File Title
1 Veggies in space: Will future astronauts dine on zero-G zucchini?
2 Astounding NASA image captures the moon's far side
3 Breathtaking photo shows moon crossing Earth's face (+video)
4 Curiosity Mars rover completes third year on Red Planet (+video)
5 Are fish evolving to outswim trawlers?
6 Is your dog good with faces?
7 Wasps create 'zombie' spiders to do their bidding, say scientists
8 Scientists discover venomous frogs--the hard way
9 What you think of as 'yellow' changes with seasons, say scientists
10 Humongous whirling gas cloud holds clues to how galaxies form
11 Horses and humans share facial expressions, study says
12 NASA spacecraft snaps spectacular images of moon transiting Earth (+video)
13 A new fish species is lighting up the ocean's 'midnight zone'
14 Two studies offer new clues to how galaxies form and emerge from 'dark ages'
15 The eyes have it: What pupils reveal about predators and prey
16 Rosetta and comet 67P approach their rendezvous with the Sun
17 Giant spider webs invade Dallas suburb: Where did they come from?
18 The Perseids are coming: How to watch the meteor shower of the year (+video)
19 ISS astronauts dine on space lettuce. Is this the future of farming? (+video)
20 Scientists confirm the universe is ending. But not quite yet.
21 Fireballs and shooting stars: Why Perseid meteor shower is so spectacular
22 Planet hunters discover circumbinary exoplanet. Wait, what is that?
23 Archeologists may have solved mystery of the 'Lost Colony'
24 Drought-sensitive butterflies could be extinct in UK by 2050
25 How a private space company is planning to mine asteroids by 2025
26 How can a supermassive black hole be teeny?
27 How do you wash a window 250 miles from Earth's surface?
28 Scientists find new way to grow graphene: Future of electronics?
29 ESA: Lost Probe Philae Discovers Organic Molecules
30 Hamsters Are Happier When Given Extra Perks (STUDY)
31 Mars Exploration: NASA Hopes to Resolve Traffic Jam Around Red Planet as More Orbiters Circle Its Atmosphere
32 Music and Surgery: Surgeons Stitch and Close Wounds Best When Listening to Good Music in the O.R., Study Finds
33 Teen Health: Sporty and Physically Active Teenage Girls Reap Long-Term Health Benefits as Adults, Says Study
34 Earth 2.0 Ticket Goes on Sale, but Can Humans Travel to the Earth-Like Planet Kepler-452b Soon? Scientists Explain the Scenarios
35 Picky Eating: Children Who Are 'Picky Eaters' More Likely to Have Depression and Anxiety
36 Bees Vaccinate Their Babies Even Before They Are Born, Study Finds
37 NASA Releases Video of 'Space Peanut' Asteroid During Earth Flyby (WATCH)
38 Empire State Building Endangered Animals: Endangered Species Illuminate New York Skyline (VIDEO)
39 hitchBot: Hitchhiking Robot Destroyed in Philadelphia
40 Coffee Consumption of One to Two Cups Daily Decreases Forgetfulness in Old Age
41 Alligator in Florida: 'Chunk' of Leg Bitten Off Worker During Attack
42 Cecil the Lion: Second American Doctor Accused of Illegally Hunting a Lion in Zimbabwe
43 NASA Captures Mysterious Image that Shows Space Crab-Looking Creature on Mars
44 Brain Training App May Reduce Effects of Schizophrenia
45 Reproduction 565 Million Years Ago Looked a Lot like What We See in Modern Day Plants
46 Obama Announces Landmark Proposal to Combat Climate Change
47 Star Migration in the Milky Way Revealed for the First Time in Stunning New Map
48 Climate Change: Endangered Galapagos Penguin Population Grows as Wind Patterns and Ocean Currents Shift, Says Study
49 Space Debris: Engineers Build Pac-Man like Satellite to Clean Up Junk in Space (VIDEO)
50 Cancer Prehabilitation: More Patients Join Prehab Programs to Improve Chances Before Cancer Treatments, but What Are Its Pros and Cons?
51 Buzz Aldrin Moon Expenses: Apollo 11 Astronaut Shares Travel Vouchers and Customs Forms (TWEETS)
52 Solar System Made of Small Earths and a Small Saturn Is Discovered by Astronomers from University of Geneva
53 Brain Injury Attention Issues: Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Attention Lapses in Kids, Study Finds
54 Insect Robot that Walks on Water Could Raise Concern Over Increased Surveillance, Covert Government Operations (VIDEO)
55 3D Printed Drug: FDA Gives the Green Light On 3-D Printed Epilepsy Drug
56 Lizard Man: South Carolina's Legendary Creature Spotted? (VIDEO)
57 Bumblebees Fly Differently Depending on the Load They're Carrying, Scientists Report
58 Glaciers May Be Melting Faster than They Ever Have, Study Shows
59 Bonobos Talk like 'Babies': Does this Mean They're Evolving Towards Human Language?
60 Graphene Could Be Used to Create Greener, Lighter Cars
61 'UFO' at JFK? 'Flying Saucer' Caught on Camera Flying Past Virgin Atlantic Plane (VIDEO)
62 Planet Formation Mimicked in Lab for First Time; Secrets of the Universe Revealed (VIDEO)
63 'Quietest' Gas Allows Researchers to Hear the Whispers of Quantum Effects
64 Robot with Whiskers Could Find and Track Things in Dark Environments
65 Solar Panel Energy Efficiency Could Be Boosted More than 30 Percent with New Coating
66 Gates of Goliath's City Discovered in Israel
67 Childhood Obesity: PE Teachers Have Bias Against Fat Kids, Says Study
68 Earthworms, Toxins: Scientists Unravel Digestive System Mystery to Why Earthworms Can Eat Dirt and Dead Leaves
69 Sex with Robots: Scientist Say Intimate Relationships with Machines Will Be Normal in 50 Years
70 Super Typhoon Soudelor Hits South East Asia the Strongest
71 Liberals vs. Conservatives: Political Party Preference Determined by Genetics, Especially for Women, Study Says
72 Ring of Gamma Ray Bursts 5 Billion Light-Years Across Should Be Too Large to Exist
73 Scientists Share Craziest and Most Embarrassing Work-Related Mishaps in #FieldWorkFail
74 Moon Photobombs Earth: NASA's DSCOVR Releases New Images of Moon's Mysterious Far Side (VIDEO)
75 Archaeology: 2,000-Year-Old Jewish Message Found in Secret Chamber; Experts Say It's 'A Very Significant Discovery' (VIDEO)
76 Depression in Women Linked to Highly Refined Carbohydrates, Says Study
77 Lexus Hoverboard in Action Brings You to the Future (VIDEO)
78 Solar Power: See-Through Solar Film Transforms Glass, Plastic into Power Generators
79 Alaskan Woman Mauled by Grizzly Bear While Jogging with Co-Worker
80 Colorado Plague Victim: Second Death in 2015 Reported in Southern Part of State
81 Scary-looking Deep-Sea Fish Discovered by Researchers
82 Iran Clones Mouflon, Rare Wild Sheep, Using Surrogate Ewe
83 Cancer Killing Pill? Birth Control Pill Prevented 200,000 Cancer Cases; Endometrial Cancer Rate Lowered in Last Decade, Study Says
84 Fertility: Bacon and Processed Meat Affect Fertility Treatment Success, Study Finds
85 Perseid Meteor Shower 2015: How and Where to Watch the 'Best Meteor Shower in Years'
86 Venomous Frogs with Deadly Head-Butt Poison Discovered by Scientists the Hard Way
87 Elasmosaur Alaska: Scientists Unearth 'Ridiculously' Long-Necked Marine Reptile on Talkeetna Mountains
88 Eye Shape Could Indicate an Animal's Spot in the Food Chain
89 New Drug Promises Instant Cure for Meth Addiction by Erasing Memory
90 Danish Dairy Research Foundation Finds that Butter Is Bad for You
91 Monolith Mediterranean: Stonehenge-Like Structure Found Underwater by Archaeologists Near Sicily
92 ISS Astronauts to Grow Green Vegetables on Space Station
93 Fermilab's NOvA Detector Spots Neutrino Oscillations, Bringing Us Closer to Understanding the 'Ghostly' Particles
94 World's First 'Aqueous Solar Flow' Battery Achieves 20 Percent Energy Savings Using the Sun
95 Darwin's 'Landmark' Plant Reproduction Study May Have Started Centuries Before His Time
96 Video Shows What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating
97 Yellowstone Supervolcano Explosion: 90,000 Could Perish in Eruption, Scientists Demonstrate Scenario
98 Music Therapy Helps Epilepsy? New Study Suggests Music Might Help Seizure Patients
99 Reading and Kids: Brain Scan Proves Heightened Brain Power, Positive Effects of Reading Aloud to Kids
100 ISS Salad: Astronauts Eat Space-Grown Vegetable for the First Time
101 California Drought: San Jose's Guadalupe River Completely Dry
102 Global Warming Could Cause Fish to Dive Deeper, Escaping Commercial Fishing
103 Climate Change: Will the Residents of Kivalina Become America's First Climate Change Refugees?
104 Japan Divided Over Restart of First Nuclear Reactor Since Fukushima
105 Mars: Woman Captured in Photo by NASA's Curiosity Rover?
106 Colorado Mine Spill Larger than Originally Estimated
107 Universe Is Headed for an 'Eternal Doze' as Energy Slowly Fades
108 Climate Change and Increase in Droughts Could Wipe Out Many Butterfly Species by 2050
109 White Humpback Whale: 'Son of Migaloo' Awes Whale Watchers in Gold Coast, Australia (VIDEO)
110 Cancer and Religion: Patients with Strong Faith Suffer Cancer Symptoms Less, Says Study