File Title
1 Newly identified mechanism of p53-induced cell death could aid cancer therapy
2 Blood test predicts prognosis for traumatic brain injuries
3 Scientists urge ban on salamander imports to fend off deadly fungus
4 The Lancet: From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Fukushima--Series highlights long-term psychological impact of nuclear disasters
5 Waking up HIV
6 New candidate genes for immunodeficiency identified by using dogs as genetic models
7 New study exposes negative effects of climate change on Antarctic fish
8 Get up for your heart health and move for your waistline
9 Nature has more than one way to grow a crystal
10 Newly identified molecular mechanism plays role in type 2 diabetes development
11 HPV16 detection in oral rinses for oropharyngeal cancer
12 Take a trip through the brain
13 Promising progress for new treatment of type 1 diabetes
14 With racial segregation declining between neighborhoods, segregation now taking new form
15 Reproducible research for biofuels and biogas
16 Generally accepted tools used to select patients for aneurysm treatment in need of further evaluation
17 North America's salamanders at risk of epidemic from overseas
18 Bio-inspired robots jump on water
19 Drought's legacy on trees is worth modeling
20 Special issue: Philae results shed light on the nature of comets
21 Forecasting flu outbreaks in a subtropical climate
22 Computer model forecasts flu outbreaks in a subtropical climate
23 New national study finds COPD knowledge severely lacking, impacts quality of life and care
24 Genetic tug of war in the brain influences behavior
25 Researchers find that Earth's magnetic shield is much older than previously thought
26 Byproduct of intestinal bacteria may jeopardize heart health in kidney disease patients
27 Drought's lasting impact on forests
28 Researchers resurrect ancient viruses in hopes of improving gene therapy
29 Urgent action needed to protect salamanders from deadly fungus, scientists warn
30 Kicking latent HIV: New strategies to reactivate reservoirs of latent infection
31 Gene variants modifying Huntington's symptom onset may lead to new therapeutic strategies
32 How a single molecule turns one immune cell into another
33 Trying to quit smoking? First strengthen self-control
34 'Golden jackals' of East Africa are actually 'golden wolves'
35 Changing clocks and changing seasons: Scientists find role for neuronal plasticity
36 Tool helps public health agencies prioritize health risks
37 Gout medications might be useful in treating alcohol-induced liver disease
38 Crystal clear images uncover secrets of hormone receptors
39 NICU admissions increasing for normal birth weight and term infants, Dartmouth study finds
40 Researchers identify new cancer marker and possible therapeutic target for breast cancer
41 Perfectionism linked to burnout at work, school and sports, research finds
42 Connecting people and geology on volcanoes
43 Study offers new insights on hurricane intensity, pollution transport
44 Starvation effects handed down for generations
45 Self-assembling, biomimetic membranes may aid water filtration
46 Half of the most popular news on Twitter is not covered by traditional news media sources
47 Watching a tumor grow in real-time
48 Parents inclined to misjudge child happiness based on personal feelings
49 RNA-binding protein influences key mediator of cellular inflammation and stress responses
50 Birds, bugs and blanket bogs--scientists warn an entire ecosystem is under threat
51 Transparent, electrically conductive network of encapsulated silver nanowires
52 Solid state physics: Quantum matter stuck in unrest
53 Shaping the hilly landscapes of a semi-conductor nanoworld
54 Gold-diamond nanodevice for hyperlocalized cancer therapy
55 Cooking up altered states
56 Protein machines make fluctuating flows unconsciously
57 There may be a complex market living in your gut
58 How bees naturally vaccinate their babies
59 Heating and cooling with light leads to ultrafast DNA diagnostics
60 Agrarian settlements drive severe tropical deforestation across the Amazon
61 Butterflies heat up the field of solar research
62 Findings in research on photoaging could reverse negative impact of ultraviolet radiation
63 Exercise during adolescence linked to lowered risk of death later
64 New design brings world's first solar battery to performance milestone
65 Childhood cancer cells drain immune system's batteries
66 Brain teaser: 3-D printed 'tissue' to help combat disease
67 If you're using drugs, scientists want to help you avoid addiction
68 Want to boost your toddler's development? Put a toy chicken on your head!
69 'Brain training' app may improve memory and daily functioning of people with schizophrenia
70 Perspectives on using pulse electric field to enhance biogas yield in anaerobic digestion
71 Modelling the effect of vaccines on cholera transmission
72 BioLEGO
73 Process concept for a zero-emission route to clean middle-distillate fuels from coal
74 Scaffold-integrated microchips for end-to-end in vitro tumor cell attachment and xenograft formation
75 The consortium of motile and cellulose degrading bacteria can be used for solid state cellulose hydrolysis
76 Food for thought! Technology can reduce domestic food waste
77 Gut microbes affect circadian rhythms in mice, study says
78 Volcanic bacteria take minimalist approach to survival
79 Employee health codes of conduct
80 Marriage can lead to dramatic reduction in heavy drinking in young adults
81 Where commerce and conservation clash: Bushmeat trade grows with economy in 13-year study
82 How the finch changes its tune
83 How to convince vaccine skeptics--and how not to
84 Global vaccine-development fund could save thousands of lives, billions of dollars
85 Our elegant brain: Motor learning in the fast lane
86 Scientists propose an explanation for puzzling electron heat loss in fusion plasmas
87 Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2015
88 Unsuccessful fertility treatments not linked with clinically diagnosed depression in women
89 Internet accessibility an important factor in government transparency
90 Low levels of endocrine disruptors in the environment may cause sex reversal in female frogs
91 New analysis suggests body size increase did not play a role in the origins of Homo genus
92 High academic stress linked to increased illness, injuries among college football players
93 Study calculates the speed of ice formation
94 Chronic insomnia sufferers may find relief with half of standard pill dose
95 Bar-Ilan U. archaeologists uncover entrance gate and fortification of Biblical city
96 Ergonomics in Design special issue 'Combating the Sedentary Workplace' just released
97 What would the world look like to someone with a bionic eye?
98 ACMG releases new scope of practice document for the specialty of medical genetics
99 NYU scientists bring order, and color, to microparticles
100 Nanoparticles used to breach mucus barrier in lungs
101 Residential location affects pregnant women's likelihood of smoking
102 Punctuating messages encoded in human genome with transposable elements
103 New approach for making vaccines for deadly diseases
104 How language gives your brain a break
105 Veterans returning from Middle East face higher skin cancer risk
106 Quantum states in a nano-object manipulated using a mechanical system
107 The uneasy, unbreakable link of money, medicine
108 Shifting winds, ocean currents doubled endangered Galapagos penguin population
109 Greenhouse gases' millennia-long ocean legacy
110 From cameras to computers, new material could change how we work and play