File Title
1 Salamanders and Fatal Fungus: Must Regulate to Save, Say Researchers
2 Bees and Health: Natural-Vaccine Discovery Opens Doors
3 Antarctic Fish Development and Climate: Heat Plus Carbon
4 'Without Doubt,' a Sixth Mass Extinction Event is Here
5 Century-Old Rice Blight Finally Toppled? Key to Immunity Discovered
6 Rare penguin and Climate Change: Cold Current Surprise
7 Agriculture and Parasitic Plants: How They Snag Hosts and Ruin Crops
8 Coral Reefs and Climate Change: Maybe Reefs Could Keep Pace with Sea Rise?
9 Fossil and Earliest Reproduction: 565-Million-Year-Old Canadian Organism
10 Earthquake and Early Warning: $4 Million to 4 West Coast Universities
11 [VIDEO] Physics and Space: Particles Gather and Cluster as in Outer Atmosphere
12 Citizen Science and Endangered Species: USFW Tracks with Anglers' App
13 Earthquake and Fault Zones: How Can Some Rocks Stay Precariously Balanced?
14 $39K Science-Book Prize Short List Announced
15 New Archaeology and Cave Writing: 2000-Year-Old Message in Jerusalem
16 New Anglerfish: Deep in Gulf of Mexico, Pale Fish Angles for Prey
17 Earthquake and Medieval City: Modern City Connection?
18 Horses or Apes: Which Has More Facial Expressions?
19 Venomous and Frog: Two Brazilian Frogs Discovered
20 Agricultural Fires and Drought: Human-Set Fires in Africa Altering Rain
21 Birdsong and Neurological Conditions: Brain-Path Learnings
22 Sandstone Arches and National Parks: Testing for Collapse Likelihood
23 Meet the African Golden Wolf: New Canine Discovered After 150 Years
24 Ants and Their Food: How Perpetually Lost Breadwinners Find Their Way [VIDEOS]
25 Habitable Planets: Geochemical 'Sweet Spot' Could Refine the Search
26 Ancient Lakebed and Mars: A Long-Lived Lake Supported Life?
27 Climate Change: Killing Cloud-Side Forests
28 Snakes and Crocodiles: One is a Species Super-Star, and Why
29 [Interactive]Geology and Seabed: Digital Map Shows New Depth of Basins
30 Bonobos Babble like Human Babies: What it Means
31 It's Official: The Universe Is Dying Slowly
32 Biggest Art Heist Ever: Will Released Tape Bring Paintings Back?
33 10 Interesting Facts About Heroin
34 Medieval Sword Carries Mysterious Inscription
35 Astronauts Snack on Space-Grown Lettuce for First Time
36 Omega-3s May Prevent Full-Blown Schizophrenia
37 Mysterious Sunken Ship May Have Belonged to French Baron
38 Understanding the 'Shape' of Data to Shape Our World
39 Does Testosterone Improve Men's Sex Lives?
40 LOL, Haha or Hehe? Online Laughter Differs by Age, Gender
41 2 Hours of Standing at Work May Boost Your Health
42 Trans Fat Linked to Heart Disease, Huge Study Review Concludes
43 Reference: Niacin (Vitamin B3): Benefits & Side Effects
44 The Dangers of Going Gluten-Free (Op-Ed)
45 Reference: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Sources, Benefits and Dosage
46 Sea Lion 'Aerospace': High-Thrust, Low Wake
47 Smart People Live Longer--Here's Why
48 6 Myths About Miscarriage
49 Why Your Eyes Dart Around When Dreaming
50 Hiking in Bear Country? How to Prevent an Attack
51 Cheers! Yeast's Evolutionary Journey Gave Beer Its Flavor
52 Colorado Mine Spill Aftermath: How to Clean a River
53 Are Smart Mini Sensors the Next Big Thing? (Op-Ed)
54 Why is China building the world's largest radio telescope?
55 What killed off the woolly mammoth? Climate change
56 Stadium lights alter bat behavior, study says
57 Latest on Pluto: flowing nitrogen ice, lofty haze, 'a dream come true' (+video)
58 Stephen Hawking on Reddit: What would you ask?
59 Why Lake Tahoe is so blue (and how to measure it)
60 Climate change drove sloths, mammoths to extinction, say scientists (+video)
61 Scientists solve bizarre 'hair ice' mystery (+video)
62 Rarely seen beaked whale washes ashore in Massachusetts
63 New Horizons snaps spectacular shot of Pluto's atmosphere
64 Success in Kickstarter campaign to save Neil Armstrong's spacesuit (+video)
65 Astounding New Horizons photos reveal Pluto's atmosphere, surface (+video)
66 Are Sierra Nevada wildfires getting worse now with climate change?
67 What would it be like to live on Earth's planetary 'cousin'? (+video)
68 Breathtaking Pluto images reveal icy dwarf planet's plains and mountains (+video)
69 Reboot the suit: With $500,000 pledged, Smithsonian sets sights even higher
70 Musk, Hawking, Chomsky: Why they want a ban on killer robots.
71 Despite glitch, planet hunter's discoveries keep rolling in (+video)
72 Musk, Hawking: Terminate killer robots before they terminate us (+video)
73 T. rex's nine-inch, serrated teeth: A dentist's dream or nightmare?
74 Scientists unlock secrets of dinosaurs' powerful chomp
75 Climate change trifecta exacerbates urban, coastal flooding
76 Got a question for Stephen Hawking? Now's your chance.
77 Students in France find 560,000-year-old human tooth
78 See Pluto's frozen 'heart' in amazing detail
79 Drought in California: How farmers are coping
80 How 'crazy ants' band together to carry food
81 Blue moon: What is a blue moon and where can you see it? (+video)
82 Lithium discovered in exploding star clears up stellar mystery (+video)
83 Astronomers spot auroras outside our solar system (+video)
84 Amazing photo shows shining crater on Saturn's moon (+video)
85 Blue moon on Friday: What you need to know (+video)
86 How that historic flyby of Pluto almost didn't happen
87 Dwarf planet's mysterious bright spots create mini-atmosphere, say scientists
88 Only four northern white rhinos remain on Earth
89 World's most powerful laser: Why it's not the next Death Star
90 Is Washington D.C. sinking? How the city can adapt to flooding
91 'Blue moon': Where does that phrase come from?
92 Are brown dwarfs stars or planets? Check their auroras.
93 Why scientists want to ban pet salamander imports (+video)
94 Why do we love grumpy animal memes? Science explains.
95 Philae finds organic molecules on Comet 67P
96 Archaeologists discover 1,000-year-old weak spot in Earth's magnetic field
97 Can forests rebound from severe drought?
98 Will comet lander Philae wake up again?
99 New dog species: A golden wolf, disguised as a golden jackal
100 Spectacular blue moon amazes skywatchers (PHOTOS)
101 NASA puts Challenger, Columbia wreckage on public display for 1st time
102 Comet lander Philae detects organic molecules
103 Can insect legs help us design better airplanes?
104 Scientists find earliest evidence of reproduction in complex organism
105 How an orbital 'Pac-Man' could help clean up space junk
106 Bonobos speak like human babies, say scientists (+video)
107 How did the first animals reproduce? Mysterious creatures reveal clues
108 Why our office temperatures are set to be comfortable for men
109 Scientists explain earthworms' leaf-busting guts
110 Tokyo to L.A. in three hours? Airbus wins patent for Concorde successor.