File Title
1 A tale of 2 (soil) cities
2 EARTH: Bigger is better in the sea
3 Creating a stopwatch for volcanic eruptions
4 Make no bones about it: The female athlete triad can lead to problems with bone health
5 Preemies at high risk of autism don't show typical signs of disorder in early infancy
6 Study of gene mutations in aplastic anemia may help optimize treament
7 One in 4 people prescribed opioids progressed to longer-term prescriptions
8 'Smaller is smarter' in superspreading of influence in social networks--CCNY physicists
9 Consumers understand supplements help fill nutrient gaps, new survey shows
10 New epigenetic mechanism revealed in brain cells
11 Eliminate emotional harm by focusing on respect and dignity for patients
12 Unraveling iridescence
13 Brain activity predicts promiscuity and problem drinking
14 Researcher discovers groundwater modeling breakthrough
15 Income-tax earnings data give more accurate picture of value of college degree
16 Could your smartphone one day tell you you're pregnant?
17 UT Arlington team develops new storage cell for solar energy storage, nighttime conversion
18 Men with 'low testosterone' have higher rates of depression
19 Charcoaling manure and greening neighborhoods in the Chesapeake Bay watershed
20 Extreme heat and precipitation are increasing Salmonella infections, UMD study shows
21 Emergence of a 'devil's staircase' in a spin-valve system
22 Penn team identifies gene responsible for some cases of male infertility
23 Should scientists be allowed to genetically alter human embryos?
24 New drug for neuroblastoma shows promise in phase I study
25 Ultra-stable JILA microscopy technique tracks tiny objects for hours
26 Producing fuel from Canada oil sands emits more carbon than from US crude
27 Helping students stick with MOOCs
28 Implantable 'artificial pancreas' could help diabetes patients control their blood sugar
29 Study: Targeted LEDs could provide efficient lighting for plants grown in space
30 What's in your landscape? Plants can alter West Nile virus risk
31 What makes fireflies glow? (video)
32 Traffic-related air pollution risk is greater for minority and low-income populations
33 Regenerative medicine biologists discover a cellular structure that explains fate of stem cells
34 Mandatory targets to cut salt would reduce excess heart disease deaths in deprived areas
35 Doing good deeds helps socially anxious people relax
36 Effective conversion of methane by a new copper zeolite
37 Baby seals that practice in pools make better divers
38 Observing the birth of a planet
39 Liquids on fibers--slipping or flowing?
40 How cortisol reinforces traumatic memories
41 Clinical investigation reviews approaches and outcomes of Africa-based HIV trials
42 Stunting remains a challenge in SA
43 Subcutaneous administration of multispecific antibody improves tumor treatment
44 Prolific authors raise concerns about industry dominance in diabetes research
45 Sleep deprivation could reduce intrusive memories of traumatic scenes
46 Fine tuning in the brain
47 Clues to inner atomic life from subtle light-emission shifts
48 The bizarre mating habits of flatworms
49 Improving insulation materials, down to wetting crossed fibers
50 Europe, Siberia and in between: Caucasian populations of non-biting midges
51 Warts and all: How St. John's Wort can make you sick
52 Producing spin-entangled electrons
53 Rising fossil fuel energy costs spell trouble for global food security
54 Me and my world: The human factor in space--NASA 1-year mission video miniseries
55 Experimental drug combined with standard chemo may shrink ovarian cancers
56 Monitoring seawater reveals ocean acidification risks to Alaskan shellfish hatchery
57 Deuterium substitution improves therapeutic and metabolic profiles of medicines
58 Boys more likely to have antipsychotics prescribed, regardless of age
59 Lifelong learning is made possible by recycling of histones, study says
60 Thin colorectal cancer patients have shorter survival than obese patients
61 Many patients with advanced form of larynx cancer not receiving recommended treatment
62 Single-celled predator evolves tiny, human-like 'eye'
63 Benefits of vitamin B12 supplements for older people questioned
64 Study: Restaurant meals can be as bad for your waistline as fast food is
65 Trends in antipsychotic medication use in children, adolescents, and young adults
66 Seeing is believing
67 New health evidence gives women informed choice in the stress urinary incontinence surgery debate
68 Hydroelectric dams drastically reduce tropical forest biodiversity
69 Patients with lowest BMI have shortest survival in pooled analysis of bev in mCRC
70 Evaluation of NK1 antagonists for emesis prevention in oxaliplatin chemo: SENRI trial
71 Why human egg cells don't age well
72 Virtual training helps vets with PTSD, mentally ill nab more jobs
73 Revised view of brain circuit reveals how we avoid being overwhelmed by powerful odors
74 Research letter: Indoor tanning rates drop among US adults
75 70 percent of college students stressed about finances
76 Support for overdose-reversing drug low, but can be bolstered with right messages
77 Rosetta spacecraft sees sinkholes on comet
78 End pharmacists' monopoly on selling certain drugs, argues expert
79 New chronic lung disease guidelines over-diagnose older men and under-diagnose younger women
80 Stanford study: Immune response to a flu protein yields new insights into narcolepsy
81 Longer-term follow-up shows greater type 2 diabetes remission for bariatric surgery compared to life
82 Study details use of antipsychotic medication in young people
83 Patient access to cardiovascular devices delayed by bureaucracy
84 Mitochondria, plastids evolved together into this single-celled plankton's 'eye'
85 Discovery of nanotubes offers new clues about cell-to-cell communication
86 New method can make cheaper solar energy storage
87 Buried in the heart of a giant
88 Simple classroom measures may reduce the impact of ADHD
89 How removing a protein slows blood vessel growth in tumors
90 Humans evolved to be taller and faster-thinking, study suggests
91 Flying without wings: Losing feathers has a detrimental effect on migrating birds
92 The public's political views are strongly linked to attitudes on environmental issues
93 N/A
94 N/A
95 Improved survival in adult patients with low-grade brain tumors
96 Newly discovered 48-million-year-old lizard walked on water in Wyoming
97 Dagger-like saber-toothed cat canines took years to grow
98 Live imaging reveals how wound healing influences cancer
99 Temple doctors provide commentary in New England Journal of Medicine about major weight loss study
100 Insect legs give clues to improving aircraft design
101 Menopausal women have lower risk of dying from heart attack than men
102 'Spectacular discovery' of how memories are formed and learning takes place
103 Temperature reproduces good and bad effects in mammals
104 Genetic switch detects TNT
105 Extracurricular sports produce disciplined preteens
106 New insights into how the brain forms memories
107 Obese teens in study less likely to use contraception
108 Human brain study by UCLA and UK researchers sheds light on how new memories are formed
109 Statins linked to lower aggression in men, but higher in women
110 Supercharging stem cells to create new therapies