File Title
1 Many People Seek Alternative Pain Therapies, but Don't Tell Doctors
2 Gorgeous NASA Photo Captures Earth from 1 Million Miles Away
3 Is E.T. Calling? Massive Search Will Scour Cosmos for Intelligent Aliens
4 No Humans Allowed! Test 'City' for Driverless Cars Opens
5 Charred Remains of 1,500-Year-Old Hebrew Scroll Deciphered
6 Reference: Tramadol: Dosage & Side Effects
7 Record Hot First Half May Herald Warmest Year Yet
8 New Fathers Gain Weight, Study Finds
9 Cracked Bones Reveal Cannibalism by Doomed Arctic Explorers
10 Iridescent Pools Discovered in Undersea Volcano's Crater
11 Alzheimer's Risk: Women with Memory Problems Decline Faster than Men
12 New Flu Vaccine Could Protect Against All Strains
13 Mysterious 'Population Y' May Have Bred with Amazonia Peoples
14 Dire Climate Warning by NASA Scientist Raises Questions
15 Pull Over, America! This Adorable Hitchhiking Robot Needs a Lift
16 Lasers Could Blast Tiny Spacecraft to the Stars
17 Stephen Hawking: Intelligent Aliens Could Destroy Humanity, but Let's Search Anyway
18 Beautiful Butterfly on Brink of Revival, Despite Century of Threats
19 Reference: Almonds: Nutrition & Health Benefits
20 Water, Water Not Everywhere: Why Puddles Stop Spreading
21 More Teens Use 'Morning-After Pill,' Study Finds
22 Human Evolution's Biggest Questions May Find Answers in New Analysis
23 West Nile Virus Gets Boost from US Drought
24 Ancient Amazon Rainforest Was Once Used for Agriculture
25 New Eyedrops Could Shrink Cataracts Without Surgery
26 Super-Superbugs: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria May Be Deadlier
27 Branch Impales Cyclist's Neck After Mishap--and He Survives
28 1,500-Year-Old Quran Manuscript Could Be Oldest Known Copy
29 Myth Debunked: Boa Constrictors Don't Suffocate Prey to Death
30 Reference: What is Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)?
31 Reference: What Are Bacteria?
32 An Asteroid Didn't Wipe Out Ichthyosaurs--So What Did?
33 Rotting Fungus Creates Beautiful, Glistening 'Hair Ice'
34 Why Pendulum Clocks Mysteriously Sync Up
35 National Tragedies Could Harm Pregnant Women's Mental Health
36 Backwards Time Travel Would Create Spooky, Self-Annihilating Twins
37 What Do Women Want in a Penis? The Whole Package
38 Pot Death: Teen Leaps 4 Stories After Eating Marijuana Cookie
39 Unexpected Step: Snake Ancestor Had Four Feet
40 Being Transgender Has Nothing to Do with Hormonal Imbalance
41 Pope Francis' Popularity Declines in the US
42 NASA Finds Closest Earth Twin Yet in Haul of 500 Alien Planets
43 Mighty Mammoths Fell Prey to Rapidly Warming Earth
44 Reference: What Is Static Electricity?
45 First View of Weird Rock Beneath Tibetan Plateau Revealed by Satellites
46 44 Percent of Americans Say They've Tried Pot
47 Peru Plans to Contact Isolated Amazon Tribe
48 Ancient Volcano Tattooed the Earth with Giant Rings
49 Here's What Pluto's Frozen 'Heart' Looks like in False Color
50 Dark Pion Particles May Explain Universe's Invisible Matter
51 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
52 Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House
53 Tiny 'Cellular Lasers' Could Aid Targeted Cancer Treatments
54 Orca baby boom: Enough to save the endangered whales?
55 Mysterious shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast (+video)
56 How tiny plankton brighten the clouds over Southern Ocean (+video)
57 Slick Nix pics depict bricks
58 Scientists develop bacon-flavored algae. What took them so long? (+video)
59 Does Pluto have a tail? (+video)
60 Oldest? Youngest? Birth order doesn't influence personality, study says.
61 Russian billionaire joins search for alien intelligence (+video)
62 Is there anybody out there? Quest for alien life gets $100 million boost
63 Is a 'mini Ice Age' on the way? (+video)
64 Smithsonian turns to Kickstarter to preserve Neil Armstrong's spacesuit
65 NASA probe spots mysterious ice plains on Pluto (+video)
66 Stephen Hawking helps kick off unprecedented search for alien intelligence (+video)
67 Why Smithsonian joined Kickstarter to save Neil Armstrong's space suit (+video)
68 This is what we look like from a million miles away
69 European engineers struggle to resume contact with comet lander
70 With unprecedented $100 million effort, hunt for alien life ramps up (+video)
71 San Francisco rattled by magnitude 4.0 earthquake (+video)
72 The new Blue Marble: Earth like you've never seen it before...sort of
73 Is Arctic sea ice more resilient than scientists thought? Yes and no.
74 What caused that SpaceX rocket to explode? (+video)
75 Stephen Hawking, Russian billionaire launch massive search for alien intelligence (+video)
76 N.C. shipwreck may date to American Revolution, say scientists
77 What's NASA going to do with the new Earth photo? (+video)
78 Hotter than ever? 2015 saw the warmest June on record (+video)
79 Nice guys finish video games, anyway
80 Has Stephen Hawking changed his tune on extraterrestrials? (+video)
81 Where did the first Americans come from? New clues from new studies.
82 China unveils plan to land on mysterious far side of the moon
83 Scientists find genetic link between Native Americans and Pacific Islanders
84 NASA spacecraft spots second mountain range in Pluto's 'heart'
85 Can we colonize the moon? (+video)
86 Plankton threatened by ocean acidification: Why that matters
87 How are Native Americans related to indigenous Australians?
88 How emissions threaten humpback whales
89 NASA releases spectacular photos of Pluto moons Nix and Hydra
90 How satellites could slow the decline of wildlife
91 Rice revolution? New rice could help feed world, fight climate change.
92 Despite glitch, Soyuz crew safely docks with space station
93 Lopsided galaxy reveals clues about early universe
94 Scientists debunk myth about boa constrictors
95 Pluto's 'heart' has another icy mountain range
96 Who are the 3 newest astronauts in space?
97 How an ancient snake grasped prey: With its...four legs
98 Kepler 452b: NASA finds 'cousin' to Earth in age-old quest for other worlds
99 What in the world is 'hair ice'? Scientists explain bizarre phenomenon.
100 You can help discover aliens with your smartphone. Here's how.
101 Global warming is messing with the accuracy of radiocarbon dating
102 Earth has a 'cousin,' says NASA. Will it soon have a twin? (+video)
103 Four-legged snake sheds light on mysteries of reptile evolution
104 Kepler 452b: How many more Earth-like planets could be out there? (+video)
105 NASA estimates 1 billion 'Earths' in our galaxy. Why so many?
106 Ice age heatwaves sealed mammoths' fate
107 Kepler 452b: NASA discovers planet orbiting 'cousin' of sun in closest match to Earth yet
108 Spectacular galaxy has a 'grand design'
109 Ancient lizards in amber amaze scientists
110 Beauty blow for supersymmetry