File Title
1 Superbug Forecast: Infections Will Increase in US
2 Hot Finding: Spicy Food Linked with Longer Life
3 Miscarriage: Facts, Myths and Mysteries
4 Lion 'Factory Farms,' and the Dark Side of Wildlife Tourism (Op-Ed)
5 Helping Kids Beat the Summertime Bulge
6 How to Set High Goals Without Burning Out, According to Science
7 Ancient Mayan Tablet with Hieroglyphics Honors Lowly King
8 3D-Printed Spy Drones Could Be Built at Sea
9 An Encrypted Internet Is a Basic Human Right (Op-Ed)
10 Dancing Peacock Spider Is a Web Sensation
11 Planet Earth Shines in Weather Satellite's 1st Photo from Space
12 New York City Outbreak: What Is Legionnaires' Disease?
13 Stress May Sabotage Diet Willpower
14 New Breast Pump Could Offer More Freedom for Busy Moms
15 No Tusks: Ancient Walrus Cousin Looked More like a Sea Lion
16 New Jelly-Bean-Size 'Masked' Frog Discovered in the Andes
17 Frogs from Hell: Their Venomous Head Spikes Could Kill You
18 NY Legionnaires' Outbreak Highlights Nationwide Rise
19 Powerful DNA 'Editing' Has Arrived, Are We Ready for It?
20 Dangerous Roads: States with Most Drunk Drivers Revealed
21 Drunk Driving Rates by State
22 School Start Times in U.S. States: Full List
23 Yawn! School Starts Too Early for Teens, CDC Says
24 Warning for Nepal: April Earthquake Didn't Unleash All Its Energy
25 'Daily Show' Science: 7 Times Jon Stewart Got Nerdy
26 Nepal Quake Could Have Been Much Deadlier, Scientists Say
27 Overuse of Workout Supplements Highlights Men's Body Image Issues
28 How to Get Electricity to 300 Million People in India, Without Fossil Fuels
29 Why 10,000-Year-Old Gravity-Defying Rocks Haven't Toppled
30 Elephant-Size Underwater Blob Mystifies Divers
31 5 Ways Cecil the Lion Helped Scientists Understand Big Cats
32 Alien of the Deep Has Needle-Sharp Teeth & a Shiny Head Lure
33 Want 1, 2 or 3 Kids? Study Estimates When to Start Building Your Family
34 2,000-Year-Old Ritual Message Is Uncovered...Then Begins to Vanish!
35 Why Cats Have Vertical Pupils
36 Woman Loses Vision After Mosquito Bites
37 Why Does Plague Still Occur in the Western US?
38 Can Sexting Have Benefits for Couples?
39 Beautiful, Rat-Filled Island Seen from Space
40 Lightning Can Warp Rocks at Their Core
41 Tesla Unveils Snakelike Robot Charger for Electric Cars
42 Thirsty Butterflies Disappearing from the UK
43 Potentially Dazzling Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks this Week
44 NASA Contest Offers $25,000 for Earthquake Detection Ideas
45 Megacity: Beijing Quadrupled in Size in 10 Years
46 These are Data's Dark Ages, and that Needs to Change (Op-Ed)
47 Butter, Gravy and Sweet Tea? Southern Foods Tied to Heart Risks
48 Hatfields & McCoys Gather (Peacefully) to Unearth Relics at Last Battle Site
49 Coca-Cola Controversy: Is Exercising More or Eating Less Better for Weight Loss?
50 Obama orders stronger limits on power-plant emissions
51 Physicists announce graphene's latest cousin: stanene
52 Four-legged snake fossil sparks legal investigation
53 The slow-chemistry movement
54 Caution urged over editing DNA in wildlife (intentionally or not)
55 How Ebola-vaccine success could reshape clinical-trial policy
56 Hawaiian telescope project sparks protests at astronomy meeting
57 Crucial ocean-acidification models come up short
58 Trailblazing cancer--physics project accused of losing ambition
59 Bioethics accused of doing more harm than good
60 How to beat the next Ebola
61 Non-magnetic metals turned into magnets
62 GM-crop opponents expand probe into ties between scientists and industry
63 How the rubber-duck comet got its shape
64 Spotty sunspot record gets a makeover
65 Proposed Ebola biobank would strengthen African science
66 3D-printed device helps computers solve cocktail-party problem
67 Japan's nuclear revival won't lower carbon emissions enough
68 Fruit-fly brains filmed in action
69 Tropical protection
70 Driving test
71 Trial and triumph
72 Train Africa's scientists in crisis response
73 Disease outbreak: Finish the fight against Ebola
74 Sustainability: Don't waste seafood waste
75 Slugs and Nematodes: A Symbiotic, Megabus-Like Relationship?
76 Jurassic Mammals Underwent Record-Setting Evolution
77 Ancient Fish and Bering Land Bridge: Toothy Surprise
78 Mosquitoes and Malaria: The Risk of Multiple Feeders
79 Robot Engineer Hanu Singh Talks Glaciers and Robots
80 California and Almonds: If Industry Changes, Carbon-Neutral?
81 Climate Change: Fish May Outlive Us All
82 Asia and New Plants: Is There Alien Life, but also, Are There New Plants?
83 Greenland and Climate Effect: Sun May Be Driving Key Ocean Circulation
84 Robotic Submarine and Plankton Sampling: Learning Seep Secrets
85 Carbon Dioxide Pools and Robots: Volcanic Predictor, Carbon Info?
86 Dogs and Stress: Disposition Dictates How Well They Perform
87 Swans and Ecology: Health Check for Royal Birds
88 Boa Constrictors and Suffocation: New Way to Die
89 Coral Reefs and Synthetics: New Material, Clean Possibilities?
90 Animal Research and Acupuncture: Stress Hormone Decrease
91 Mammoths and Heat: Like Other Mega-Fauna, Warming Hurt
92 Bees and Pesticides: 70% Contamination in Massachusetts
93 Finches and Bad Parents: Why Some Birds Don't Listen
94 Mangroves and Global Sea Rise: Even More Resilient than Thought
95 Trematode and Flatworm: Mean, Parasitic, and Mobile
96 Dinosaur and Fossil: Alaska Paleontologists Find Plesiosaur, Swimming Dinosaur
97 Post Dinosaur Extinction: Fish, Not Mammals, Dominated
98 Kiwi Genes Hint at a Unique Evolution
99 Ivory: Sniffer Dogs at African Ports Now on Smugglers' Tails
100 Karner Blue and Butterfly: New York and 2 Other States, Comeback
101 Cleveland Lloyd Quarry and Photogammetry: New Look at Jurassic Predators
102 Carbon and Deserts: Aquifers Run Through It, Collect Human Emissions
103 Global Poll and Climate Change: Research on Getting Out the Word
104 Endangered Species and Tigers: Count Them to Keep Them?
105 Washington, D.C. and Coastal Cities: Capital Lowering Toward Ocean
106 Iron Age Remains and Earth's Magnetic Field: Key to Southern Africa Connection
107 Coffee and Sugar: How Molecules Do and Don't Get Along
108 Fruit Flies and Electric Fields: Potential for Pollinator Aid
109 Bees and Banned Pesticide: Die-Off in Portland, Ore.
110 Drought and Forests: Slower Recovery on Average?