File Title
1 A tale of two whales
2 Most of America's poor have jobs, study finds
3 Using NASA data to show how raindrops could save rupees
4 Compound in magnolia may combat head and neck cancers
5 Group calls for more transparency in science research, announces guidelines
6 Lax rules put Congo's forests, key carbon reserve, at risk
7 Synthetic biology used to engineer new route to biochemicals
8 Chloroplast tubes play a key role in plants' immune defense
9 New approach holds promise for earlier, easier detection of colorectal cancer
10 Some forestlands cool climate better without trees, Dartmouth-led study finds
11 The silent partner in macromolecular crystals
12 Study highlights 'important safety issue' with widely used MRI contrast agents
13 Head Start program played anti-segregation role in the Deep South
14 AASLD updates guidance for use of hepatitis C drugs
15 Cancer and vampires: An evolutionary approach
16 Stanford researchers stretch a thin crystal to get better solar cells
17 Commenters exposed to prejudiced comments more likely to display prejudice themselves
18 Study finds a good appetizer could make your main course less enjoyable
19 Laser spectroscopy: A novel microscope for nanosystems
20 INFORMS journal study: Learning early about late flights
21 IU research: A microRNA may provide therapy against pancreatic cancer
22 Solving the next step in the mystery of prions
23 Development of new blood vessels not essential to growth of lymph node metastases
24 Doctors and scientists call for divestment from fossil fuel companies
25 Smartphone app may prevent dangerous freezing of gait in Parkinson's patients
26 Disconnect between doctors and patients on use of email and Facebook
27 Children with severe head injuries are casualties of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
28 Digital messages on vehicle windshields make driving less safe
29 SHSU professor investigates parent-child visitation in prison
30 New class of compounds shrinks pancreatic cancer tumours and prevents regrowth
31 Chimps are sensitive to what is right and wrong
32 Past water patterns drive present wading bird numbers
33 Antarctic sponges: DNA barcoding discloses diversity
34 Breakthrough graphene production could trigger revolution in artificial skin development
35 New breath test for pneumonia
36 How does the brain recognize faces from minimal information?
37 Starfish that clone themselves live longer
38 Researchers question what happens in the brain when we think
39 Fructose produces less rewarding sensations in the brain
40 Future Science Group showcases UK Parkinson's Excellence Network
41 Waging war on Australia's nastiest parasite: scientists map blowfly genome
42 Top scientists call for improved incentives to ensure research integrity
43 New study: Tart cherry juice reduced post-race respiratory tract symptoms after a marathon
44 Experimental treatment sends deadly leukemia into remission
45 Writing program with student interaction creates sense of purpose for seniors
46 Electrical engineers break power and distance barriers for fiber optic communication
47 New drug squashes cancer's last-ditch efforts to survive
48 Infection preventionists may spend more time collecting data than protecting patients
49 Pilot program in pediatric long-term care facility halves topical antibiotic use
50 Targeting nerve endings to curb allergic asthma
51 Are your emotional responses normal or abnormal?
52 The Lancet: New rapid diagnostic test for Ebola could be game changer in the fight against the disease
53 Medically complex patients with Type 2 diabetes could benefit from seeing a specialist soon
54 India's abortion law puts women at risk and should be changed
55 Drug discovery for Parkinson's disease: LCSB researchers grow neurons in 3-D
56 Genetic discovery uncovers key tool for morphine production in poppies
57 Giant galaxy is still growing
58 Backward-moving glacier helps scientists explain glacial earthquakes
59 Women in developed world still face many barriers to early abortion
60 European rule changes on cross border pet transport may heighten rabies risk
61 SSRI antidepressants taken for menopausal symptoms may boost bone fracture risk
62 Online computer game can help shed weight and reduce food intake
63 New target identified for inhibiting malaria parasite invasion
64 Rapid Ebola diagnostic successful in field trial
65 TSRI team gets new close-up view of key part of Ebola virus life cycle
66 Cancer drug makes fruit flies live longer
67 New conductive ink for electronic apparel
68 Earth's daily rotation period encoded in an atomic-level protein structure
69 Three simple rules govern complex brain circuit in fly
70 Research matters
71 Smoother signals sent through optical fibers
72 Heat-tolerant genes may rescue corals from increasing temperatures
73 Glacial quakes may serve as indicators of glacier disruption
74 Poppies provide missing piece of morphine biosynthesis puzzle
75 Redrawing language map of brain
76 Revisiting the restriction of antibiotics
77 Pre-empting pressure ulcers in individuals with spinal cord injury
78 Therapy affects the brain of people with Tourette syndrome
79 Wistar scientists pinpoint mutations responsible for ineffective 2014-2015 flu vaccine
80 The quantum spin Hall effect is a fundamental property of light
81 Corals are already adapting to global warming, scientists say
82 Tapping into electronic health records to improve care for patients with chronic kidney disease
83 What controls blood flow in the brain?
84 Penn researchers identify stem-like progenitor cell that exclusively forms heart muscle
85 Targeted nanoparticles can overcome drug resistance in trypanosomes
86 A single mutation helped last year's flu virus gain an advantage over the vaccine
87 Calcium uptake by mitochondria makes heart beat harder in fight-or-flight response
88 Songbirds have a thing for patterns
89 Computer simulation predicts development, progress of pressure sores
90 Orange is the new red
91 Opening a new route to photonics
92 NASA explains why June 30 will get extra second
93 Natural wilderness areas need buffer zones to protect from human development
94 Building a better semiconductor
95 UC Davis study guides efforts to find new strategies, solutions to fight pediatric asthma
96 SLU scientists develop potential new class of cancer drugs in lab
97 Scientists identify a calcium channel essential for deep sleep
98 The peaks and valleys of silicon
99 Scientists identify 'decoy' molecule that could help sharply reduce risk of flu death
100 Having a stroke? Where you are makes a huge difference in your treatment
101 Helium 'balloons' offer new path to control complex materials
102 Soft computing solutions help to predict survival of multiple trauma patients
103 Study finds pet owners reluctant to face up to their cats' kill count
104 Most of amateur athletes undergoing hypoxic training are not advised by specialists
105 Key protein may affect risk of stroke
106 Action spectrum of sun skin damage documented
107 Inactivity reduces people's muscle strength
108 Watershed science calls for integrated research methods
109 Attractive female flies harmed by male sexual attention
110 High blood pressure linked to reduced Alzheimer's risk, meds may be reason