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1 Paleo diet: Big brains needed carbs
2 Natural selection, key to evolution, also can impede formation of new species
3 Ancient Chinese archives track decline of rare apes
4 Effect of environmental epigenetics on disease, evolution
5 Earliest evidence of reproduction in a complex organism
6 Body size increase did not play a role in the origins of homo genus, new analysis suggests
7 Four million years at Africa's salad bar
8 Universal iodine supplementation during pregnancy could offer huge cost savings
9 Dental coverage for patients with Medicaid may not prevent tooth-related ER visits
10 Prejudice causes the perception of threat
11 'Caveman instincts' may favor deep-voiced politicians
12 Crime-scene compound may be newest tool in fight against malaria
13 Addressing social factors critical for continued fight against heart disease and stroke in America
14 Waiving Medicare's 3-day rule lessens hospital stay
15 Urban ERs see high rates of hepatitis C infection
16 Global vaccine-development fund could save thousands of lives, billions of dollars
17 Single dose Ebola vaccine is safe, effective in monkeys against outbreak strain
18 Sustainable production: Cyanobacteria can manufacture biocatalysts for industry
19 How does being 'on-call' impact employee fatigue?
20 A new mechanism to explain how a financial crisis happens
21 Job strain linked to increased sick leave due to mental disorders
22 Like sitting, standing in the workplace may have long-term health consequences
23 Is upward mobility bad for your health?
24 Taking the pain out of office work
25 Omnidirectional free space wireless charging of multiple wireless devices
26 Traders' hormones' may destabilize financial markets
27 Causal pathway may link job stress, sleep disturbances
28 Punishing a child is effective if done correctly
29 Hormones influence unethical behavior, experts say
30 Compulsory schooling laws could bolster free community college argument
31 Schools with higher black, minority populations call cops, not docs
32 Readiness of America's biology teachers questioned
33 Infants use expectations to shape their brains
34 How music training alters the teenage brain
35 Achieving equity in higher education
36 Poverty's most insidious damage is to a child's brain
37 Surprise: Subtle distractors may divert action more than overt ones
38 Ban Killer Robots Before They Take Over, Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk Say
39 What's Causing Florida's Leprosy Cases?
40 Stephen Hawking on Reddit: Ask Him a Question on Artificial Intelligence
41 Reference: Facts About Tin
42 Reference: What Is Folic Acid (Folate)?
43 One Fish, Two Fish, but is It True Fish? [Video]
44 Why Diet Pepsi's New Artificial Sweetener Won't Replace the Old
45 N/A
46 N/A
47 N/A
48 Volcanoes Dot Snowy Russian Landscape in New Photo from Space
49 One Tough Bite: T. Rex's Teeth Had Secret Weapon
50 Polar Bear Awes with Record-Breaking Dive
51 Giant Crater on Saturn Moon Tethys Dazzles in Spectacular Photo
52 Identities of Mysterious Jamestown Settlers Revealed
53 Smells Fishy: Putrid 'Corpse Flower' Blooms
54 Million-Dollar Find: Shipwreck's Golden Treasure Includes Very Rare Coin
55 Oldest Panda in Captivity Celebrates 37th Birthday
56 Northern White Rhino Dies, Leaving Only 4 Left on Earth
57 Reference: What Is Magnetism? / Magnetic Fields & Magnetic Force
58 Reference: Homo Floresiensis: Facts About the 'Hobbit'
59 'Leaky' Vaccines May Fuel Evolution of Deadlier Viruses
60 What's this Winning Science Image?
61 Full Moon on Friday, Is a Blue Moon: Here's Why
62 Ancient Huts May Reveal Clues to Earth's Magnetic Pole Reversals
63 Too Salty! High Sodium Intake Tied to Increased Blood Pressure
64 Not All African Pygmy Groups Grow the Same Way
65 Delivery Drones Could Be on Your Doorstep in a Decade, Google Says
66 Reference: Almond Milk: Nutrition & Benefits
67 Reference: What is Biotin (Vitamin B7)?
68 Acceptance of Gays and Lesbians Is Growing Dramatically
69 For Dr. Seuss, Nonsensical Rhymes Came with a Reason
70 Shake, Rattle and Build: Colliding Bricks Self-Assemble into Objects
71 Cecil the Lion: Do Paid Hunting Permits Help Save Wildlife?
72 1 in 5 Adult Americans Report Having a Disability
73 Deadly Fungus Could Threaten US Salamanders
74 Best Period-Tracking Apps
75 Weed: Good for the Bones?
76 America Offline? 15 Percent of US Adults Don't Use the Internet
77 'Magnetic' Discovery May Reveal Why Earth Supports Life and Mars Doesn't
78 NYC Light Show Aims to Raise Awareness About Endangered Species
79 Do Not Pit Animal Welfare Against Starving Children (Op-Ed)
80 As Social Ties Collapse, the Anti-Vaccine Movement Grows
81 Reference: Ectopic Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
82 Exercise in Teen Years Tied to Lower Mortality Later
83 Lexus' New Hoverboard Is Cool, but Will It Fly?
84 Newly Discovered Dinosaur's Powerful Sniffer Helped It Track Prey
85 Drought Toll: California Now Missing 1 Year's Worth of Rain
86 Snake in the Grass! Huge Everglades Python Shows Invasive Issue
87 Tree of 40 Fruit: Dazzling Franken-Tree Has Roots in Science
88 Will the New Ebola Vaccine Help to End Outbreaks?
89 Sparse Snow on Cascade's Mount Baker Viewed from Space
90 Reference: What Is Photosynthesis?
91 Reference: What is Thiamine (Vitamin B1)?
92 Remains of Nazi-Destroyed Synagogue Found Using Radar
93 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
94 Animal Sex: How Butterflies Do It
95 Wild Beauty: Winning Ecology Photos Feature Sunbirds and Zebras
96 Have No Fear! Body's Internal 'Marijuana' Could Erase Bad Memories
97 Primeval Procreation: Strawberrylike Animal Shows Oldest Reproduction
98 Bug Bots! These Insect-Inspired Robots Can Jump on Water
99 Cold Comfort: Why Office Air Conditioning Is Biased Against Women
100 Measles Vaccine: Images of Sick Kids May Convince Skeptics
101 Can Young Blood Improve Old Brains?
102 Picky Eating in Kids Tied to Anxiety, Depression
103 Soda Fizzles: US Appetite for Sugary Drinks Wanes
104 Fatherhood in Early 20s May Raise Risk of Midlife Death
105 Ancient Reptiles Attacked with Giant Fangs
106 Goliath Gates: Entrance to Famous Biblical Metropolis Uncovered
107 Ancient Reptile with 'Ridiculously Long Neck' Unearthed in Alaska
108 Extreme Stress May Convert Fat into Calorie Burning Machine
109 Weight-Loss Surgery Changes Gut Bacteria
110 Malaysian Airlines Mystery: What Newfound Wing Debris Could Reveal