File Title
1 New weapon in the fight against malnutrition
2 Neutron stars strike back at black holes in jet contest
3 Understanding the molecular mechanism leading to addiction in humans
4 How to trust what your customers say about your brand
5 New study reveals both benefits and risks of antidepressants during pregnancy
6 New biosensors for managing microbial 'workers'
7 A droplet's pancake bounce
8 Teen marijuana use not linked to later depression, lung cancer, other health problems, study finds
9 CU-Boulder researchers use wastewater treatment to capture CO2, produce energy
10 New research shows remembering self-control failures leads to repeat failures
11 New device converts DC electric field to terahertz radiation
12 Trauma experiences change the brain even in those without PTSD
13 Key protein drives 'power plants' that fuel cells in heart and other key body systems
14 Dogs process faces in specialized brain area, study reveals
15 Scientists identify that memories can be lost and found
16 Robo-whiskers mimic animals exploring their surroundings
17 End-of-century Manhattan climate index to resemble Oklahoma City today
18 Regular consumption of spicy foods linked to lower risk of death
19 New study shows how complex bonobo communication is similar to that of human infants
20 Cosmological 'lost' lithium: An environmental solution
21 High rates of violence, HIV infection for adolescents in sex trade on US-Mexico border
22 One-fourth of female sex workers in northern Mexican cities enter sex trade as minors
23 Intervention to screen women for partner violence does not improve health outcomes
24 Emergency department intervention does not reduce heavy drinking or partner violence
25 Progress has been made in reducing rates of violence in US; overall numbers remain high
26 Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy decreases PTSD symptom severity among veterans
27 Parents' preconception exposure to environmental stressors can disrupt early development
28 CU researcher calls for improved firearm safety counseling by physicians
29 Scientists solve mystery behind earthworm digestion
30 The ghostly remnants of galaxy interactions uncovered in a nearby galaxy group
31 Cures for PTSD often remain elusive for war veterans
32 Head impacts and collegiate football practice and games
33 Weight loss surgery benefits for gut microbiome last at least a decade
34 Projected benefits of high BP treatment in China
35 UTMB uncovers how common white fat can be turned into energy-burning brown fat in humans
36 Ants use brawn and brains to haul heavy loads
37 T.rex's serrated teeth tore through flesh
38 First auroras seen beyond our solar system
39 Westerlies 'kick-started' Antarctic current
40 X-rays reveal new component of hair
41 Earth's magnetic field much older than previously thought
42 When is a jackal really a 'golden wolf'?
43 Philae lander photos show there is more to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko than soft dust
44 Storms under the surface of the Lagoon
45 Feeling tired? Night owls can blame their body clock
46 Pollen turns bumblebees into jumbo jets
47 CO2 reduction not enough to reverse ocean damage
48 Oldest-known animals had complex asexual lives
49 'The pill' cuts risk of endometrial cancer
50 Earthworm plant-eating mystery solved
51 Giant gas cloud first sign of a galaxy being born
52 Stress tweaks brain to sabotage self control
53 Wasp masters manipulate zombie spider slaves
54 GPS data shows how Nepal earthquake unfolded
55 Brazilian frogs use their venomous heads as weapons
56 Scotland to ban GM crop growing
57 Fastest ever neutrino among slew of fresh findings
58 Shores are 'final frontier' for archaeology project
59 Panama Canal to limit ship draft due to drought
60 Risk of future Nepal-India earthquake increases
61 Fast-growing fish species face greatest collapse risk
62 'Ancient Hebrew inscriptions' baffle Israeli archaeologists
63 Trouble in orbit: the growing problem of space junk
64 Study identifies fish vulnerable to trawling
65 Dogger Bank wind farm plan off Teesside coast
66 Balancing rocks trace history of 'jumping' earthquakes
67 Hainan gibbon decline charted in Chinese records
68 Mount Raung volcanic ash cloud halts Bali-bound flights
69 How time zones confused the world
70 Cecil the lion: Why a hunting ban is not the answer
71 The mystery of Neanderthals' massive eyes
72 Two Australian reptiles kick up a skink over coal mining
73 MH370 search: Does debris solve the mystery?
74 Big year ahead for James Webb telescope
75 Carphone Warehouse customer data breach investigated
76 Web's random numbers are too weak, researchers warn
77 'Biggest update ever' to fix Android flaw
78 Google asked to police stolen webcam videos on YouTube
79 Japan court rules against Bitcoin compensation plea
80 Bangladesh blogger Niloy Neel hacked to death in Dhaka
81 Artificial intelligence decodes Islamic State strategy
82 Warning after security experts hack Tesla car
83 Uber operating at big losses, suggests document leak
84 Britons 'love smartphones and selfies'
85 Crowdfunding website aims to democratise legal disputes
86 App showing available parking to be trialled in Cardiff
87 A journey into Def Con country
88 The man making puzzles for hackers
89 The architects using animation skills to build film careers
90 Microsoft exams child's play for computer-mad youngsters
91 Are hackers helping or harming us?
92 Spyware demo shows how spooks hack mobile phones
93 Apple Mac attacks 'trivial,' claims security researcher
94 Uni entry: 'Record number' of sixth-formers put in extra projects
95 Leading adoption charity collapses in financial crisis
96 Teacher grade forecasts are 'too optimistic'
97 Exam board's near miss over results
98 Youth groups step in after Kids Company collapse
99 Privately educated graduates 'earn more' than state school colleagues
100 Labour's Andy Burnham pledges to scrap tuition fees
101 Britons 'nervous to speak foreign language when abroad'
102 A-levels and GCSEs: Traditional exam subjects making comeback
103 'Too hard' Higher Maths exam pass mark dropped to 34%
104 Social work delays can put children at risk, says Ofsted
105 Accountancy firm scraps education 'barrier'
106 Would Chinese-style education work on British kids?
107 Exam stress: Is 'clearing' fair to Scottish students?
108 Home Office to issue mental health disclosure advice
109 Medical innovations get 18 million pounds funding
110 Anti-thalidomide hero Frances Oldham Kelsey dies at 101