File Title
1 High number of unnecessary CT scans associated with pediatric sports-related head trauma
2 York scientists unlock secrets of stars through aluminium
3 Study of birds' sense of smell reveals important clues for behavior and adaptation
4 Can the emerging middle class make Coca-Cola lose its fizz?
5 Prostate cancer is 5 different diseases
6 Study finds brain chemicals that keep wakefulness in check
7 Red grape chemical may help prevent bowel cancer, but less is more
8 Kent research could play major role in curbing illegal ivory sales
9 Overcoming why a new treatment is resisted by lung cancer
10 Alcohol laws have a preventive effect on young men
11 Yarn from slaughterhouse waste
12 High intensity training helps ease arthritis pains
13 Social groups and emotions
14 Rogue wave theory to save ships
15 Detecting small metallic contaminants in food via magnetization
16 Basis for new treatment options for a fatal leukemia in children revealed
17 When cars and wildlife collide: Virtual reality could prevent real-life road accidents
18 Closing the gap on developing a vaccine for middle ear infections
19 Can we restart the heart?
20 Boxfish shell inspires new materials for body armor and flexible electronics
21 Penn bioethicists call for end to 'pay-to-play' clinical research
22 Small study affirms accuracy of free mobile app that screens for liver disease in newborns
23 An imbalance of cellular bioenergetics in pancreatic beta-cells links to type 2 diabetes
24 Proof-of-concept study shows successful transport of blood samples with small drones
25 Aquariums deliver health and wellbeing benefits
26 Stressed out plants send animal-like signals
27 Failed stars host powerful aurora displays
28 Rise in day surgery has been good for patients and saved money
29 Could a sugar tax help combat obesity?
30 Women's immune system genes operate differently from men's, Stanford study finds
31 Prostate 'organoid' hints at how early BPA exposure may increase cancer risk
32 Astronomers discover powerful aurora beyond solar system
33 Antibiotics increase risk of hearing loss in patients with deadly bacterial infections
34 Women who were socially well integrated had lower risk for suicide
35 First detection of lithium from an exploding star
36 Black men are at double the risk of prostate cancer compared to white men
37 Mild hypothermia in deceased organ donors improves organ function in kidney transplant
38 Long telomere length associated with increased lung cancer risk
39 Prescription for medical students: A day at the art museum?
40 Don't call them stiff: Metal organic frameworks show unexpected flexibility
41 People walk slower, swerve when texting while distracted
42 Structures reveal basis of recurring urinary tract infections
43 The result of eating too much salt can be measured in blood pressure
44 Science educators analyze genetics content of Next Generation Science Standards
45 Hospital penalties based on total number of blood clots may be unfairly imposed
46 The evolutionary link between diet and stomach acidity
47 'Dialing for Diabetes Control' helps urban adults lower blood sugar
48 Drinking at conception boosts diabetes risk for baby: UQ study
49 Stanford team's brain-controlled prosthesis nearly as good as one-finger typing
50 Discovery about brain protein causes rethink on development of Alzheimer's disease
51 Young adults with autism show improved social function following UCLA skills program
52 How to become a T follicular helper cell
53 Safeguarding the greater good
54 Depressed females have over-active glutamate receptor gene
55 Research could lead to protective probiotics for frogs
56 Research spotlights a previously unknown microbial 'drama' playing in the Southern Ocean
57 Penn study questions presence in blood of heart-healthy molecules from fish oil supplements
58 Cell aging slowed by putting brakes on noisy transcription
59 California 'rain debt' equal to average full year of precipitation
60 When surgeons listen to their preferred music, their stitches are better and faster
61 Root radar: UGA researchers discover how parasitic plants know when to attack
62 Novel model developed to predict the amount of nicotine emitted from e-cigarettes
63 Cost of physician board recertification fuels questions about best outcomes for patients
64 Group launches plan to reduce youth problems by 20 percent in a decade
65 Telescopes team up to find distant Uranus-sized planet through microlensing
66 The body and the brain: The impact of mental and physical exertion on fatigue development
67 Countering pet obesity by rethinking feeding habits
68 Piecing together the Pangea puzzle
69 Group calls for more transparency of experiments on primates
70 HVTN 505 vaccine induced antibodies nonspecific for HIV
71 Robotic insect mimics nature's extreme moves
72 How to look for a few good catalysts
73 Bering Sea hotspot for corals and sponges
74 Rotten tomatoes and 2 thumbs up
75 Non-surgical approach helps people with paralysis voluntarily move their legs
76 Researchers resurrect ancient viruses in hopes of improving gene therapy
77 Paralyzed men move legs with new non-invasive spinal cord stimulation
78 Scientists create functional liver cells from stem cells
79 Positive reinforcement plays key role in cognitive task performance in ADHD kids
80 amfAR report highlights priorities to help states achieve national HIV/AIDS strategy goals
81 Mouth rinse could help predict recurrence of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers
82 A cheaper, high-performance prosthetic knee
83 Why female physicians are paid less than men
84 Electric fields signal 'no flies zone'
85 Liver plays role in pneumonia, sepsis susceptibility
86 Cancer patients lose faith in healthcare system if referred late by GP
87 Evolutionary war between microorganisms affecting human health, IU biologist says
88 Pharmacists help patients with hypertension
89 I think I found a new species, now how do I illustrate it?
90 Gestational diabetes can be prevented in high-risk women
91 Computerized treatment may combat PTSD symptoms
92 The bold and the shy one: Could woodlice have personalities?
93 Plastic surgeons urged to 'embrace the change' to single-stage implant breast reconstruction
94 Studying killer whales with an unmanned aerial vehicle
95 'Mommy makeover' combines procedures for postpartum body contouring
96 Every country in the world can afford to support its smokers to stop
97 Ants in the lead
98 Stormy seas in Sagittarius
99 Research explores future energy security of China
100 New study narrows the gap between climate models and reality
101 Lanosterol revealed clues for cataract prevention and treatment
102 Preventable onset of myocardial infarction through coadministration of 2 drugs
103 Most adolescents feel better after gastric bypass
104 Sugar in your cuppa...not just about a sweet tooth!
105 Depressive ruminations and the idling brain
106 Treating ships' ballast water: Filtration preferable to disinfection
107 This could replace your silicon computer chips
108 HKUST-Tsinghua University scientists solve the structure of the eukaryotic MCM2-7 complex
109 Sol-gel capacitor dielectric offers record-high energy storage
110 Breeding a better peanut butter