File Title
1 Friends motivate us to drink more: QUT study
2 Eating in the absence of hunger: A recipe for expanding waistline
3 Antarctic life--highly diverse, unusually structured
4 Johns Hopkins scientists restore normal function in heart muscle cells of diabetic rats
5 Weight loss plus vitamin D reduces inflammation linked to cancer, chronic disease
6 Bad news and good news for birds nesting at reservoirs
7 Recycled water, salt-tolerant grass a water-saving pair
8 Research findings point way to designing crack-resistant metals
9 Analyzing ocean mixing reveals insight on climate
10 Cystic fibrosis deadlier for Hispanic than non-Hispanic patients, Stanford study finds
11 NASA's Hubble sees a 'behemoth' bleeding atmosphere around a warm exoplanet
12 In ERs, UTIs and STIs in women misdiagnosed, even mixed up nearly half the time
13 Factors released following stem cell transplantation therapeutically impact serious burns
14 Patient outcomes could improve by preparing nursing homes for health information exchange
15 This week from AGU: Malaysian quake aftermath, Arctic sea ice predictions
16 Norepinephrine aids brain in sorting complex auditory signals
17 Discovering a new stage in the galactic lifecycle
18 Silica 'spiky screws' could enhance industrial coatings, additive manufacturing
19 Spintronics advance brings wafer-scale quantum devices closer to reality
20 Challenging negative stereotypes to narrow the achievement gap
21 EARTH: Studies re-examine how major copper deposits form
22 Hubble sees atmosphere being stripped from Neptune-sized exoplanet
23 Partnering of PD researchers with patient groups needed to improve effectiveness of clinical trials
24 Unlocking fermentation secrets open the door to new biofuels
25 Diabetic blindness: UVA IDs best source of stem cells to block vision loss
26 Malaysia's 'megadiverse' biology to be explored, conserved with new grant
27 What your clothes may say about you
28 Girls suffer more overuse injuries in teen sports
29 Reenergizing antibiotics in the war against infections
30 Future physicians more inclined to embrace genomic medicine than practicing physicians
31 What's new in contact lenses? Prescribing trends reflect new lens materials and designs
32 Detroit patients' contributions to national study re-define low-grade brain tumor diagnosis
33 How the brightest lights in the universe 'flicker'
34 To the rescue: Helping threatened Mediterranean sea turtles
35 Tiny particles in blood useful for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
36 Study identifies characteristics of patients likely to have a potential living liver donor
37 Towards graphene biosensors
38 Giving atoms their marching orders
39 Minorities underrepresented in US special education classrooms
40 Distributed technique for power 'scheduling' advances smart grid concept
41 A supportive close friendship helps boys and girls overcome adversity
42 New Sesotho-named dinosaur from South Africa
43 Nanowires could be the LEDs of the future
44 Study reveals how our brains can form first impressions quickly
45 Inflaming the drive for suicide
46 Unique consensus paper on patient preferences for arrhythmias management published
47 First ESC recommendations for arrhythmias and chronic kidney disease published
48 Low-field synchronized transcranial magnetic stimulation effective for major depressive disorder
49 Scientists highlight the importance of nanoscale hybrid materials for noninvasive cancer diagnosis
50 Atlas of older brains could help diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
51 Giant comet-like tail discovered on small exoplanet
52 Forgotten fossil indicates earlier origin of teeth
53 Exceptional view of deep Arctic Ocean methane seeps
54 Artifical neuron mimicks [sic] function of human cells
55 New Zealand blackcurrants good for the brain
56 Professor discovers new lichen species in city of Boulder
57 World's first full-color, flexible, skin-like display developed at UCF
58 Childhood adversities, including witnessing parental domestic violence, linked to later migraines
59 DNA shed from head and neck tumors detected in blood and saliva
60 Targeting telomeres, the timekeepers of cells, could improve chemotherapy
61 Red dwarf burns off planet's hydrogen giving it massive comet-like tail
62 UNAIDS-Lancet Commission: World must drastically accelerate AIDS efforts or face more
63 Needle exchanges can prevent more HIV outbreaks like one in Indiana
64 Three Ebola virus variants identified in Guinea
65 New technique to accurately detect the 'handedness' of molecules in a mixture
66 Lovebird has clear sight during rapid turns
67 ALMA detects carbon 'smog' permeating interstellar atmospheres of early galaxies
68 Got acne? Lay off the B12
69 Geography is destiny in deaths from kidney failure, study shows
70 Eavesdropping on the body: New device tracks chemical signals within cells
71 Study examines cesarean section delivery and autism spectrum disorder
72 Study: Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they're infectious?
73 Study hints at why parrots are great vocal imitators
74 For vitiligo patient, arthritis drug restores skin color
75 Women have up to a fourfold increase in risk of stillbirth following a previous stillbirth
76 BMJ investigation examines bitter dispute over e-cigarettes in the public health community
77 Newly found ring of teeth uncovers what common ancestor of molting animals looked like
78 Porcupines can't jump: Camera traps in the forest canopy reveal dwarf porcupine behavior
79 Rainbow of glowing corals discovered in depths of the Red Sea
80 First species of yeti crab found in Antarctica named after British deep-sea biologist
81 Medical research not addressing patient and clinician priorities
82 As smoking declines, more are likely to quit
83 Uninterrupted NOAC therapy during AF ablation is safe
84 First species of yeti crab found in Antarctica
85 Could 'virtual reality' treat alcoholism?
86 Nearly half of Hispanics unaware they have high cholesterol; less than a third treated
87 Fetuses more vulnerable to some environmental contaminants penetrating into cord blood
88 Argonne analysis shows increased carbon intensity from Canadian oil sands
89 Sandia's Z machine helps solve Saturn's 2-billion-year age problem
90 Want to be seen as more loving and a better cook?
91 Exercising early in life yields rewards in adult years
92 Alzheimer's disease works differently in patients with and without Down syndrome
93 Spiral arms cradle baby terrestrial planets
94 More endangered pygmy sloths in Panama than previously estimated
95 Iron: A biological element?
96 Helen DeVos Children's hospital prints first 3D heart using multiple imaging techniques
97 Long-acting antipsychotic medication may improve treatment for schizophrenia
98 Pet care can help improve adolescents' Type 1 diabetes management, pediatricians find
99 Researchers uncover epigenetic switches that turn stem cells into blood vessel cells
100 A person's diet, acidity of urine may affect susceptibility to UTIs
101 As siblings learn how to resolve conflict, parents pick up a few tips of their own
102 Brain scan can predict who responds best to certain treatment for OCD
103 Tracking the genetic arms race between humans and mosquitoes
104 Delivering drugs to the right place
105 UCLA studies identify predictors of depression and PTSD among African-Americans, Latinos
106 Multiple pathways progressing to Alzheimer's disease
107 New NASA supercomputer model shows planet making waves in nearby debris disk
108 Optimizing shale gas production from well to wire
109 NASA's SDO sees mid-level solar flare
110 Low scores on memory and thinking tests may signal Alzheimer's earlier than thought