File Title
1 Better together: Graphene-nanotube hybrid switches
2 Fly brains filter out visual information caused by their own movements, like humans
3 Can we save the strawberries? (video)
4 Vaccine with virus-like nanoparticles effective treatment for RSV, study finds
5 MIPT researchers clear the way for fast plasmonic chips
6 Cattle movement estimation study sheds light on disease risk
7 Yo-yo dieting not associated with increased cancer risk
8 It's all connected: Daily changes in mouse gut bacteria moves with internal clock, gender
9 Nature: Compact optical data transmission
10 Study uncovers communication strategies couples can use to address financial uncertainty
11 Look into my pupils: Pupil mimicry may lead to increased trust
12 Stress responder is a first responder in helping repair DNA damage and avoiding cancer
13 Artificial blood vessels become resistant to thrombosis
14 Irradiation of regional nodes in stage I-III breast cancer patients affects overall survival
15 Molecular spies to fight cancer
16 New survey to distinguishing between expectable vs. worrisome early childhood misbehavior
17 Character traits outweigh material benefits in assessing value others bring us
18 Glaciers melt faster than ever
19 Are animal models still essential to biological research?
20 Combination therapy may be more effective against the most common ovarian cancer
21 Small tilt in magnets makes them viable memory chips
22 NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array brings precision medicine one step closer to the clinic
23 Ocean changes are affecting salmon biodiversity and survival
24 Not-for-profit hospitals may not trump for-profits in providing uncompensated care
25 WSU researchers investigate effect of environmental epigenetics on disease and evolution
26 Potential new therapy approaches to reverse kidney damage identified
27 Canadian study sheds surprising light on the causes of cerebral palsy
28 Genetic adaptation keeps Ethiopians heart-healthy despite high altitudes
29 MD Anderson study reveals new insight into DNA repair
30 CO2 removal cannot save the oceans--if we pursue business as usual
31 FAU student and surgeon collaborate on new, alternative procedure to radical mastectomy
32 Trouble spot in brain linked to learning difficulties in Down syndrome identified
33 Dementia patients, caregivers prefer better care, support over research for Alzheimer's cure
34 Even a little weekly physical activity goes a long way for over 60s
35 Fatherhood at young age linked to greater likelihood of mid-life death
36 Common medications for dementia could cause harmful weight loss
37 New insight into how the immune system sounds the alarm
38 When farm to table means crossing international borders
39 Muscle fibers grown in the lab offer new model for studying muscular dystrophy
40 Engineered clotting protein stops bleeding in most common inherited bleeding disorder
41 Tel Aviv University researcher discovers trigger of deadly melanoma
42 New method reveals hidden population of regulatory molecules in cells
43 High-dose vitamin D supplementation not associated with benefits for postmenopausal women
44 Women, blacks face larger loss of life expectancy after heart attack
45 Addressing social factors critical for continued fight against heart disease and stroke in America
46 Study finds no benefit in adding third drug to therapy for older patients
47 Further evidence of genetic key to deadliest form of skin cancer
48 Earliest evidence of reproduction in a complex organism
49 Surprising results casts new light on the free radical theory of aging
50 Urine test for early stage pancreatic cancer possible after biomarker discovery
51 Waiving Medicare's 3-day rule lessens hospital stay
52 Septic tanks aren't keeping poo out of rivers and lakes
53 4 million years at Africa's salad bar
54 Simple intervention can moderate anti-vaccination beliefs, study finds
55 Even moderate picky eating can have negative effects on children's health
56 Web interventions for alcohol misuse
57 Engineering a better 'do: Purdue researchers are learning how
58 Coordinated effort by health care facilities can prevent many hospital-acquired infections
59 Amazon fire risk differs across east-west divide in 2015
60 IU biologist contributes to international effort to expand theory of evolution
61 Biology, not just physics, controls release of scent compounds from plants
62 Feed supplement greatly reduces dairy cow methane emissions
63 Study: Sequential voting in presidential primaries best system to winnow candidates
64 World's quietest gas lets physicists hear faint quantum effects
65 Case study reveals therapy to reduce sarcoidosis symptoms in 5q-myelodysplastic syndrome
66 Skipping follow up with pulmonologist after COPD hospitalization could be risky business
67 Giving robots a more nimble grasp
68 How did the Fantastic Four get their powers? (video)
69 Team advances therapy preventing addiction relapse by erasing drug-associated memories
70 Keeping algae from stressing out
71 Sardines, anchovies, other fast-growing fish vulnerable to dramatic population plunges
72 Atomic view of microtubules
73 Researchers strategize to outsmart bacteria
74 Precariously balanced rocks provide clues for unearthing underground fault connections
75 Opioid use and sexual violence among drug-using young adults in NYC
76 Artificial intelligence improves fine wine price prediction
77 New discovery provides insight into the development of complications in type 1 diabetes
78 Dental coverage for patients with Medicaid may not prevent tooth-related ER visits
79 Ukranian physicists uprooted by war, behemoth telescopes that cost a billion dollars or more, and more
80 Insulin's potential to treat dementia outlined in new study
81 Study: Number of new cases of dementia decreasing for African-Americans but not Africans
82 Pathogen grows on cold smoked salmon by using alternative metabolic pathways
83 Latest update to TASC II is published in the Journal of Endovascular Therapy
84 Eating away at cognitive decline
85 Can habitat protection save our disappearing bats?
86 Molecular tinkering doubles cancer drug's efficacy
87 Consolidating consciousness
88 Natural cocktail used to prevent, treat disease of wine grapes
89 New strain of yeast to be helpful in toxic waste removal
90 Flowers can endanger bees
91 In vitro cellular response to osteopathic manipulative therapy provides proof of concept
92 Waiting for pleasure
93 Spiders quickly learn eavesdropping to gain ground on the mating competition
94 How new moms assess their partners' ability to parent
95 Striking a gender balance among speakers at scientific conferences
96 Seagrass thrives surprisingly well in toxic sediments--but still dies all over the world
97 New Medicaid health care program for disabled adults improves aspects of patients' care
98 Exercise during teen years linked to lowered risk of cancer death later
99 College football head impact study suggests steps to reduce risk
100 England still struggling to close the gap in cancer survival
101 From pluripotency to totipotency
102 New clinical practice guidelines address temperature management during heart surgery
103 Brain infection study reveals how disease spreads from gut
104 A fluttering accordion
105 Crop pests outwit climate change predictions en route to new destinations
106 Protecting the environment by re-thinking death
107 Riding a horse is far more complex than riding simulators
108 Almost 80 species scavenge hunting remains worldwide
109 Super star takes on black holes in jet contest
110 HIV grows despite treatment, study finds