File Title
1 Hand washing web programme 'helps reduce infections'
2 Pfizer and Flynn Pharma accused of overcharging by CMA
3 Cancer survival 'lagging in England'
4 Pregnant mother transferred between four hospitals while giving birth to twins
5 Study suggests safe alcohol guidance 'unrealistic'
6 Music in the operating room off-putting, study suggests
7 Five-month wait for scan results at Derriford Hospital
8 Castlederg farm accident: NI Ambulance Service 'extremely sorry' over delay
9 NHS trusts told financial plans 'unaffordable'
10 Patient's 150-mile trip due to Colchester Hospital's 'small' MRI scanner
11 Brain game 'improves lives of schizophrenia patients'
12 The vet will see you now...
13 What's behind the 'anti-vax' movement?
14 Air-conditioning: Why might women feel temperature differently from men?
15 Health by stealth: Inside the food lab
16 Ice bucket challenge: What's happened since?
17 Consultants, a seven-day NHS and that petition
18 Volcanic vents preview future ocean habitats
19 Big data maps world's ocean floor
20 How a female X chromosome is inactivated
21 Re-thinking 'adaptive radiation,' one of biology's most important concepts
22 Switching mouse neural stem cells to a primate-like behavior
23 Women hurt more by breakups but recover more fully
24 Gene deletions, duplications reveal our genetic storyline
25 Can music help people with epilepsy?
26 Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change not due to natural solar trends
27 Pupil shape linked to animals' ecological niche
28 Kids, teens win when mental health providers team with family doctors
29 Slowing down muscle loss in heart failure patients
30 Researchers develop advanced cell screening technology for cancer immunotherapy
31 Super-small needle technology for the brain
32 Places with more marijuana dispensaries have more marijuana-related hospitalizations
33 Developing a better flu vaccine
34 Possible 'obesity gene' discovered
35 Work, pedal, and be happy
36 Keep up your guard for West Nile virus, experts say
37 Patients at risk for blood clots are not receiving recommended treatment
38 Parents' math anxiety can undermine children's math achievement
39 Sexting and internet safety climb top 10 list of health concerns for children across the U.S.
40 Promising drug for Parkinson's disease: Study supports fast track to clinical trials
41 Common medications could delay brain injury recovery
42 Childhood physical, sexual abuse linked to ulcerative colitis
43 Scientists report explanation for protein clumps in brain cells of patients with ALS
44 How a single genetic mutation causes autism
45 How common is sexting? Over 80 percent of survey respondents report sexting within past year
46 People with low scores on test of thinking skills may be at higher risk for heart attack
47 How to tell the difference between bipolar disorder, depression
48 Very little evidence for cutting out certain carbs to ease irritable bowel
49 Believing you are overweight may lead to further weight gain
50 Sunlight and vitamin D: Necessary for public health
51 Even if severe allergic reaction is in doubt, epinephrine should be used, experts say
52 Simple tableware switch could reduce exposure to a potentially harmful substance
53 Detecting hidden ingredients in dietary supplements
54 Drinking guidelines are a poor fit with Britain's heavy drinking habits
55 Injection that destroys fat cells may offer option to surgery for double chin, plastic surgeons say
56 Tomato reinvented with even more flavor
57 Remembering self-control failures leads to repeat failures, new research shows
58 New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging
59 Camera for the nano-cosmos
60 Narrowing the gap between synthetic and natural graphene
61 Novel material design for undistorted light waves
62 Eliminating entanglements
63 Chemists find new way to do light-driven reactions in solar energy quest
64 World-largest petawatt laser completed, delivering 2,000 trillion watts output
65 Focused laser power boosts ion acceleration
66 Fast, accurate nanoscale sensor created
67 New research may enhance display, LED lighting technology
68 Spaceflight may increase susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease
69 Salt flat indicates some of the last vestiges of Martian surface water
70 Perseid meteors to light up summer skies
71 Weather reports on the sun could lead to safer space travel
72 Gravitational constant appears universally constant, pulsar study suggests
73 Galaxy star birth regulated by black-hole fountain
74 Searching for life in the Alpha Centauri system
75 From a million miles away, NASA camera shows moon crossing face of Earth
76 Astronomers unveil a distant protogalaxy connected to the cosmic web
77 Milky Way-like galaxies may have existed in the early universe
78 Why use a 2-D cursor in a 3-D world? Computer cursors are going 3-D
79 Researchers collaborate in development of brain-friendly interfaces
80 Study looks at Google Glass to bring toxicology specialists to remote emergency rooms
81 Internet program to encourage handwashing reduces spread of cold, flu viruses
82 Artificially evolved robots that efficiently self-organize tasks
83 Animal-eye view of the world revealed with new visual software
84 Robo-whiskers mimic animals exploring their surroundings
85 Computer algorithm can forecast patients' deadly sepsis
86 Online tool enables public to track 'tip-of-the tongue' states, speech errors
87 Two spin liquids square off in an iron-based superconductor
88 Predator from a tank: New water mite genus from bromeliad phytotelmata
89 Dark and marked: Strikingly colored new fleshbelly frog from the Andean cloud forest
90 How 16th Century observations paved the way for Darwin's landmark study
91 World-famous, yet nameless: Hybrid flowering dogwoods named by scientists
92 First genetic atlas of butterflies of the Iberian Peninsula
93 Researchers strategize to outsmart bacteria
94 Land animals proliferate faster than aquatic counterparts
95 Expanding the theory of evolution
96 Sardines, anchovies, other fast-growing fish vulnerable to dramatic population plunges
97 New fish genus, species named for its red, fingerlike fins
98 Stem cells help researchers study the effects of pollution on human health
99 Wealthy countries may feel flooding effects more in the future
100 NASA simulation indicates ancient flood volcanoes could have altered climate
101 Can habitat protection save our disappearing bats?
102 Researcher calls for more natural baseline data collection in world's oceans
103 Scientists move a step closer to understanding species distributions in the face of climate change
104 Fish go deep to beat the heat
105 High-altitude climate change to kill cloud forest plants
106 Where commerce, conservation clash: Bushmeat trade grows with economy in 13-year study
107 Pouring fire on fuels at the nanoscale
108 How yeast doubled its genome, by mating between species
109 Big dinosaur discoveries in tiny toothy packages
110 Archaeologists uncover entrance gate, fortification of ancient city