File Title
1 Surprising discoveries about 2-D molybdenum disulfide
2 Engineers 'sandwich' atomic layers to make new materials for energy storage
3 Black phosphorus surges ahead of graphene
4 Nano-style sheets may aid health, shield ecosystem
5 Sediment dwelling creatures at risk from nanoparticles in common household products
6 Elastic drug delivery technology releases drugs when stretched
7 Graphene nanoribbon finding could lead to faster, more efficient electronics
8 Scientists make tantalum oxide practical for high-density devices
9 New hybrid microscope offers unparalleled capabilities
10 Large-area integration of quantum dots and photonic crystals produce brighter and more efficient light
11 Heart-shaped Li-ion battery printed on a cup shows batteries can be printed almost anywhere
12 Chemists find new way to do light-driven reactions in solar energy quest
13 Lasers tailor graphene for new electronics technology
14 Sandcastles inspire new nanoparticle binding technique
15 Team claims to have created a sample of stanene
16 Tip-enhanced Raman scattering can distinguish between two structurally similar adjacent molecules
17 Aluminum could give a big boost to capacity and power of lithium-ion batteries
18 Fast times and hot spots in plasmonic nanostructures
19 New clot-busting treatment targets number one killer
20 Study explores nanoscale structure of thin films
21 Researches demystify the ferroelectric properties observed in hafnium-oxide-based thin films
22 Bend me, shape me, any way you want me: Scientists curve nanoparticle sheets into complex forms
23 From cameras to computers, new material could change how we work and play
24 Better together: graphene-nanotube hybrid switches
25 Transparent, electrically conductive network of encapsulated silver nanowires
26 Mini X-ray source with laser light
27 Molecular scientists unexpectedly produce new type of glass
28 New optical chip lights up the race for quantum computer
29 Cosmic mystery deepens with discovery of new ultra-high-energy neutrino
30 Insight into obscure transition uncovered by X-rays
31 New diamond laser 20 times more powerful
32 How much is your time really worth? Student paper evaluates the economics of thought
33 Quantum computing advance locates neutral atoms
34 Protons and antiprotons appear to be true mirror images
35 Using an electron to probe the tiny magnetic core of an atom
36 Attosecond electron catapult
37 Researchers reveal new electron ring formations
38 Microresonators could bring optical sensors, communications
39 CMR induced in pure lanthanum manganite
40 Droplets levitate on a cushion of blue light
41 Sustainability matters, even in complex networks
42 Paving the way for a faster quantum computer
43 New metamaterial device solves the cocktail party problem
44 Measuring the smallest vibration
45 Research team creates a superfluid in a record-high magnetic field
46 Portable ultra-broadband lasers could be key to next-generation sensors
47 New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging
48 Caltech announces discovery in fundamental physics
49 Team records neutrinos from the Earth's mantle
50 Novel material design for undistorted light waves
51 Rosetta's big day in the sun
52 Cassini to make last close flyby of Saturn moon Dione
53 Rogue supernovas likely flung into space by black hole slingshots
54 Rosetta hits 'milestone' in comet's run past Sun
55 Methane, water enshroud nearby Jupiter-like exoplanet
56 Astronomer creates music using star oscillations
57 Gecko grippers moving on up
58 Philae silver lining: robot lab shielded from sun
59 Oxymoronic black hole RGG 118 provides clues to growth
60 Scientists provide new tools for predicting arrival, impact of solar storms
61 Scientists study nitrogen provision for Pluto's atmosphere
62 How much contamination is OK on Mars 2020 rover?
63 One decade after launch, Mars Orbiter still going strong
64 Charting the slow death of the Universe
65 Russian cosmonauts wrap up spacewalk (Update)
66 Comet 67P, robot lab Philae's alien host, nears Sun
67 Meals ready to eat: Expedition 44 crew members sample leafy greens grown on space station
68 'Spectacular' meteor showers to light up the sky
69 Astronomers discover a tenth transiting "Tatooine"
70 Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change not due to natural solar trends
71 Salt flat indicates some of the last vestiges of Martian surface water
72 Scientists discover elusive gamma-ray pulsar with distributed computing project
73 Bright spots and a pyramid-shaped mountain on Ceres
74 Gravitational constant appears universally constant, pulsar study suggests
75 Hubble finds evidence of galaxy star birth regulated by black-hole fountain
76 Company in Canada gets U.S. patent for space elevator
77 Programming and prejudice: Computer scientists discover how to find bias in algorithms
78 On Wikipedia, politically controversial science topics vulnerable to information sabotage
79 Researchers at RIT seek to solve the problem of looping with Meshed Tree Protocol
80 Money gushes into California firm's water-saving shower
81 Transforming farm residues into biofuels and more
82 Could a digital pen change how we diagnose brain function?
83 Ohm has worked up a drop-in replacement for car battery
84 Software can automatically critique composition of digital photographs
85 From protein design to self-driving cars: UW team wins AI prize for optimization approach
86 New technology could reduce wind energy costs
87 Two jumbo phones from Samsung ahead of expected new iPhone (Update)
88 Team finds 11 security flaws in popular internet browsers using new analysis method
89 Researchers turn 3D world into 'projection screen' for better robot-to-human communication
90 Touchjet WAVE transforms the TV into a giant tablet
91 Computer scientists find mass extinctions can accelerate evolution
92 Bioengineers advance computing technique for health care and more
93 Flickr photo data used to predict people's locations
94 An insect eye for drones
95 On the origin of (robot) species
96 Animation research moves forward, one wardrobe at a time
97 Wireless power transfer tech: Trials set for England's offroads
98 Computer scientists introduce new graphics software
99 Exploring comfortable skin-worn sensors for touch input
100 'Machine teaching' holds the power to illuminate human learning
101 Team finds a better way to engineer therapeutic proteins into antibodies
102 Microscopic rake doubles efficiency of low-cost solar cells
103 Scientists discover precise location of active sites on popular catalyst
104 New spectroscopy technique provides unprecedented insights about the reactions powering fuel cells
105 Researchers pioneer use of capsules to save materials, streamline chemical reactions
106 How lipids are flipped
107 Photoredox catalyst unlocks new pathways for nickel chemistry
108 Researchers construct atomic model of an immature retrovirus
109 Device may detect urinary tract infections faster
110 Study finds the origin of 'odd-even' effects