousness
96 Common Meds May Trip Up Older Men
97 New Hope for Hearing Loss
98 When More Medication Isn't Necessarily Better
99 How Heart Attacks Affect Life Expectancy
100 Dangerous Weight Loss Linked to Common Dementia Rx
101 New Guidelines: When to Use Epinephrine
102 For Older Adults, a Little Exercise Might Do a Lot
103 Preventing Cancer with a Pill
104 Weight Loss Surgery Benefits Were Short-Lived
105 The Importance of Exercise for Young Teens
106 Bypass Surgery and Booze May Not Mix
107 In Low T Patients, an Unexpected Hormone Therapy Benefit
108 Take Heart: Low T Treatment Didn't Hurt Arteries
109 The Latest Skinny on Trans Fats
110 Walk Your Way to Heart Health
111 Detailing the True Risks of Eye Injections
112 Opioid Pain Rx Approved for Kids
113 Southern Diet, You're Giving Me a Heart Attack