File Title
1 U.S. Dietary Guidelines 2015: Skipping Breakfast Doesn't Make You Fat? Experts Weigh in on Updated Federal Dietary Guidelines
2 War in Space? U.S., Russia, China Deploying and Testing Military Power in Outer Space
3 States Federal Water Rule: 13 States Unite to Halt Clean Water Rule Implementation
4 Gravitational Constant Proves to Be Truly Constant Throughout Universe
5 World Population: 11 Billion by 2100 Due to Growth in Africa
6 Tadpole Disease Protist May Threaten Frog Populations Worldwide
7 Planet with 'Tatooine' View Found Orbiting Within Habitable Zone of 2-Star System
8 Nefertiti Tomb May Have Been Hidden by Tutankhamun's Grave
9 Solar Activity's Link to Climate Change Discounted with Corrected Data
10 Animas River: Toxicologists Fear Lingering Health Effects Caused by Metal Spill
11 Lightning and Rainbow Captured at Same Time! (SEE IT)
12 Perseid Meteor Shower to Be Brilliant Due to Dark Moon, Jupiter
13 C-Section, Spatial Attention: Birthing Procedure May Affect Baby's Ability to Focus, Says Study
14 Chocolate, Parkinson's Disease Links: Daily Chocolate Supplements May Reduce Parkinson's Symptoms? Study Hopes to Find Links
15 Deadly Reptiles like Crocodile, Alligators Sing to Each Other; Dinosaurs May Have Done the Same, Says Study
16 Second Da Vinci Smile Discovered: La Bella Principessa's 'Uncatchable Smile' Reveals Illusion Technique in Da Vinci Portrait
17 Flu Prevention Without Vaccines: Scientists Discover Key Protein to Naturally Prevent Flu
18 Steroids: Pneumonia Patients May Benefit from Corticosteroid Therapy, Study Finds
19 MIT BeerBots: Robot Bartenders Work as a Team, Deliver Drinks Faster than Humans (VIDEO)
20 ISS Spacewalk: Russian Astronauts Clean Windows of Space Station
21 Great White Shark 'Deep Blue': Real-Life Jaws Caught on Camera?
22 'Oxymoronic' Tiny Supermassive Black Hole Reveals Secrets of Growth
23 Graphene Nanoribbon Growing Technique Brings Us Closer to Ultra-Fast, Super-Efficient Electronics
24 Robot that Can Have 'Babies' Uses Principles of Evolution to Create 'Fitter' Models (VIDEO)
25 Octopus Genome Sequenced for the First Time, Revealing Its Unique Evolutionary Secrets
26 Two-Headed Cobra Discovered in China
27 World Elephant Day: Baby Elephant Reunited with Mother After Three Years (VIDEO)
28 IVF Odds: Frozen Eggs for Fertility Treatments Not Always Successful; Early Egg Retrieval in Older Women May Boost Success
29 Pelvic Pain: Reproductive-Age Women Suffer Unexplained Pelvic Pain; Many Cases Unreported, Says Study
30 Plague Pit Unearthed in London: 17th Century Burial Plot Reveals 30 Black Death Victims (VIDEO)
31 Central Nervous System: Scientists Film Nervous System Activity; Take a 3-D Tour (VIDEO)
32 Heart Disease and Trans Fat: Trans Fat Linked to Higher Risk of Dying from Heart Disease
33 Cape Parrot's DNA of New Species? New Genetic Evidence Suggests Cape Parrot Is a Distinct Species
34 Milky Way as Seen from the Himalayas (PHOTO)
35 Mars: SLS RS-25 Tests Streaming Live Right Here! (LIVE STREAM)
36 Exercise in adolescence may reduce adult cancer risk, all-cause mortality for women
37 Study identifies delays in lung cancer treatment due to missed diagnostic testing
38 Mindfulness meditation may help smokers quit--even those with no willpower
39 Reconstructing ancient virus should help scientists improve gene therapies
40 New noninvasive treatment enables paralyzed men to move again
41 Potential target for future Huntington's disease treatment discovered
42 First ever successful field testing of Ebola vaccine reported
43 Modern nuclear disasters: biggest risk is mental, not physical illness
44 How Coca-Cola affects your body when you drink it
45 Wound closure more effective when surgeons listen to their preferred music
46 Scientists discover gene that controls body clock
47 Urine test for pancreatic cancer a step closer
48 Cerebral palsy: researchers uncover evidence of genetic causes
49 Scientists discover how bees naturally immunize their offspring
50 'Brain training' app could improve lives of people with schizophrenia
51 Biomarker discovery offers 'glimmer of hope' for women with aggressive breast cancer
52 Picky eating linked to underlying psychological problems in children
53 Neuroblastoma cancer cells weaken immune system 'like kryptonite'
54 Young dads at greater risk of death in middle age, study suggests
55 6 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
56 FDA approve dual gastric balloon for treatment of obesity
57 High-dose vitamin D supplements 'do not improve bone health' for postmenopausal women
58 New 'drug-entrapped' artificial blood vessels stay clot-free
59 Warning about the dangers of measles may sway vaccine skeptics
60 World's first 3D-printed drug approved by FDA
61 Clot-busting nanocapsule could 'revolutionize stroke and heart attack treatment'
62 Lentils: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information
63 Women, black patients have poorer life expectancy after heart attack
64 Implantable biosensor could monitor progress of cancer therapy
65 Antidepressant use in pregnancy: study investigates benefits and risks
66 Eating spicy foods regularly may extend lifespan
67 Music in operating theaters could impair communication
68 Do some women feel stigmatized if they are unable to breastfeed?
69 Birth control pill protects against endometrial cancer for decades
70 Poor thinking skills linked to greater risk of heart attack, stroke
71 'Start high and go low' dosing strategy advised for chronic insomnia
72 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): Facts and Side Effects
73 Stress found to influence brain networks and reduce self-control
74 Could sleeping on one's side reduce risk of Alzheimer's?
75 Study finds no link between teen marijuana use and poor later-life health
76 Ovarian cancer not as fatal as previously thought, study finds
77 How do different energy sources affect public health?
78 High-GI diet may raise depression risk for postmenopausal women
79 High salt intake may increase MS risk for people with genetic susceptibility
80 Scientists discover how a gene mutation causes autism
81 10 health risks of chronic heavy drinking
82 Age-related immune system decline slowed by antioxidants
83 Clearance of Alzheimer's protein in brain reduces with age
84 Topical drug leads to complete remission for some patients with rare skin lymphoma
85 Students' health impacted by early school starts, say CDC
86 Bodybuilding supplement overuse 'an eating disorder'
87 How a crime scene compound could help combat malaria
88 Promise for new anti-smoking therapy with 'Pac-Man' bacteria
89 Untreated hearing loss may lead to depression
90 How does religion affect the wellbeing of cancer patients?
91 Patients at risk of clots may be missing out on life-saving treatment
92 Parkinson's could be slowed with existing drug
93 Brain injury recovery may be hampered by commonly used drugs
94 Sexting may boost relationship satisfaction, study finds
95 Better support for released offenders may reduce suicide risk
96 Could listening to music help treat epilepsy?
97 Shorter course of high-dose radiation therapy 'better for breast cancer patients'
98 Existing class of drugs may halt Ebola, Marburg viruses
99 Depression, bipolar may raise heart disease risk in teens
100 Scientists probing molecular origins of Parkinson's disease highlight two proteins
101 Potential 'obesity gene' discovered
102 Risk of heart disease increased with Southern diet
103 Under-the-desk pedal device could reduce sedentary behavior for office workers
104 New IVF approach could boost success rates for older women
105 Gene therapy hope for recurrent ovarian cancer patients
106 Death and heart disease risks increased with trans fats, not saturated fats
107 Breath test for early-stage liver disease steps closer
108 Testosterone therapy may improve heart health for older men
109 Studies fall short on identifying best cleaning methods for preventing hospital infections
110 Coca-Cola and the problem with industry-funded research
111 IVF: use of frozen eggs linked to poorer live birth rates
112 Bone fractures do not heal the way we thought, study finds
113 Male doctors more likely to face legal action than female colleagues
114 Brain scans may help predict success of therapy for psychiatric disorders
115 Music may reduce pain, anxiety after surgery
116 Dramatic fall in chickenpox cases thanks to vaccine, study finds
117 Does becoming a parent make us miserable?